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KLYAM Recommended Shows (Oct 13 to Oct 19)


Sunday, October 13, 2013

THOSE DARLINS @ Great Scott – 9 PM – $12 – Nashville country punk slimers Those Darlins roll into town with a fresh new LP in hand Blur The Line. Their new stuff has a more personal sheen yet I bet their live show is still as wild and sweatily satisfying as ever. Folk New Yorker Gambles will allow the crowd to catch its breath after the manic, organ led garage of Boston’s own Thick Shakes.

Monday, October 14, 2013

FUZZ @ Great Scott – 9 PM – $10 – 18+ – Ty Segall comes back to Boston after three years of ACTIVITY. He’s been busy. We’ve had a chance to see him twice in New York as himself, but here he checks in as FUZZ, which is like his album Slaughterhouse personified, with regular band-mate/buddy Charlie Mootheart co-masterminding the group. Leading things will be local psych/garage staples Creaturos and San Fran’s CCR Headcleaner, whose own hooky noise assaults quite complement FUZZ.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sonic Avenues @ O’Briens – 9 PM – $8 – 21+ – Coming down from the great land of Canada are powerpop fueled Sonic Avenues who’ve got an enjoyable Jay Reatard/Adverts sound. Opening for them are the ATLANTIC THRILLS, the Providence band that we can’t seem to praise enough around here. They ignite crowds with old school punk (think more Peru 1965 than NYC 1977) ‘n gunk; their surfy debut Day At The Beach 7″ came out a few months back on Almost Ready…check it out! Also reviving garagier daze are Thee Legendary Rockin’ Prophets and self-described Ramonescore punk pop north shorers The Little Richards start festivities.

Future Days @ Lilypad – 9 PM – $5 – This is a special show celebrating the video release of “Blonde Wig” from Future Days latest release Tony Plante. Supporting the catchy psych pop of Future Days are two KLYAMMY bands: Free Pizza, fresh off an absolutely mesmeric performance at the KLYAM Radio Down show Friday night, and The Silkies, who we saw dominate at PA’s Lounge months ago with their girl group/new oldies charm.

Leamers @ 119 Gallery (Lowell) – 8 PM – Bounce provocateurs (as in literally causing people to bounce) Canadian(nes) Leamers descend to Lowell for what’s sure to be a great deal of fun. Also playing are some punks: Providence punks Downtown Boys, Boston punks The Vegans and some more experimentally minded groups like Les Rhinoceros (Washington DC), Dust Witch (Northampton), and Shogun Horny (location UNKNOWN).

Horsehands @ PA’s Lounge – 9 PM – 21+ – A watery show for those who are more inclined toward the less straightforward: robotic/melodic post-rockers Horsehands top the bill – they just recently released a split 7″ with Lady Bones, prolifically upbeat zany pop punk Zookeepers, primeval Middle Agelic ambiance/psychedelic pop comes courtesy of J COLE and company in Warped Forest, and Guerilla Toss singer Kassie’s Molasses is similarly making centuries old sound affects come alive.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

HALLOWEEN SHOW 2 @ Cambridge Elks Lodge – 9 PM – $8 – 18+ – Four of Boston’s finest groups playing as: The Mummies, Meatloaf, The Cramps, and Blink 182. The four bands are Fat Creeps, Designer, Nice Guys, and Guerilla Toss. Who is playing who? Go and see!!!!!!!


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Review: Miami Doritos, Dylan Ewen, Zebu, Fat Creeps @ JP Drive In

Two Piece
Bands: Miami Doritos, Dylan Ewen, Zebu, Fat Creeps
Date: Friday, August 16, 2013
Venue: JP Drive In

Miami Doritos – I don’t see any Miami or any Doritos, I feel like rioting, I feel like inflicting pain upon each and every one of youuuuu KLYAM readers.  Just kidding mom, I love you.

The Miami Doritos are best appreciated in a basement setting such as this JP Drive In, though I am completely full of shit because I have only seen them in basements, so I have no means of comparison anyway. I guess I just like the intimate feel, which is what typically makes two pieces special to begin with, and tonight the Doritos are kicking off this whole two piece hootenanny.

