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Review: Kylie and Mark’s Comedy Throw-Up @ Salem Cinema (2/21/13)

I don’t know what it’s like to talk about comedians in this kind of format, in fact I’ve never really sat myself down to hear one or five in person. I am impressed by the way things went down on this evening. Host Andrew Durso cracked some wise cracks before introducing the comedians – some amateur, some quite reputable around the area. Reputable or not reputable, funny is funny, no matter which way you look at it. And creative, yeah, creative is creative. I give a lot of credit on the most basic level to the comedians for taking the stage. That is a feat. I found myself tearing up on a number of occasions. The variety of comedy, ranging from little skit type of things to brief one-liners, allowed for the versatility of the performers to shine through. I am not bullshitting you, I don’t know how to recap comedy…OK!

Each had their fine moments, never a dull moment, watching someone saying shit that a wide audience can agree is funny. Shout-outs to Gary Peterson, Ian Von Steffen, Riley Knispel, Matt Watson, Mark Gallagher, and Kylie Alexander. You done good.

Did I miss out on THE BFs? Potentially. Hey, it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t drive. I recall The BFs from the other night, hey BFs dude, Joey, I remembered, if you read this, I’m that dude who said yo nice shit at the Cambridge Elks. I must have missed you play on this night, as I would have been congratulatory on the successes of being on the stage and doing rock and roll. Your rock and roll is a good time; I do not see many bands like you these days. I have seen some popish punk in my time, not all of it very entertaining cuz I’m not much a pop-punk guy, but I can get more behind you than those others. Hope you know what I mean.

The Fat Creeps finished things off for the night. I took a seat near the front. Others preferred standing, slobbering around the stage, or not slobbering around the stage, but being around it, dancing even. I haven’t really seen this kind of locomotion at a Creeps show since five days prior at the Elks, when those Lowell guys were mosh pitting during “Daydreaming”. Well, set-wise, it is an exemplary performance, with the usual suspects and a surprise (for me, anyway) of the song that I remember being my favorite from when all I could associate with the Fat Creeps was their Bandcamp. The song is “Leave Her Alone”. They haven’t played that in a while, I mean you haven’t played that in a little bit, if one of the band members is reading this. That’s cool. New favorites such as “Going to the Party” and “He Comes in Loudly” and that other tune that draws a lot of clapping were most definitely in the mix and those other ones I really like. It is hard not to like the Fat Creeps; they are really nice people, but performers, top-notch. The kind that has you coming back for more. KLYAM has definitely indulged in this regard, but when heavenly performances are to be seen, you have to see them. I do like standing up better, just my own preference, so the next night at O’Briens would allow for some truly optimal conditions. I’ll let Chris take over describing that event. Though I could write now.

Good oldies Salem, see you at the next juncture.

Belushi and Black Flag

Today is John Belushi’s birthday and if he were alive today he would be 63. Sadly, he died thirty years ago today. RIP and Happy Birthday!

I love the Black Flag shirt! He was a big fan and tried to get them on SNL like he did for Fear. Belushi and old school punk rock always makes a great combo.

Happy 50th Bday Bill!

On December 17, Bill Hicks would have turned 50 years old. Sadly, he passed away of pancreatic canceer at the age of 32, but his legacy is growing bigger and bigger each year. Kudos to Keith Olbermann for this special report. For what Bill stood for (or more appropriately stood against) having his material and his ideas presented on a national news station in America means a lot. RIP Brother.

My Christmas Must Sees!

Glen Maganzini (left), Chris DeCarlo (right)

Okay, so I do this annually and if this looks similar to the post I made last year that is because it is! well, for the most part- not much has changed. Here we go:

Films (in no particular order):
1) It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)
2) A Christmas Story (1983)
3) Home Alone (1990)
4) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)
5) A Christmas Carol (in any of it’s versions, specifically 1951. I usually attend the play, as I will be Saturday night; one of the few plays I enjoy seeing)
6) The Santa Clause (1994)
7) Edward Scissorhands (1990) (okay, so only towards the end of the film this is applicable, but for me it gets me in the mood)
8) The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) (I suppose this is more apropos for Halloween)
9) Bad Santa (2003)
10) Die Hard (1988)

1) The Simpsons– “Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire” (1989), “Bart Gets an F” (1990), “Marge Be Not Proud” (1995), “Mircale on Evergreen Terrace” (1997), “Grift of the Magi” (1999),”Skinner’s Sense of Snow” (2000)
2) South Park– “The Spirit of Christmas” Original (1992), “The Spirit of Christmas” (1995), “Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo” (1997), “Merry Christmas Charlie Manson” (1998), “Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics” (1999), “A Very Crappy Christmas” (2000), “Red Sleigh Down” (2002), “It’s Christmas in Canada” (2003), “Woodland Critter Christmas” (2004)
3) Family Guy– “A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas” (2001)
4) At least one Johnny Cash Special
5) Dr.Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1964)
6) Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964)
7) Frosty The Snowman (1969)
8) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: A Very Sunny Christmas (2009)
9) A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)
10) SNL– various skits

A Christmas Carol By:Charles Dickens (1843)
A Story A Day Till Christmas Various Authors (1985)
The Catcher in the Rye By: J.D. Salinger (1951)

I usually end up viewing (or reading for that matter) only half of these! But, either way, I have a lot of work to do and I recommend others to watch/read them too. I would recommend music, but that will take too long. I’ll save it for another day. To kick things off, here’s Kyle’s Christmas ballad, “I’m a Jew on Christmas” from the South Park classic “Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo” (1997).

Hicks Vid of the Day: “Modern Bummer” (1990)

This is a hilarious bit and the opening track to Bill Hicks’s debut album, Dangerous (1990)

Bum: You got any money?
Bill: Yeah, I do. Thanks for reminding me. It feels great.


“The very idea they want me to just give them the hard earned money my folks send me every week.”

Beavis and Butthead Make Their Triumphant Return!

Wow, I can actually remember when the final episode aired fourteen years ago; I watched it with my brothers at the tender age of seven. I can’t wait to see what the headbanging duo have in store for us in twenty eleven.

Tonight (10/27) Beavis and Butthead are back on MTV @ 10/9C!

Some informative links:,0,4953259.story
And best of all here is a sneak preview:


Quote of the Day: Cartman on Shitting Your Pants

Cartman Vs. the Principal and other teachers on the humor (or lack thereof) of another student defecating in his own pants during school:

“OK, but you probably understand that, for Pete, it isn’t that funny. For him it’s embarrassing and terrifying.” – Principal
“Heh heh. Right. That’s why it’s super funny. To me.” – Cartman, from last night’s episode, “Bass to Mouth,” Season 15, Episode 3. Courtesy of 

Hicks Vid of the Day: “It’s Just a Ride” (1992)

“A choice between fear and love.” This is Bill Hicks at his kind, humane, gentle core. Gentle, an adjective one probably would not associate with Bill, an otherwise harsh, caustic comedian- albeit, brilliant. I think of this anytime I feel down and need something life affirming, despite its simplicity, the underlying message of love and brotherhood (or sisterhood lol) trumps any notion of ignorance.