This is fantastic news! 2012 appears to be the year of KLYAM faves hitting up Boston, and Atlanta greats, Gentlemen Jesse and His Men are one of those faves. Can’t wait to see them on May 14 at the Great Scott in Allston, MA.

Concert Review: King Khan & The Shrines, Gentlemen Jesse and His Men, Red Mass @ Royale (10/13/10)

Photo Credit: Kyle

Act I: Red Mass – Red Mass was a weird/bizarre act to watch. They definitely had the “rocking” quality to them. One of the first things that I noticed was a similarity to the K-Holes. They put us in a trance of sorts with their dark/psychedelic aesthetic. Choyce, the lead singer and guitarist, had a funny hodgepodge of clothing items on — a bandanna, a large medallion necklace, and a dress shirt with tie. He was into it and so were we.

Act II: Gentlemen Jesse and His Men – Oh, Gentleman, where shall I begin? (All I needed that night) was to hear this band. A very fine band from Atlanta, Georgia. They rocked just as hard as they did when they opened a month earlier at TT The Bears. They had their keyboardist present and his little melodies added a little bit to the sound. Jesse is just the man. Great front-man. He is a Jared Swilley-like character. They’re from the same hood, yo. They sound like a classic rock act that you take your girlfriend to see and then fuck when you get back home. You highland crawler, you. I felt like eating some candy during “Butterfingers.” Fuck, what a tune. It’s as invigorating as just about all of their songs. The backing vocals were mixed a little low, but no biggie we had Jesse.

Set List:
If I Can See you (written as “If I Can C U”)
Highland Crawler
slips right into
Black Hole
What Did I Do
Rest of My Days
Only Lonely
All I Need Tonight (Is You)
I Don’t Wanna Know

Act III: King Khan & the Shrines – Sensational, you bet. This what we’ve come to expect from King Khan and that right there is terrific. Started off with “Outta Harms Way” King, following the usual instrumental, screamed his lungs out and got everyone going. As always with Shrines shows the audience was more akin to a religious cult than a rock show- everyone going wild, being mesmerized by King Khan and His Mysterious (yay a new adjective to describe these boys and girl!). Which by the way, this time around Bamboorella was absent, however her replacement sufficed. She could move and groove and she was quite attractive, but I need my bamboorella fix haha.  Back to the music, the Shrines unleashed their classic, Supreme Genius material, which is exactly what I adored and anticipated. Hits such as “I Wanna Be a Girl,” “Land of the Freak,” “No Regrets,” “Took My Lady Dinner,” and more. Alright, well before I start to sound like a fucking infomercial I am going to wrap things up here. There were a few new numbers performed including “Bite My Tongue,” which I definitely can see becoming a Klassic Khan ditty in time to come. This was a great and highly entertaining show, one of the best I have ever witnessed. If you need a quick pick me up, ok a relatively quick pick me up, King Khan and The Shrines are your saviors- leave you smiling for a month. Lastly, as much  as I loved this show, it was not on par with my first Shrines experience for three reasons. 1) Khan was a bit restrained this evening and though he was still his energetic, charismatic self, he was much calmer. 2)  I attribute my slight lack of devotion i.e. me not feeling the “this was the best show ever!!!” kinda deal to no longer being a Supreme Genius virgin, since this was my second time seeing them. 3)  It was not as loud as last time. Don’t get me wrong, it sounded nice, but the PA definitely needed some raisin’ and that would have made it all the more effective. With those minor qualms aside, fantastic show as I expected. Can’t wait to see them again and again and again.

Grade: A

Vids Ft. BOTW Gentleman Jesse + Those Darlins

I’m going to link to some YouTube videos that you ought to check out. These really HIGH DEFINITION (if you want them to be) vids were shot a couple of nights ago in Philadelphia. Gentleman Jesse and His Men and Those Darlins.

“Highland Crawler” and “Kinda Uptight” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZAVLyG5-uo
“Careful” and “Word Gets Around” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ifm_TopXpB4&feature=channel
“I Don’t Wanna Know” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZMf8_8vjLo&feature=channel
“Butterfingers” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxyKO0njszs&feature=channel

“Who’s That Knockin”? – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2kkHi372kw&feature=channel
“Wild One” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXkO2bxku7M&feature=channel
“Night Jogger” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgeofK-yXQw&feature=channel
“I’ve No Clue” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fsOblpp77k&feature=channel


Here’s the link for the new Those Darlins 7″. Hope y’all enjoy! A review will be a comin’ prolly tomorrow.

http://thosedarlins.com/promo/- “Night Jogger” and “Funstix Party” by The Funstix (this is their debut!) The Funstix are TD Members Jessi Darlin and Linwood Regensburg.

Those Darlins will be arriving in Boston, on tour with The Strange Boys and Gentlemen Jesse and His Men, at T.T. the Bears on Friday, September 17.

Those Darlins/Strange Boys @ TT The Bears

A tour has been recently announced:

Those Darlins (11:40) are on the bill as the headliner with The Strange Boys (10:30) and Gentleman Jesse and His Men (9:30) opening. Chris and I saw The Strange Boys open for Spoon a few months ago. We saw Gentleman Jesse and His Men open for Black Lips in March 2009. Never have we seen Those Darlins, although we did hear about them playing a while back.