The Doritos are rough and crunchy, but not difficult to swallow, they go down rather smoothly with a watery beer and a broken heart. In terms of comparisons, well I know I say this often when I see two pieces, but they remind me of KLYAM favorite No Age, mostly in the instrumentation and odd pop sensibility.

I suppose I should also mention that the Doritos consists of Kurt (Thigh Masters) on vocals and guitar and Alex (Nice Guys) on vocals and drums, they are good dudes and if you haven’t checked out those bands then I don’t know what else to say, you better get on that shit brah. And while you’re at it, quit being a pussy and listen to Miami Doritos here: http://miamidoritos.bandcamp.com/album/scoop-dreams
And hey, also watch this vid of them at Allston DIY Fest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-GJFO_5VrY

Dylan Ewen –  Dylan Ewen, yeah you know Dylan Ewen, in a way you may just be Dylan Ewen. Every teenager and twenty something is – and maybe even some of you thirty somethings. Dylan likes to write songs about bitches and booties and sadness, all topics that have been covered a gazillion times in pop music long before any of us were even twinkles in our daddy’s eyes. Yet, with his brand of garage spunk Dylan brings back a bucket of fresh water from the old stereotypical rock & roll well.

Dylan sings/screams and rages on guitar while a fellow named Chris sings along and brutishly slams the drums behind him. Together they smash through a fuzzy set of Dylan Ewen tunes including “Lead Me On,” (watch the crazy music video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl-jSFP_6DY&feature=youtu.be). It’s a catchy little number that will stay with you forever like herpes. I myself was drunkenly singing this song the other night and didn’t realize it until a friend pointed it out,  it’s that powerful. The dudes also unleash a sick ass cover of one of my favorite Ramones songs, “The KKK Took My Baby Away.”

If I may slide down a slippery slopey rant for a few lines, if you would be so inclined… Dylan Ewen is like if Blink 182 sounded garagey and not like pop punk shit. It’s like all of his songs are about things that suck, but they are all fun and happy at the same time. Content wise it’s all frustration and disappointment . And that’s exactly why I dig the joy that comes out of my speakers when I listen to his bandcamp. That’s my argument against all the sad bands that sing about jerking off alone at night – or something else “dark and mysterious,” I don’t know I don’t pay attention. After a while, if I get bored I just make up my own plot. Those bands seem to be not having as much fun and make sad, sad songs. You can still make songs about sad stuff and still have fun, and having fun can be the focal point of the performance. You picking up what I’m putting down? Dylan Ewen does that like a true rock ‘n’ roller. Listen to all of his songs about youth and sex and such: http://dylanewen.bandcamp.com/

ZEBU – So, I saw these two dudes before at their Fat Creeps Split 12″ Release show at the Discovery Zone a few months back and this performance is not too dissimilar.  The pair, which consists of Ted Lee (vocals/drums) and Steve D’Agostino (vocals/guitar), put on a fairly entertaining show that really makes use of the small, intimate basement space tonight. At one point, Steve playfully waltzes through the crowd and pops a squat on a conveniently open chair in the middle of the room. He sits back and relaxes as if the song has to wait for him. It’s antics like this that makes me think a Zebu show in an above ground venue would be comparatively dull or at least lose some of its charm. Either way, their oddball take on pop music (?) is strong enough to endure in any setting.

Zebu also recently toured in Europe, which appears to be a rare feat for most artists of their underground nature. So, kudos to them. Here watch a clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0OHC6Zmt1g

Fat Creeps –  A few years from now when I am an old man, about 27, I will be standing alone at a show, nursing a Narragansett and trying to relieve myself of an ailing hangover, when some young scrawny, pimple faced lad, about 16, will approach me and ask “what were the early Fat Creeps shows like?” to which I will respond, “fuck off, get me another beer junior. Let’s go find your sister.” Fortunately, I am still young and only 70% bitter, so I will enjoy these last few years before the remaining 30% takes over.

Fat Creeps or should I say Fat Dweebz as they are calling themselves tonight round out this two piece shabang. Gracie strums the guitar and sings while Mariam takes care of the drums and sings as well. I’ve never seen them as a duo and I may never again, but it’s pretty cool, a different take on their usual three piece sound. I miss regular drummer Jim Leonard, but Gracie and Mariam do a fine job with some of the Creeps originals as well some sick covers; I swear they play The Vaselines’ “Monsterpussy,” but I haven’t confirmed this.

