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TALL JUAN New BUFU Single / Show In JP With Free Pizza, Nice Guys, Petey

That’s a loaded headline but we all know Tall Juan of Queens is worthy. For many, it’s an introduction to the man, the waste-no-time punk pop charmer. Falling Down is his latest single, out now on BUFU Records. To celebrate the occasion, he’ll be playing right here in Jamaica Plain house show style next Thursday, December 18. The openers couldn’t be more exciting and a little bit sad. Free Pizza will be playing their last Boston show before they move their inspiring homefront to the Miami area. They’ve been making it rain so to speak around here for the past few years, always being a most fun-loving live band and good people to boot. Wish ’em luck! Our partners in Wax and IceHouse, Nice Guys are on this thing, too, with your childhood friends Petey from North Carolina.

FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1609168429312586/

Music Video: Free Pizza – “Net Babes”

Ahh this was the first Free Pizza song I ever heard! Now, it is here for you to enjoy visually. Keep an eye out for some local peeps. Video by: Casey Herz. Acting by: Grayson Hartwick, Amanda King, Free Pizza. Sound Recording by: Marina Argyriou. Text by: Virginia de las Pozas.

Listen to Free Pizza’s Boston, MA here: http://freepizzarocks.bandcamp.com/

Free Pizza On Tour Now (Barbara Busch Tour)

Boston’s own Free Pizza has hit the road once again, bringing their fun punk down the United States and back up again. The best place for you to check where to see them in those cities (on the poster above) is the FASCIST BOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/771957836196021/

Do check ’em out, we try to as often as we can, but we spoiled being here in BOS.

Review: Free Pizza, Acidosis, Animal Lover @ JP Drive-In (5/23/14)

Bands: Free Pizza, Acidosis, Animal Lover, Palberta (Missed), Designer (Missed)
Date: Friday, May 23, 2014
Venue: JP Drive-In

It was a pleasure as always to come through the Drive-In to see some bands. This particular spot is a bit more out of the way for KLYAM so unfortunately there’s the usual leaving early and missing out on some groups we would really love to stay and watch. But I got to make the most of a live rock ‘n roll experience and I loved every second.

Free Pizza is an institution around here. They were up first. The threesome powered through a pretty new set – I think they only played one tune from BOSTON, MA. I witnessed these newbies fitting nicely alongside what they’ve done in the past. Jesus has a particular pop inclination present on particularly every FP song, but hell I feel this inclination broadening and really opening things up. I’d probably be scared if anyone other than FP was venturing here; it’s just that the Pizza does things right. Nice and snug.

Next on the agenda was Acidosis. I should not neglect to mention that Free Pizza and Acidosis spent some significant time on the road together in the month of May, which included a couple more stops after this show. So Acidosis is BUFU Records honcho Ben on bass and vocals, Diego on guitar, and Will on drums. They’ve got that metal, that hard rock – stuff not all too often bandied about and extolled on this very site. That said, I greatly respect the punk attitude, the shred, the fun that is these guys live. I’m sure there are bands out there doing something like this around here, but it seems to me like they just don’t matter when you’ve got Acidosis. I was frankly worried about my right ear as I was positioned smack dab in front of Diego’s amp. Lucky for right ear, he turned up just right. So everyone’s wailing, everyone’s pounding, Ben is shouting God knows what while making faces and stances that spew intimidation. These are friendly guys. Birthday man Rory from Designer joins the crew on the mic for the first song.

The last band that my right and left ear and eye could percept was Animal Lover. Now in my younger years I would go see shows and frankly a lot of the openers at these above ground spots were not my cup of tea. At a house show, though, I find a lot more exciting bands on the bill. This makes sense, pal. Alrighty so Animal Lover – a noisy racket from Minnesota. They’ve got the speed and tenacity a la Guerilla Toss, a la Designer. Indulge if you dig on those groups. The packed Boston basement crew was real receptive to these folks and yeah of course I wish I was up front for the action. I saw it go down from the boiler section. I still had loads of fun.

Review: White Fang @ Middle East Upstairs (4/20)

By Joanna Trachtenberg

The next night (which was 4/20 by the way) I saw White Fang who are The Band To See On 4/20™. That’s right, Boston was the lucky city to be graced by White Fang’s presence on that glorious day this year. Free Pizza were up first in this jam packed bill. This band is fairly new and I had never seen them before but I was quite impressed. They played power punk that I wouldn’t exactly call poppy. Their songs were for the most part short fast and not very sweet (by the way I mean that as a compliment). Next up were Boston’s version of FIDLAR, the Nice Guys. They like to party and rock hard. I am hoping for big things coming from them. Next up were Boston’s best synth punkers Earthquake Party! They recently recorded a bunch of new songs for an upcoming album and they played a number of them tonight. The one non local opener was Denney and The Jets from Nashville who at first I thought were gonna be an Elton John cover band or something. They were not. The name comes from the fact that their singer’s name is Denney. They played good ol’ fashioned rock n roll. They are homeboys of Natural Child who I saw the previous night with the Black Lips.

