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Woe is Kids Like You and Me!- H & E Time

Woe Is H & E!

Gentlemen Jesse and His Men:
Hopes: They rock out really hard and become one of my favorite opening acts and I check out one of their LPs

Expectations They do in fact rock out and they are better this time than when I saw them open for the Black Lips, but they do not stand out enough for me.

Strange Boys
Hopes: They play a nice 45 minute set featuring most of their classic material like “Woe” “No Slave” and “A Walk.”

Expectations: The Boys are awesome, but do not play as many of my favorites as I would have hoped and play for a shorter amount of time.

Those Darlins: The Darlins play most or all of my favorites such as “Red Light Love,” “Mama’s Heart,” “DUI or Die,” amongst others. They play for over an hour and its one of the top 15-20 best shows I have ever seen.

: They play for under an hour and play many of my faves, but not all. It’s a great show, but not one of the best

Strange Boys/Deerhunter/ Spoon H & E

Hopes: For Strange Boys, I hope they play all of their classics from the first album, like “Woe” and “MLKs” and several others as well as some newbies from the second album, like “Laugh At Sex, Not Her” and “Be Brave.” I hope it’s a great performance from one of my new favorite bands. For Deerhunter, I hope they play mostly tracks from Microcastle and Rainwater Casette Exchange. I also hope they play the classic “Fluorescent Grey.” Idealy, it will be one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. For Spoon, I just hope I like it, having never actually listened to their music.

: I expect Strange Boys to play a good number of my favorites from both records and put on a damn good show. For Deerhunter, I anticipate they play some of my faves, but also many of the overly spacy, Cryptograms tracks, that isn’t exactly my cup of tea. I imagine it will still sound sick live though. Lastly, with Spoon, I don’t expect anything, but at least a decent (if not better) performance, considering all their acclaim.