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Review: Miami Doritos, Dylan Ewen, Tacocat @ The Womb (3/30/14)

Bands: Tacocat, Dylan Ewen/Teenage Springsteen, Miami Doritos, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts
Date: Sunday, March 30, 2014
Venue: The Womb (Allston, MA)

Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts – The Sulk Scouts is just one of the many faces of Dylan Ewen. Dylan’s music is often in your face and snarky, but the Sulk Scouts are a bit of a departure. This project stays consistent with Dylan’s sense of humor, but in a light and playful manner. They even have a song called “Handcuffs” about light bondage.

As with my prior Sulk Scouts experiences, the highlight of the show is when the band performs a cover of Girls’ “Lust For Life.” It’s such a dreamy, nostalgic piece of music and honestly it sounds better here than anywhere else, and I heard Girls themselves perform ‘Lust’ twice. The female Sulk Scouts harmonize so well, it’s insane. Totally making out music. Totally.

Another highlight for me is D. Ewen classic “Korean Girlfriend.” That’s the money maker right there. It’s all about the ca$h flow and having a good time. Much more the latter. In any spot, preferably a basement such as this womb here, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts is a hot band to catch live. http://dylanewen.com/

Miami Doritos – A grimy Allston basement is the perfect place to see Miami Doritos. Up close and personal until it’s uncomfortable, no way! I’ve written about these Doreets several times now, so yeah they’re a two piece (vocals/guitar/drums) and I have a thing for two pieces and so on. Not to mention the fact that this two piece is on my own record label. YEAHH BUDDY!

We almost didn’t have our little Miami Doritos dessert tonight, for drummer Alex has been feeling under the weather this evening. Thankfully, this dorito is a trooper and he powers through a slimy, sweaty set without a hint of error.

This set is chock full of classic Doreets material, like vh1 classic, except not at all. “Price 2 Pay,” “Rush Hour/Piss Take,” “Bike Cops,” “Ice Age Cream,” and more. These are all funny songs, but it’s not a joke. Do you fucking hear anyone laughing, HUH??? Didn’t think so. No jokes. No bullshit. That’s what is great about this kind of music. In fact, most bands that play in basements around this scene. There’s no careerism, at least not overtly. The music isn’t being made to advance a career or some other horrible political motivation. No babies being kissed. I don’t know what goes on in Kurt’s and Alex’s minds, but I am sure there is a constant riot going on.

Get yer greedy little paws all over this masterpiece of modern art: http://klyam.bigcartel.com/product/nice-guys-miami-doritos-splifft-7

Dylan Ewen/Teenage Springsteen – Dylan Ewen is back with an impromptu performance under the Teenage Springsteen pseudonym. He is also accompanied by a drummer, a dude from the band Designer. Right on. The pair flash through a batch of fast and feisty numbers including a half assed cover of Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun.” Check out Springsteen here: http://dylanewen.bandcamp.com/ It’s a lot cooler than the other Springsteen, there I said it.

Tacocat – I can’t say I know all too much about Seattle’s Tacocat, but I am intrigued.  It looks as though a lot of heads flock out to see these Tacocats. And indeed they eat it up and start dancing/moshing. They’re definitely a lively band and they have a strong sense of lighthearted garage mixed with gritty girl group vibes. Picture Colleen Green as a full band and not just CG with a backing band, but imagine if she was a full band entity. I also feel a lot of 90s rock in them like The Breeders. Lastly, local faves Silkies roll through my psyche, especially with the girl group vibes and definitely in the vocals. I’m going to check out Tacocat more now. Ride that crimson wave over and over again. http://tacocat.bandcamp.com/


Review: Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts @ Craft House (2/8/14)

Bands: Indian Twin, Life Size Maps, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts
Date: Saturday, February 8, 2014
Venue: Craft House (Medford, MA)

Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts – It’s great to be back in the Craft House/Crab Haus, fuck it whatever you wish to call it, it’s swell. It sure as hell beats the cold outside, beats it right off. My balls are about to freeze into ice, ice, ice baby where am I going with this? There’s heat inside the haus, warmth – both physical and emotional. Me, my frozen testicles, and a case of PBR pop a squat upfront for the The Sulk Scouts.

