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My Top 10 of 2010 So Far…

1) Box Elders- Tiny Sioux
2) Hunx and His Punx- Cruising (officially released!)
3) Wavves- Post-Acid
4) Harlem- Friendly Ghost
5) Mark Sultan- Misery’s Upon Us
6) Hunx and the Punkettes- Lovers’ Lane
7) Happy Birthday- Girls FM
8) Strange Boys- A Walk On the Beach
9) Silhouette Rising- Flight
10) Scouflaws- Stupid and Catchy

Band Spotlight: Silhouette Rising

Artist: Silhouette Rising
Label: Self-Released
Year Formed: 2005
James DiNano- Drums/Lyrics
Cory Jackson- Vocals/Guitar/Lyrics
Dan Ward- Bass
Joel Ward- Lead Guitar
Rob DiNano- Piano/Vocals

Sounds Like: I can’t point to any particular artist that they sound like, which is a great and truly rare quality. If you have an open mind when it comes to music, then you can easily find something in their work that satisfies your ears. With that being said, on their Facebook page, they cite artists as diverse as Thrice, Bon Iver, Gonzales, and Pink Floyd as influences. So, if you are a fan of the above, then I’m positive you will dig SR.

Top Songs (In My Opinion!): Behind Closed Doors, Riverside, Perseverance, A Failed Attempt, Conversations

Top Album
: Promises (2010)

Final Note: SR is playing a show in Salem on July 23rd, for more details, check out their Facebook page.

: http://www.silhouetterising.com/

: “Space explorations, bubble baths, So You Think You Can Dance competitions, and reenactments of “Lord Of The Flies”- “Band Interests,” from their Facebook Page.

Concert Review: Silhouette Rising

Artists: Silhouette Rising, The Scouflaws
Location: West Side Social Club, Wakefield, MA
Date: July 2, 2010

Act I: The Scouflaws
As Glen discussed in his review of their Demo, Demolicious, The Scouflaws mix things up with a mish mash of Punk, Garage, and Pop. Throughout their performance they rocked out hard with a lot of high energy and crowd interaction, not to mention quick witted humor. They played signature songs like “Crazy Desert Island Cats” and “Stupid and Catchy” (a great title, but the latter is more accurate) as well as covers of “Walking On Sunshine,” and “Killing In the Name,” which served as a really kick ass closer, amongst some other fine tunes. I was pleased with their performance and I highly recommend others to see them live or at least check out their Myspace Page, http://www.myspace.com/thescouflaws. If you’re a KLYAM reader, then you know we see bands all the time; The Scouflaws are more energetic than most of those bands and they are still in High School! Give their demo, Demolicious some ear time.

Act II: Silhouette Rising
Ahh yes, Silhouette Rising. Much anticipation led up to this show. Hell, much of my curiosity was devoted to staring at those wacky characters on my ticket, whom also apper on the cover of the CD. Which brings me to my next point, the entire purpose of this show. You see, this wasn’t just another concert from the group, as they play shows often and will be playing more and more shows in the near future. No, this was far more important. The culmination of all their rigorous, dedicated work throughout the years. In other words, the release of their latest and greatest CD, Promises. An epic recording, hard to match live, but the band pulled it off with an undeniable finesse and then some. Based on the energy of the performers and the audience’s reaction, one would think this was a spiritual release show. Each performance evoked a range of emotions: headbanging and jumping up and down to the fast paced Rockers of “Conversations” and “Poseidon’s War,” passionately singing along to the Classic Ballads of “Riverside,” “Behind Closed Doors,” and “A Failed Attempt,” or simply snapping your fingers and appreciating fine tunes with “Wake Me Up” and “New England Sunsets.” A particularly solemn moment came in the soft, slow number, “Perserverance,” a song dedicated in loving memory to Chris Rollins. The band also unleashed a wide variety of cover songs from Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” to The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition,” they even played a brief rendition of the “Familly Guy” theme! Whilst the band performed they were accompanied by a dazzaling light show and a backdrop of bizarre images, including what appears to be the apocalypse via archive Cold War propaganda footage of buildings exploding, which concluded the band’s set. These neat additions perfectly complemented the group’s muisc and artistic vision. Lastly, it should be noted that this was an ALL AGES show, literally! Fans of all ages were in attendance, anywhere from little tykes to elderly folks. Silhouette Rising was able to captiviate everyone for over 90 minutes. A rare feat, to say the least. In short, check out the band and attend their next performance. If you want to find out what “purple things” she brings to Cory, then you will just have to see the boys live.