Both women are decked out in some eye catching spandex suits, it look likes they are competing in American Gladiators or WWF (fuck WWE, it’s still WWF to me).

Check out their tunage here: http://fatcreeps.bandcamp.com/

And while you’re at it, order their 10″ (VINYL) EP from our very own KLYAM Records! http://klyam.bigcartel.com/

Review: Snow Wite, Secret Lover, Fat Creeps, Miami Doritos @ A Basement


Bands: Snow Wite, Secret Lover, Fat Creeps, Miami Doritos
Venue: A Basement In Boston
Date: Friday, July 26, 2013

I think arriving to shows early is a very great thing. I’ve always felt this way. Going to a stranger’s basement to see a rock ‘n roll show early is even better. In that time between when the first band comes on, you can get to indulge yourself in talking to other attendees and the bands, and drink your own beers. This particular show didn’t kick off ’til much later than planned, but when domes came down the stairs, they came in bunches.

I was really excited to hear Miami Doritos, being a fan of previous performances of ThighMasters and Nice Guys…other bands of Kurt and Alex, respectively. Kurt belted out these tunes and Alex crushed drums. I remember being immediately impressed by the jams. It was like seeing the full Ty Segall Band drive forth with brief tantalizing punk tunes. These songs were really catchy – at least to ears that can readily identify hooks underneath loud loud noise. Like other fascinating duos, Miami Doritos made the most out of just a little. For local garage punk, I’d stick these dudes right up there in the ranks. I got a tape of theirs that is bound to be reviewed on this very site soon.

The KLYAM obsessed/debut KLYAM Records signees Fat Creeps played second. I haven’t reviewed them in a while as that has been the forte of Chris, rock ‘n roll’s youngest dirty old man. According To Jim. The 24th time (seeing them live) is the charm. Not to say the other 23 weren’t the charm, oh you bet they were. My eyes had not previously witnessed the Creeps in a true basement setting, Starlab not included. Seeing them at a rate now three times that of the Black Lips – an incredible feat given our steadfast devotion to those dudes – I sort of know what to expect of a Fat Creeps performance. Yet not really. There’s Gracie switching between her three guitars, by all means something we take for granted given the outrageously amazing sonics which I call tasty swells that are procured throughout the set. So you know, tonight brought all the classics of old (like on the EP), several new-ish jams that deserve their own acclaim, and a cover – ‘Sex Beat’ by The Gun Club, which brought back old memories of last summer when I heard the Creeps play it for the first time. I really dug seeing the Creeps in this setting, the unmanned PA system doing its job just as nice as any old sound guy.

Secret Lover gathers their instruments. This Worcester band is one that I’ve seen before. And I’ve listened to them after the fact as well. I can’t help but chuckle to myself as I’m standing inches away from the singer who is making rounds in and around the invisible stage. I say they’re like the Barbaras or Ariel Pink instrumentally with a spooky, Disney Rock n Roller Coaster vocalist. I’m blown away compared to the first time I saw them. I’ll take more time out of my daily regiment to recall this truly bizarre group. Even bizarre doesn’t seem like the right word, it’s just that in this day and age, rock ‘n roll combinations of Secret Lover esque proportions are rare. Maybe the closest modern comparison could be Screaming Females, if only in the singing department.

Last up is the headliner from LA. This is Snow Wite. The logistics of this band, the members more specifically, include three members of Secret Lover as backing musicians to vocalist and guitarist, Andy. Snow Wite’s an interesting character for sure. There’s a legion of what I presume are genuine fans from a distant past (one year, tops) standing at the front, gushing over Andy for the duration of the set. These folks are having what appears to be the time of their lives. On the other side of me is Chris, who is not impressed one bit by Snow Wite. My stance on this issue is sorta like how I was standing: middling. I saw all the music videos before this show and I had some suspicions. It seems too intense to be purely pretentious or jokestery so I didn’t make any superficial judgments (as I try not to). The music itself, for the most part, is a blend of late ’90s mainstream pop rock and classic guitar rock psychedelia. Don’t count me in as a meaningful fan of either of those, but I did appreciate some of Snow Wite, particularly his flashy guitar work.

Review: Nice Guys, Fat Creeps, Guilty Party, Steep Leans @ O’Brien’s Pub (3/15/13)

Nice Guys Fat Creeps
Bands: Nice Guys, Fat Creeps, Guilty Party, Steep Leans
Date: Friday, March 15, 2013
Venue: O’Brien’s Pub (Allston, MA)

Steep Leans are a new band and in fact this is their third show ever, which is pretty incredible considering how smooth their set is. If I had to guess I would have thought they had been playing shows for at least a few months. Going into the set, I do have somewhat high expectations because moments earlier Moontower/Spacebum, Tim Cushing delivered some serious accolades for these dudes. Indeed, the Steep Leans put on a good show and Tim’s enthusiasm seems to be shared among most  crowd members. There’s a fair amount of folks upfront  dancing and swaying along to Steep Leans’ mellow, tropical, psych rock. I almost feel like I’m on a cruise, like that sort of music but with a bit more experimentation. I also get some Pink Floyd/prog vibes. Lastly, I particularly dig Wakefieldian, Chris Eddleston’s guitar playing, especially when he plays it lap style like Memphis legend, Will McElroy. Solid start to the show. Check out their bandcamp here: http://steepleans.bandcamp.com/

The second band tonight is Guilty Party and they are a three piece. Guilty Party plays loud, fuzzy garage punk, perhaps even leaning towards metal at times. There’s definitely a loud, headbanging, in your face quality to their music, but it’s not overly sloppy or stripped down either. Overall, pretty good, but not exactly the “garage” I adore, I plan on listening to their music more in the future though.  http://guiltypartyboston.bandcamp.com/

Up next is our homies, Fat Creeps, yes I just used the term “homies,” most likely a first for KLYAM. The great thing about being a fan site, if you will, is that we get to see and write about our favorite bands on a consistent basis. As always, I am ecstatic for this Creeps show and they satisfy my expectations. The set begins with a cover of Devo’s “Gates of Steel,” a past staple for Fat Creeps that has been popping up every now and then in their live shows. I love hearing this as the opener and it gets me even more pumped up for the rest of their performance. I’m a big Devo fan, but I honestly prefer their cover, it’s heavy and almost feels like another Creeps song, because they make it their own. With very little breathing room in between songs they transition to their fastest and heaviest cut, “Daydreaming,” and you can watch its badass music video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP0l0Xg6-ZQ. They continue with more ear spliters such as “Going to the Party” and “Secrets,” which showcase some of bassist Mariam Saleh’s greatest vocals. At one point in the set, Mariam plays the bass on her knees and even on her back. The trio closes the set with the quick, instrumental jam “Back to School.” If you haven’t  heard or seen Fat Creeps live, YOU FAIL AT LIFE! You can start by listening to their self-titled EP: http://fatcreeps.bandcamp.com/album/fat-creeps-ep Stay tuned for its 10-inch vinyl release on our very own KLYAM Records! Release date TBA.

Headlining the show tonight is one of the city’s finest, Nice Guys. The Nice Dudes are fresh off a tour with The Fagettes, which included stops at the legendary (and apparently smokey) 529 in Atlanta, GA, a vibin’ house show in Charlotte, NC, among other sweet spots in Brooklyn, Baltimore,  Philly, and Richmond.  Happy to hear the tour went swell. Now, to this show. I’m excited to see the Nice Guys again, especially since the first time I saw them I didn’t know who they were and the second time I saw them they did a Coachwhips cover set. This time, I am familiar with most  of their songs and I enjoy all of them. Nice Guys have a calculated ramshackle to them. The sounds they make aren’t pretty in the conventional sense, but they sound beautiful to me. My mom says it sounds like the singer is walking on hot coals, maybe, probably not though because that would hurt a lot. This set consists of some crazy Nice Guys tunes like my favorite, “Cop Walk,” which is like Black Flag meets Black Lips. In general, as I’ve stated before, Nice Guys create a sick marriage of garage and early hardcore punk (early 80’s, the only hardcore style I dig). It’s fast, it’s slimy, it’s noisy, and it’s full of slams and shrieks, but best of all it will give your noggin the perfect floggin. Listen up: http://niceguys666.bandcamp.com/album/mean-songs-demo