I’ve seen my man Dylan Ewen a few times now in various incarnations, but this is my introduction to the Sulk Scouts, a girl group that plays with Dylan Ewen (vocals/guitar) and D. Ewen reg, Chris Geller on drums. The girls’ vocals are really sweet and smooth, they harmonize well. The vocals bounce off Dylan’s in a fun way and mixed with Chris’ drums the band has a sunny, day at the beach vibe to them. Gimmie a fucking hot chocolate and put an end to this miserable winter already! Sulk Scouts will suffice.

A couple of days ago, I saw a show at Agganis Arena and while I enjoyed most of the music itself, the experience just seemed so foreign to me. With this performance, I am glad to be back to my usual environment. I don’t want to say comfort zone, because those are no fun! Anywho, it’s a real pleasure to see some kids play in a living room and just have fun with the music. Not take themselves too seriously. That’s the attitude. It’s quirky, it’s  sexy, but above all it’s FUN. The crowd gets it as some light, playful moshing consumes the Craft House space.

This set is filled with buses, horses, tuff girls, and handcuffs, but my favorite part is when The Sulk Scouts cover Girls’ signature song “Lust For Life.” The harmonies I spoke of earlier are exceptional in this instance. Shit brings me back to 2009 when I first heard and loved this song and so did you. Come on, you mean you didn’t blast “Lust For Life” and dance around in your underwear with a pizza and a bottle of wine? Damn,  was it just me?!

Dylan’s a pimp.

“The Bus Song”
“Us Girls Got It Tuff”
“Cool Party”
“Lust For Life” (Girls cover)
“Horses Are Better”
“Forgot How to Have Fun”
“Fkuu Me”

Life Size Maps – Yeah, this just ain’t my thing at all. I hated it actually. Just not my thing.

Indian Twin – Damn, now these guys sounded more to my liking, but I only hear a few tunes before it’s time to depart to catch that nasty train. Next time!

Free Pizza & Dylan Ewen TOUR; D.E. “Resentment” VIDEO

It’s a beautiful thing – officially termed The BUFU 20 Minutes Or Less lil BB Tour featuring triple slicers Free Pizza and real talk duo Dylan Ewen (that’s one axeman Dylan, and the other dude drummer Chris G). They’ll be going up down and all around the New England/New York area, kicking off at a special place in JP, up to Brattleboro, down to Providence at Machines With Magnets, northwest to Feeding Tube in NoHamp, then straight to Death By Audio.

All these dates and venues can be accessed via that FB events page link above.

Also, check below a new music vid from Dylan Ewen – live in the studio with a lil green screen trickery

Review: Miami Doritos, Dylan Ewen, Zebu, Fat Creeps @ JP Drive In

Two Piece
Bands: Miami Doritos, Dylan Ewen, Zebu, Fat Creeps
Date: Friday, August 16, 2013
Venue: JP Drive In

Miami Doritos – I don’t see any Miami or any Doritos, I feel like rioting, I feel like inflicting pain upon each and every one of youuuuu KLYAM readers.  Just kidding mom, I love you.

The Miami Doritos are best appreciated in a basement setting such as this JP Drive In, though I am completely full of shit because I have only seen them in basements, so I have no means of comparison anyway. I guess I just like the intimate feel, which is what typically makes two pieces special to begin with, and tonight the Doritos are kicking off this whole two piece hootenanny.

The Doritos are rough and crunchy, but not difficult to swallow, they go down rather smoothly with a watery beer and a broken heart. In terms of comparisons, well I know I say this often when I see two pieces, but they remind me of KLYAM favorite No Age, mostly in the instrumentation and odd pop sensibility.

I suppose I should also mention that the Doritos consists of Kurt (Thigh Masters) on vocals and guitar and Alex (Nice Guys) on vocals and drums, they are good dudes and if you haven’t checked out those bands then I don’t know what else to say, you better get on that shit brah. And while you’re at it, quit being a pussy and listen to Miami Doritos here: http://miamidoritos.bandcamp.com/album/scoop-dreams
And hey, also watch this vid of them at Allston DIY Fest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-GJFO_5VrY

Dylan Ewen –  Dylan Ewen, yeah you know Dylan Ewen, in a way you may just be Dylan Ewen. Every teenager and twenty something is – and maybe even some of you thirty somethings. Dylan likes to write songs about bitches and booties and sadness, all topics that have been covered a gazillion times in pop music long before any of us were even twinkles in our daddy’s eyes. Yet, with his brand of garage spunk Dylan brings back a bucket of fresh water from the old stereotypical rock & roll well.