Now it was time for the mighty White Fang! Guitarist Kyle Handley, Drummer Jimmy Leslie and Bassist Chris Uehlein started playing with lead singer Erik Gage in the background. When he was ready to sing Gage stormed to the front of the stage and started jumping around like a madman. Their songs border between punk, hardcore, metal and hard rock with the band into it the whole time. Some of the funnier moments included when Gage backhumped the stage for about a minute and when Gage lifted Uehlein while he was playing bass and spun him around. I am planning on seeing Gage and Handley again later this month with The Memories, their mellower other band. After the show I saw for merch they had a number of gnarly Gnar Tapes.


Review: Saralee, Flag Day, Sean Nicholas Savage @ Whitehaus (3/1/14)

Bands: Saralee, Flag Day, Sean Nicholas Savage, Free Pizza
Date: Saturday, March 1, 2014
Venue: Whitehaus (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Saralee – Last time (which was actually the first time) we were here, it all happened in a flash. We came, we saw [Jackson Heights Queens, NY’s holiest The Beets], we came again, and then we had to abruptly leave to make the train home. Fortunately, this time we arrive early to sit back and relax within the haus, and chat with some colorful characters, both old and new, pounding down Rolling Rocks aka “dad’s beer” according to one, Ben Katzman. Shine on you crazy diamond!

Saralee has been a KLYAM favorite since 2011. In many ways they were our introduction to the Boston underground music scene. Some of our first basement shows were Saralee shows. I associate their music with dank, steel reserved beer reeking basement spaces, such as this one tonight, and a stoned, serene state of mind doesn’t hurt either. It’s hard not to have this image in mind, because I’ve only seen the band in basements. Problem House. Gay Gardens. Ant Cellar (Lowell). JP Drizzle. And now Whitehaus. You could say they are the quintessential Boston basement band, like it’s an essential ingredient in the Saralee sound. A sound that is somewhat hard to describe. I’ve been asked before what does Saralee sound like? And I honestly have trouble defining it. It’s more of a mood if anything. They are soft, but also intense at the same time. Heavy need not be a volume. There’s a dreamlike quality to them too. All things considered, Whitehaus is a perfect venue for Saralee; for whatever reason I have never seen the band at an above ground establishment and I’m a completely okay with that.

If you haven’t heard this machine, then you have some serious HWs to attend to: http://saralee.bandcamp.com/

Flag Day – Flag Day sort of throws me off guard, which is always a plus. In other words, I won’t forget this performance because it is akin to a radical, industrial pop DJ set. It’s a combo of what I believe is original material as well as a series of contemporary and classic hits for the crowd to dance their  asses off to and they do. Everything from the Bee Gees’ ” Stayin’ Alive” to The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” to some Blink -182 song to Wavves’ “King of the Beach.” This onslaught of bratty, manic dance inducing pop reminded me of why these songs are memorable in the first place and made me reflect on when I first heard them at various points in my life. Deep Thoughts. Ok, it’s time to take it easy for a second. http://everydayisflagday.bandcamp.com/

Sean Nicholas Savage – Straight up, I am not present for most of his set (for the second half, physically, for the first half mentally), but I can see a lot of folks going bonkers to this gentle Canadian’s impassioned music. WORD. Check it out here: http://arbutusrecords.com/?page_id=30

Free Pizza – We missed Free Pizza :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( , hey it’s okay buddy we’ll see em’ again soon! :). One of the best in Boston and one of my faves all around. Listen to their epic debut here: http://freepizzarocks.bandcamp.com/

Album Review: Free Pizza – “BOSTON, MA”

Release: 3/2014
Label: BUFU Records

George Moshington, the former front man of the Casa Blanca himself, is right there on the cover of Free Pizza‘s latest release: BOSTON, MA. Not to be confused with Washington, the tru capital (in spirit, nurture, and commitment) of underground music is right here where Free Pizza resides and sings about. The trio of Jesus Vio (bass/vocals), Santiago Cardenas (guitar), and Nick Rasmussen (drums) have spent approximately the last year playing several shows in Boston, in surrounding areas, and beyond. For those in tune with what’s good around these parts, this tape has been highly anticipated!

Free Pizza have been ruling for about three years; they released their debut 5 songer in 2011. All five of these songs make a return on BOSTON, MA in bigger, juicier style, credit to the dudes recording in a studio (Mystic Valley) for this go around. When I listen to Free Pizza, more than half of the time I kinda do this thing where I slowly move my head from left to right, shake it up and down, and flex my shoulders. Some songs call for a quicker variation like finale “Boston, MA,” all swirlin’ guitar, bass, unforgettable lyrics and “Net Babes,” which has an equally sweet rhythm plus an instrumental towards the end that is like flowers blooming or several women dancing around you.

What I hear from the getgo is Jesus’ ultra memorable singing voice positively ranging from sweet and tender to immediate and demanding. The guy’s always convincing, but ‘specially so on the more relaxing numbers “Come Close To Me” and “Baby Girl”. One thing that’s challenging for me to do in this space is to remark on how Free Pizza comes through with their sound! They’re a funky band (if you recall my movements from earlier) so be prepared to move. I’ll throw out [early] Abe Vigoda and The Minutemen, both bands that got that BOUNCE to ’em. Punk rock not how ya expect it to sound and they’re better off for that! BOSTON, MA is an urban record for all kinds. “Forward” packs the most pleasure for me in its mere 78 seconds. In fact, all of these tunes clock in at under 3 so if you’ve got an hour to spare, you’ve got three full listens in order!

Get yourself over to their BC and spend some alone time: http://freepizzarocks.bandcamp.com/album/boston-ma and they are on tour! to SXSW.


Free Pizza & Dylan Ewen TOUR; D.E. “Resentment” VIDEO

It’s a beautiful thing – officially termed The BUFU 20 Minutes Or Less lil BB Tour featuring triple slicers Free Pizza and real talk duo Dylan Ewen (that’s one axeman Dylan, and the other dude drummer Chris G). They’ll be going up down and all around the New England/New York area, kicking off at a special place in JP, up to Brattleboro, down to Providence at Machines With Magnets, northwest to Feeding Tube in NoHamp, then straight to Death By Audio.

All these dates and venues can be accessed via that FB events page link above.

Also, check below a new music vid from Dylan Ewen – live in the studio with a lil green screen trickery

KLYAM Recommended Shows (Oct 13 to Oct 19)


Sunday, October 13, 2013

THOSE DARLINS @ Great Scott – 9 PM – $12 – Nashville country punk slimers Those Darlins roll into town with a fresh new LP in hand Blur The Line. Their new stuff has a more personal sheen yet I bet their live show is still as wild and sweatily satisfying as ever. Folk New Yorker Gambles will allow the crowd to catch its breath after the manic, organ led garage of Boston’s own Thick Shakes.

Monday, October 14, 2013

FUZZ @ Great Scott – 9 PM – $10 – 18+ – Ty Segall comes back to Boston after three years of ACTIVITY. He’s been busy. We’ve had a chance to see him twice in New York as himself, but here he checks in as FUZZ, which is like his album Slaughterhouse personified, with regular band-mate/buddy Charlie Mootheart co-masterminding the group. Leading things will be local psych/garage staples Creaturos and San Fran’s CCR Headcleaner, whose own hooky noise assaults quite complement FUZZ.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sonic Avenues @ O’Briens – 9 PM – $8 – 21+ – Coming down from the great land of Canada are powerpop fueled Sonic Avenues who’ve got an enjoyable Jay Reatard/Adverts sound. Opening for them are the ATLANTIC THRILLS, the Providence band that we can’t seem to praise enough around here. They ignite crowds with old school punk (think more Peru 1965 than NYC 1977) ‘n gunk; their surfy debut Day At The Beach 7″ came out a few months back on Almost Ready…check it out! Also reviving garagier daze are Thee Legendary Rockin’ Prophets and self-described Ramonescore punk pop north shorers The Little Richards start festivities.

Future Days @ Lilypad – 9 PM – $5 – This is a special show celebrating the video release of “Blonde Wig” from Future Days latest release Tony Plante. Supporting the catchy psych pop of Future Days are two KLYAMMY bands: Free Pizza, fresh off an absolutely mesmeric performance at the KLYAM Radio Down show Friday night, and The Silkies, who we saw dominate at PA’s Lounge months ago with their girl group/new oldies charm.

Leamers @ 119 Gallery (Lowell) – 8 PM – Bounce provocateurs (as in literally causing people to bounce) Canadian(nes) Leamers descend to Lowell for what’s sure to be a great deal of fun. Also playing are some punks: Providence punks Downtown Boys, Boston punks The Vegans and some more experimentally minded groups like Les Rhinoceros (Washington DC), Dust Witch (Northampton), and Shogun Horny (location UNKNOWN).

Horsehands @ PA’s Lounge – 9 PM – 21+ – A watery show for those who are more inclined toward the less straightforward: robotic/melodic post-rockers Horsehands top the bill – they just recently released a split 7″ with Lady Bones, prolifically upbeat zany pop punk Zookeepers, primeval Middle Agelic ambiance/psychedelic pop comes courtesy of J COLE and company in Warped Forest, and Guerilla Toss singer Kassie’s Molasses is similarly making centuries old sound affects come alive.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

HALLOWEEN SHOW 2 @ Cambridge Elks Lodge – 9 PM – $8 – 18+ – Four of Boston’s finest groups playing as: The Mummies, Meatloaf, The Cramps, and Blink 182. The four bands are Fat Creeps, Designer, Nice Guys, and Guerilla Toss. Who is playing who? Go and see!!!!!!!


Think we missed a show that a tru KLYAMer is itching to see? KLYAMEMAIL@GMAIL.COM