“Herb Chambers”
“Unholy Snack”
“Pizza Bong”
“Mutant Tonsils”
“Cop Walk”
“Creep Slice”
“Finale Dead”

Concert Review: Fat Creeps, Atlantic Thrills, Gangbang Gordon, Dividers @ Firehouse 13 (3/8/13)

Bands: Gangbang Gordon, The Dividers, Fat Creeps, Atlantic Thrills, Thee Itchies
Date: Friday, March 8, 2013
Venue: Firehouse 13 (Providence, Rhode Island)

And the award for best house music goes to…… Firehouse 13!!!! Ahh, we should start doing KLYAM awards, it would knock the grammys flat on its fake, fluffy, fat fucking ass. Firehouse is the place to be though, one of my favorite venues. Place is massive, but has a warm, homey, basement feel to it, good for rock ‘n’ roll. And certainly Eric Aguiar’s playlists help set the mood: Black Lips, The Penguins, Frank Zappa, Nobunny. Eric’s got you covered. Soon enough we slip and slide down the punk slime trail, crashing into the first act: Gangbang Gordon.

Gangbang Gordon kickstarts this Burger Revolution, playing his second show ever! GBG would be the right man to kick off a Burger Records showcase, being a Wiener himself. What’s that? Y’all know. I’m Not A Musician Gangbang Gordon’s debut for Wiener Records, a Burger subsidiary. Pick that shit up, before it goes, they are selling like hot cakes!

Tonight,  Gangbang Gordon is decked out in his kooky three dee glasses and he plays in front of the stage alone with his gee tar and a few other tricks up his sleeve. You can call it outsider, amateur-one man band garage, or just plain old noise, either way GBG is unforgettable. I saw his first show at P.A.’s Lounge and while that was odd and memorable, this time around he sounds much better and I can actually hear most of his vocals.

I recognize fan favorites such as “It’s A Damn Shame,” “Lost Touch (With The Youths),” and my fave “Life At The ABC (Abandon Bear Cages).”

His music is fairly diverse and this shows in his performance which includes a recorder, rap, and a drum machine. Way to go bro!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFbSUmVGj1c

“Blue Jay Road”
“It’s A Damn Shame”
“Lost Touch (With The Young)”
“The Breeze”
“Life At The ABC”
“Shit Geetar”
“I Can Testify”
“Slide Paper”
“Wanna Go”
“Everybody’s Doing It” (Black Lips)

The Dividers hail from New Bedford and they continue GBG’s trend of garage rock ode. I know, I know I get sick of saying garage too, but I mean this is a Burger showcase. Call it punk slime, if you will. The Dividers champion this style and spirit and they give my ears a fierce pounding. I hear that they have a history with our guys the Atlantic Thrills; it’s fitting. Both bands have played shows together across New England and both bands share the aforementioned slimy flavor of rock ‘n’ roll. The Dividers are fun and they get the people movin’ a little. They kind of remind of The Reatards, so yeah nasty, noisy “garage,” but easy to slam around to ya know? Course you do.  I recommend you check out their music here: http://www.reverbnation.com/thedividers

“Psych Moshers”
“Contra Band”
“Lester Goodbody”
“Unk’s Jam”
“Smelly Furman”
“White Hot Russian”
“Free Burd! (Robitaile)”
“Winter Weather”

Fat Creeps are our top dogs, so it’s a real pleasure to see them up on the big stage at the Firehouse 13 in Providence. I always love seeing my favorite bands in foreign settings.  The sound is top notch and they dish out several of their classics like “Nancy Drew,” “700 Parts,” and “Secrets.” It’s cool to think that most in attendance proabably haven’t heard these sick tunes before,  and from what I observe everyone seems to dig it, especially one Kelly Riley (Atlantic Thrills). During some of the heavier pop songs like “Daydreaming” and “Going To The Party” I notice Kelly rocking out pretty hard, jumping up and down, reveling in his first Fat Creeps experience. Indeed, this trio is one of the best live acts I’ve seen. They also play a song they don’t play as often with  “Leave Her Alone,” an excellent surfy song,  which  is coming out on their upcoming self-titled 10″ release on our very own KLYAM Records! Listen to the digital version here: http://fatcreeps.bandcamp.com/album/fat-creeps-ep

Fat Creeps and Atlantic Thrills are two of our favorite groups, which makes this show real, real special. We’ve seen both  bands separately a gazillion times, but the two have never appeared on the same bill before. Needless to say, I’m extremely pumped to see the Atlantic Thrills in their hometown. The Firehouse is one of the best places to see the Thrillz do what they do best. Whether it’s Dan’s solo, “meat” playing as Glen would say, Josh’s passionate drumming, Eric’s heroic leaps, or Kelly’s manic behavior, the Thrillz are one of the most enjoyable live bands. There’s like this great fun, party atmosphere to them that is rarely matched, and it comes through not just in their physical performance, but also their music. There is an undeniable familiarity to their songs, we’ve all heard this sound before, but the Thrillz are such characters that they shine through any inkling of cliché.

Alas, this show doesn’t have the same crowd reaction (non stop moshing) as the last Atlantic Thrills show I saw at Wilder Zangcraft in Lowell. But , it’s all good, the Thrillz are just as awesome, people dance and have fun. One soul commends them for their “gang vocals,” I’m with you on that one brah. The Thrillz definitely have a particular quality of camaraderie to them, much like a gang or that of the oft-compared Black Lips. The band describes themselves the best: “Four badass muthafuckers who like to drink whiskey and play dirty garage rock”- http://www.reverbnation.com/atlanticthrills

“Give It Back”
“Holy Mountain”
“On My Mind”
“Light Shines”
“Hold Your Tongue”

I’ll be square with you guys, I don’t recall the last band Thee Itchies too well, my apologies! I’m sure they killed it.

Concert Review: The Fagettes, Fat Creeps, Dream Warrior @ O’Brien’s Pub (2/22/13)

Bands: The Fagettes, Fat Creeps, Dream Warrior, The Electric Street Queens
Date: Friday, February 22, 2013
Venue: O’Brien’s Pub (Allston, MA)

Dream Warrior– Never heard of these girls before, which is pretty cool because I think seeing a band live is the perfect introduction. Dream Warrior are an all female, all instrumental three piece and they bash out heavy, headbanging, blues inspired, quasi metal tunes. It’s a slow, sludgey, doomy kind of rock, but it never drags. A few attendees compare them to Metallica, I can see that, especially the first few albums, not St. Anger Metallica or any of that garbage. Glen says they are like the “girl Big Mess.”  I actually haven’t thought of this, but I agree to an extent. Both bands create heavy, all instrumental songs that have the power and volume of a metal band, but with more of a blues, perhaps even hook emphasis in some respects. The crowd response is pretty solid and I am digging them as well. I’ll have to keep my eye out for them in local listings, as I am sure they’ll pop up again sometime soon.

Fat Creeps– Yo dawg, Fat Creeps two nights in a row sucka, that’s what I’m talking about! We KLYAMERS like to jam out with our KLYAM out, lord knows how that works. Last night was at the Salem Cinema, first time I have ever been there. In fact, I have never really been in Salem, place kind of gives me the creeps, no pun intended. Tonight is O’Brien’s, one of the best and most active rock venues in Boston, and this is my third time seeing the Fat Creeps here. More national rock ‘n’ roll and shock ‘n’ troll and jock ‘n’ skoal bands should come through to OB’s more often. Seeing the Fat Creeps though is sound enough for me, being a tremendous fan of the band.

I have a 70s conservative take on rock ‘n’ roll, a select few bands that rule, like when you think of  rock ‘n’ roll you think of these bands. Like one of those infomercials that air in the wee hours of the morning featuring hit songs from the 60s or 70s, I like to think of all of the music I love being featured in a fake ad with some black guy’s low, soulful voice in the background. Someday, that will become a reality! Transitioning back to the present, it’s a real pleasure to see some great rock ‘n’ roll bands under our nose right in Boston. As I’ve said a million times, Fat Creeps are our favorite Boston band and one of our favorites in general. This is the first time I’ve seen them back to back and it’s exceptional.