Dylan sings/screams and rages on guitar while a fellow named Chris sings along and brutishly slams the drums behind him. Together they smash through a fuzzy set of Dylan Ewen tunes including “Lead Me On,” (watch the crazy music video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl-jSFP_6DY&feature=youtu.be). It’s a catchy little number that will stay with you forever like herpes. I myself was drunkenly singing this song the other night and didn’t realize it until a friend pointed it out,  it’s that powerful. The dudes also unleash a sick ass cover of one of my favorite Ramones songs, “The KKK Took My Baby Away.”

If I may slide down a slippery slopey rant for a few lines, if you would be so inclined… Dylan Ewen is like if Blink 182 sounded garagey and not like pop punk shit. It’s like all of his songs are about things that suck, but they are all fun and happy at the same time. Content wise it’s all frustration and disappointment . And that’s exactly why I dig the joy that comes out of my speakers when I listen to his bandcamp. That’s my argument against all the sad bands that sing about jerking off alone at night – or something else “dark and mysterious,” I don’t know I don’t pay attention. After a while, if I get bored I just make up my own plot. Those bands seem to be not having as much fun and make sad, sad songs. You can still make songs about sad stuff and still have fun, and having fun can be the focal point of the performance. You picking up what I’m putting down? Dylan Ewen does that like a true rock ‘n’ roller. Listen to all of his songs about youth and sex and such: http://dylanewen.bandcamp.com/

ZEBU – So, I saw these two dudes before at their Fat Creeps Split 12″ Release show at the Discovery Zone a few months back and this performance is not too dissimilar.  The pair, which consists of Ted Lee (vocals/drums) and Steve D’Agostino (vocals/guitar), put on a fairly entertaining show that really makes use of the small, intimate basement space tonight. At one point, Steve playfully waltzes through the crowd and pops a squat on a conveniently open chair in the middle of the room. He sits back and relaxes as if the song has to wait for him. It’s antics like this that makes me think a Zebu show in an above ground venue would be comparatively dull or at least lose some of its charm. Either way, their oddball take on pop music (?) is strong enough to endure in any setting.

Zebu also recently toured in Europe, which appears to be a rare feat for most artists of their underground nature. So, kudos to them. Here watch a clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0OHC6Zmt1g

Fat Creeps –  A few years from now when I am an old man, about 27, I will be standing alone at a show, nursing a Narragansett and trying to relieve myself of an ailing hangover, when some young scrawny, pimple faced lad, about 16, will approach me and ask “what were the early Fat Creeps shows like?” to which I will respond, “fuck off, get me another beer junior. Let’s go find your sister.” Fortunately, I am still young and only 70% bitter, so I will enjoy these last few years before the remaining 30% takes over.

Fat Creeps or should I say Fat Dweebz as they are calling themselves tonight round out this two piece shabang. Gracie strums the guitar and sings while Mariam takes care of the drums and sings as well. I’ve never seen them as a duo and I may never again, but it’s pretty cool, a different take on their usual three piece sound. I miss regular drummer Jim Leonard, but Gracie and Mariam do a fine job with some of the Creeps originals as well some sick covers; I swear they play The Vaselines’ “Monsterpussy,” but I haven’t confirmed this.

Both women are decked out in some eye catching spandex suits, it look likes they are competing in American Gladiators or WWF (fuck WWE, it’s still WWF to me).

Check out their tunage here: http://fatcreeps.bandcamp.com/

And while you’re at it, order their 10″ (VINYL) EP from our very own KLYAM Records! http://klyam.bigcartel.com/

Dylan Ewen – “Korean Girlfriend”

I was listening to WZBC a couple of weeks ago and heard this song just as I tuned in. I was like… I’ve heard this dude before. And I did. Dylan Ewen is the man. The Boston underground music scene is filled with a lot of people doing a lot of cool things, but there aren’t an abundance of solo talents of his variety. It’s gritty, lo-fi, essentially pop music. “Korean Girlfriend” (Alt 2013, BUFU) is fulla hooks and that drum machine doesn’t hurt. Stuck in my head for days, here’s to sharing with some like-minded people: