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KLYAM Recommended Shows (Oct 13 to Oct 19)


Sunday, October 13, 2013

THOSE DARLINS @ Great Scott – 9 PM – $12 – Nashville country punk slimers Those Darlins roll into town with a fresh new LP in hand Blur The Line. Their new stuff has a more personal sheen yet I bet their live show is still as wild and sweatily satisfying as ever. Folk New Yorker Gambles will allow the crowd to catch its breath after the manic, organ led garage of Boston’s own Thick Shakes.

Monday, October 14, 2013

FUZZ @ Great Scott – 9 PM – $10 – 18+ – Ty Segall comes back to Boston after three years of ACTIVITY. He’s been busy. We’ve had a chance to see him twice in New York as himself, but here he checks in as FUZZ, which is like his album Slaughterhouse personified, with regular band-mate/buddy Charlie Mootheart co-masterminding the group. Leading things will be local psych/garage staples Creaturos and San Fran’s CCR Headcleaner, whose own hooky noise assaults quite complement FUZZ.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sonic Avenues @ O’Briens – 9 PM – $8 – 21+ – Coming down from the great land of Canada are powerpop fueled Sonic Avenues who’ve got an enjoyable Jay Reatard/Adverts sound. Opening for them are the ATLANTIC THRILLS, the Providence band that we can’t seem to praise enough around here. They ignite crowds with old school punk (think more Peru 1965 than NYC 1977) ‘n gunk; their surfy debut Day At The Beach 7″ came out a few months back on Almost Ready…check it out! Also reviving garagier daze are Thee Legendary Rockin’ Prophets and self-described Ramonescore punk pop north shorers The Little Richards start festivities.

Future Days @ Lilypad – 9 PM – $5 – This is a special show celebrating the video release of “Blonde Wig” from Future Days latest release Tony Plante. Supporting the catchy psych pop of Future Days are two KLYAMMY bands: Free Pizza, fresh off an absolutely mesmeric performance at the KLYAM Radio Down show Friday night, and The Silkies, who we saw dominate at PA’s Lounge months ago with their girl group/new oldies charm.

Leamers @ 119 Gallery (Lowell) – 8 PM – Bounce provocateurs (as in literally causing people to bounce) Canadian(nes) Leamers descend to Lowell for what’s sure to be a great deal of fun. Also playing are some punks: Providence punks Downtown Boys, Boston punks The Vegans and some more experimentally minded groups like Les Rhinoceros (Washington DC), Dust Witch (Northampton), and Shogun Horny (location UNKNOWN).

Horsehands @ PA’s Lounge – 9 PM – 21+ – A watery show for those who are more inclined toward the less straightforward: robotic/melodic post-rockers Horsehands top the bill – they just recently released a split 7″ with Lady Bones, prolifically upbeat zany pop punk Zookeepers, primeval Middle Agelic ambiance/psychedelic pop comes courtesy of J COLE and company in Warped Forest, and Guerilla Toss singer Kassie’s Molasses is similarly making centuries old sound affects come alive.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

HALLOWEEN SHOW 2 @ Cambridge Elks Lodge – 9 PM – $8 – 18+ – Four of Boston’s finest groups playing as: The Mummies, Meatloaf, The Cramps, and Blink 182. The four bands are Fat Creeps, Designer, Nice Guys, and Guerilla Toss. Who is playing who? Go and see!!!!!!!


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Future Days “Tony Plante” Album Available Now

Boston’s Future Days trotted to the studio (Project Sound in Haverhill) several months back to work on their debut LP, Tony Plante, and now that album is out and streaming on their BandCamp.

13 well-recorded tunes, some nice branching out from their earlier psych dominant output. Fuzzy, slap you in the face, garage, paired with crafty VU mediumcore arrangements makes for some nice listens.

Dig on “Drunk at Altamont” – definitely my favorite thing that these dudes have done:

New-ish Songs You Oughta Check Out

Future Days – “Mild Mannered Wuss”

Future Days (formerly Space Bums) are from around here – Boston – and they’ve just made public some songs that will be on a future release. The one that stands out the most to my taste buds is “Mild Mannered Wuss,” which sounds way more exciting than the dude in question. It’s very Velvets sounding/Reed homaging [not a word] with some choice background vocal flourishes.


The Fabulous St. Knicholas Cage – “Not In My Mind”

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s tinny surf exhibitionists TFSKC have a brand new old release – The Sexy Yearzzzz. “Not In My Mind” is like a high speed boat chase, except you are forced to flee on boogeyboard. Get you some Jon Dwyer on vocals with The Ventures on guitar and hey, here you go. Rockabilly, shit-surfabilly, catch it if you can.


Zip-Tie Handcuffs – “Lifeboat”

This track is from the Boston band’s 2012 release In The Sky. It’s a stand-out and I’m posting it now because it reminds me of three years ago, when I first heard Wavves King of the Beach. This one is forceful like some of that LP’s sludgier tunes, but in its own world of intensity. I appreciate “Lifeboat” more and more each time I listen to it and its sonic cleanliness surprisingly works in its favor.


Vundabar – “Hives”

Two piece yee-haws also from this neck of the Emerald Necklace. Anyway, this is song #8 on their Antics LP. The dudes start off with the chorus, a brilliant tactic when a tune rock ‘n rolls like this. It pounds heavy and flirts with the kind of garage/country sloppiness of my favorites, like Carbonas if they had more vocal ability and were played on Breakfast of Champions instead of Late Risers Club. Maybe not the best comparison; this is pop music.