BIGBUCKHUNTER Playing Final Show? @ Grandma’s – Friday 5/27

Ye ole BIGBUCKHUNTER is playing their final show? tomorrow in the cozy confines of Grandma’s House basement. Yes, it does feel a little odd to call them one of the Boston underground’s most underrated talents because every one around here is a hidden gem of sorts until they selling out the Mid East Up or some shit. It’s not like BBH are incomprehensible harsh freaks, nah to me the chemistry of Kurt (guitar/vocals) and Couch (drums) and whoever is playing bass, that is like a Pavement sense of pop, but the craziness/unpredictability of The Hunches. Loose sloppy playing, but not in a way that me saying that is believable. We will miss our man Kurt, also of Cavemen and formerly KLYAM Recs’ own Miami Doritos (two of our faves), he’s moving on to somewhere new as Nobunny would say.

So once again it’s tomorrow, May 27, Grandma’s with The Buck and the perpetually recommended weirdos ‘newcomers’ BIRTHING HIPS, Steam Traktor, and Book Reef.




Mannequin Pussy “Clue Juice” Vid / Show 2/15 @ Ill Spot

Mannequin Pussy, “Clue Juice” from Impose on Vimeo.

Brooklyn’s Mannequin Pussy put out a well fueled rock ‘n roll long play in 2013 called Gypsy Pervert; “Clue Juice” from that album got a video premiere at Impose a little while ago. It features some neat live footage.

For a similar scene, head over to Ill Spot here in BOSTON on Saturday, February 15, where MP will be playing! This 2nd Chance Valentine Show is sure to in the words of Ben Katzman ROK

I only caught a mere few minutes of Mannequin Pussy when they came around town with Lust-Cats of the Gutters in October so this time I KNOW to make proper arrangements to catch it ALL.

Show Alert: Arctic Monkeys/Deerhunter @ Agganis Arena

Arctic Monkeys @ HOB In 2009. We went. HOB sux.
Arctic Monkeys @ HOB In 2009. We went. HOB sux.

Thursday, February 6th, 2014
, will your ass be planted in the balcony section of an arena looking downward at Bradford Cox? Cox’s Deerhunter – who’ve done the whole Massachusetts arena thing – will be opening for Arctic Monkeys at a venue with the same name sake as Chris’ favorite drivers’ ed – Agganis Arena.

SHOW ALERT: Chastity Belt @ Chum’s [Brandeis] – 10/26

In traditional Chum’s fashion, not much is known about this show ‘cept it’s October 26 (Saturday) and features the likes of CHASTITY BELT and tour-mates PONY TIME. They are on tour now, check to see if they are coming to you:

Show Alert: Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion / Jacques Le Coque

Very excited for this show. I’ve been anticipating seeing Jacques Le Coque for quite a while now – it’s totally awesome that they are playing with a band that blew my mind the first time that I saw them … Beware The Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion.

Show Alert: Fat Creeps, Nice Guys, Headband @ Discovery Zone

June 8th at the Discovery Zone. Next Fat Creeps show before their tour with Bleeding Rainbow ( Here’s a clip from their last Boston show at the JP Drive In.

The Orwells Playing Brighton Music Hall On May 6

Woo, The Orwells are coming back to the area, opening for UK’s Palma Violets at Brighton Music Hall on Monday May 6th. Can’t say I know much about Palma Violets, but The Orwells — I know a thing or two about these guys. Saw them for the first time in February at TTs and yup, that show was the real deal. Glad to see them coming back soon!