Performance wise, tonight is pretty solid, not the best from the band, but awesome. “Going to the Party” is quickly becoming one my favorite Creeps numbers, I just adore Mariam’s monotone vocals and how they transition into screams as the song gets heavier. Much of this heaviness stems from the early hardcore riffage coming from the guitars, like a diabolical Dead Kennedys tune. “He Comes In Loudly” is another stand out, especially in Gracie’s mumbly vocals. As always, fun show from your local creeps. See them live, if you haven’t! Or start by listening to them here: http://fatcreeps.bandcamp.com/

Following the Creeps’ performance is the movie premiere of Ali White’s and Lauren Kimball’s Nautical Nymphs. A short film about some wild mermaids and an unsuspecting sailor. It’s a colorful, cool little movie. I suggest you watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pfW0_EIyxA

The Fagettes– The Fagettes are up on stage, but before they play there is a special guest performance from The Electric Street Queens, a kickass duo consisting of Coco Roy on vocals and guitar and the Fagettes’ Melanie Bernier on drums and vocals. They play a couple of tunes alongside the other members of  the Fagettes including their nastiest number, “Dontcha Wanna Work At the Brewary” and like the last time I saw em’ Coco comes out to the audience, playing her guitar on the floor. I am pretty excited for this, cause I dig the ESQ very much and I didn’t hear of their special guest appearance until an hour or so before they hit the stage. Check dem out and like their page!: http://www.facebook.com/ElectricStreetQueens?fref=ts

The Fagettes open with their latest and greatest offering, “Gonna Die Out Here,” and it gets the crowd a rockin’. It’s a smooth, catchy song that showcases the simple drum beats and dual vocals that make the Fagettes an impressionable garage pop group. Their set features most of the hits I have fallen in love with over the past six months, such as “Mystery Pills,” “On Drugs,” “My Girl Looks Like  Johnny Thunders,” and more. They are a fun loving, light-hearted band in the spirit of Hunx and His Punx, Shannon and the Clams, and Nobunny, just the kind of  rock ‘n’ roll we dig around here. This show doesn’t sound as nice as the previous Great Scott show we attended, but there is more of a physical presence, and energy coming from both the performers and audience  and that always makes for fun at a rock show. In particular, Ryan Major hops into the crowd bringing the mic stand with him, dude’s a boss, one of the best showmen around town. They close their set with the classic, “Water, Tea, and Alcohol,” a fast pounder indeed. Haha pounder. Listen to Fagettes, yeah I’m talking to you. http://thefagettes.bandcamp.com/

“Gonna Die Out Here”
“The AA Took My Baby Away”
“Mystery Pills”
“I Kill Him If I See Him Again”
“On Drugs”
“My Girl Looks Like Johnny Thunders”
“I Wanna Feel Good”
“Water, Tea, and Alcohol”

Review: Kylie and Mark’s Comedy Throw-Up @ Salem Cinema (2/21/13)

I don’t know what it’s like to talk about comedians in this kind of format, in fact I’ve never really sat myself down to hear one or five in person. I am impressed by the way things went down on this evening. Host Andrew Durso cracked some wise cracks before introducing the comedians – some amateur, some quite reputable around the area. Reputable or not reputable, funny is funny, no matter which way you look at it. And creative, yeah, creative is creative. I give a lot of credit on the most basic level to the comedians for taking the stage. That is a feat. I found myself tearing up on a number of occasions. The variety of comedy, ranging from little skit type of things to brief one-liners, allowed for the versatility of the performers to shine through. I am not bullshitting you, I don’t know how to recap comedy…OK!

Each had their fine moments, never a dull moment, watching someone saying shit that a wide audience can agree is funny. Shout-outs to Gary Peterson, Ian Von Steffen, Riley Knispel, Matt Watson, Mark Gallagher, and Kylie Alexander. You done good.

Did I miss out on THE BFs? Potentially. Hey, it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t drive. I recall The BFs from the other night, hey BFs dude, Joey, I remembered, if you read this, I’m that dude who said yo nice shit at the Cambridge Elks. I must have missed you play on this night, as I would have been congratulatory on the successes of being on the stage and doing rock and roll. Your rock and roll is a good time; I do not see many bands like you these days. I have seen some popish punk in my time, not all of it very entertaining cuz I’m not much a pop-punk guy, but I can get more behind you than those others. Hope you know what I mean.

The Fat Creeps finished things off for the night. I took a seat near the front. Others preferred standing, slobbering around the stage, or not slobbering around the stage, but being around it, dancing even. I haven’t really seen this kind of locomotion at a Creeps show since five days prior at the Elks, when those Lowell guys were mosh pitting during “Daydreaming”. Well, set-wise, it is an exemplary performance, with the usual suspects and a surprise (for me, anyway) of the song that I remember being my favorite from when all I could associate with the Fat Creeps was their Bandcamp. The song is “Leave Her Alone”. They haven’t played that in a while, I mean you haven’t played that in a little bit, if one of the band members is reading this. That’s cool. New favorites such as “Going to the Party” and “He Comes in Loudly” and that other tune that draws a lot of clapping were most definitely in the mix and those other ones I really like. It is hard not to like the Fat Creeps; they are really nice people, but performers, top-notch. The kind that has you coming back for more. KLYAM has definitely indulged in this regard, but when heavenly performances are to be seen, you have to see them. I do like standing up better, just my own preference, so the next night at O’Briens would allow for some truly optimal conditions. I’ll let Chris take over describing that event. Though I could write now.

Good oldies Salem, see you at the next juncture.

Things I’m Excited For In 2013

Atlantic Thrills LP?! – YA! Rhode Island’s premier punk slimers have already recorded an outstanding batch of songs and have showcased several new ones over the past year. An LP is on the horizon, no doubt; I can only imagine dropping the needle on such 12 inches of greatness. As everyone knows, this band is a monster live. But imagine rocking out to the Dutroncy “On My Mind,” the shouts of OOOHHH OOHHHH and stunning guitars in “Light Shines,” AND the best of all worlds, the one and only “Acid Rain”. All on one LP!

The Return of Black Lips to Boston – Nothing has been announced yet regarding this, but it seems inevitable. It has been over a year and a half since they played here (and several other cities in the US that they regularly swung by)…far too long for rabid fans like us. Pretty much all of their shows that I’ve been to rank really high up in the ‘best live experience’ category so yeah, I’m not nuts, they are incredible.

Seeing The Fagettes As The Fagettes – It’s kind of sad that a night like this has not come sooner. I’ve seen The Fagettes as Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, but now its time for the real deal. And with a new lineup and sound that’s better than ever (the words of Ryan Fagette), I can’t wait for this!

Fat Creeps Split 12″ On Feeding Tube – Seeing as they released the best EP I heard in 2012 and were among the most entertaining live bands that I saw, there should be no surprises regarding my excitement about this. “Daydreaming,” released via music video earlier this month, is the Creeps hardest hitting tune to date. I wonder if the other tunes on this upcoming 12″ will be faster like that or more of a variety like the EP. Whatever way, I have a feeling this will be awesome.

The Growlers @ Middle East Upstairs/New Album – The Growlers stood out more than a lot of bands do when I got the chance to hear them for the first time, a little more than three years ago. At that time, they had released their mega Are You In Or Out?, which is loaded top to bottom with their reverby take on psychedelic rock and roll. I was like damn, I’ve got to see these guys live. And waddaya know – February 2010 @ TTs – they came through on their big ole school bus. I remember that show quite well, for there were more band members than people in attendance. It was a snowy Tuesday night. Nevertheless, it was really fun. I eagerly await their MidEast Upstairs show and their new album due out in a few weeks!

Better Than Something: Jay Reatard Package – It was unfortunately just announced that this was being delayed until February 2013. I’m pumped to watch the film again, but what I’m even more psyched on is the LP and the booklet.

The King Khan & BBQ Show – It is a great thing to see Mark Sultan and King Khan back together playing as The King Khan & BBQ Show. Whether 2013 brings new material, more touring, or what have you, it is simply nice to see them back together in one of my long-time favorite bands.

The Migs – This is another sort of general one, but The Migs are one of the funnest bands I’ve seen and heard. It goes without saying that they will be playing some amazing gigs this upcoming year and their ultra strong recorded output keeps growing and growing. I don’t know what to look specifically forward to, greatness itself, OK!

New Nobunny LP On Goner – ‘Course there’s not much info available regarding this, but the fact that this is a thing is beyond awesome.

The Orwells Touring – I imagine they’ll be coming here! As far as new bands doing the garage/punk thing nationally, The Orwells deserve the wave of attention they’ve been getting. They are real good.