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Summer Flashbacks

The following are excellent songs to listen to this summer. They aren’t new or old.

Saralee – “Take What You Can Carry” – What might be the greatest Boston basement band of the early 2010s? Saralee is in the running, without any doubt. Stoned haze, half drunk High Lifes, and pungent mildew perfectly communicated with as little as drums, guitar, and vocals. Sara and Lee. I think I’ve called Saralee “memory music” and I wonder if anyone disagrees? This particular song is the most exemplary of my past descriptions. Sorry if you didn’t get a chance to see them in the old days, but not too sorry because you can close your eyes, too.

Wakes – “Widows” – Timmy hit a sweet spot of dynamite “bedroom pop” before that label became more associated with industry plants! A label in the UK was wise enough to release the Feral Youth LP. I’ve thought this album, this song, was like audio mumblecore. Emo, but not the shitty, whiny stuff. Anxious, superstitious, you know, your average 20/(now?) 30-something laments.

Rene Chambers – “Kathy Cross” – A local anthem has emerged! Like the two previous songs, this one is cloudy and introspective. The tale of Kathy Cross is familiar. She’s runnin away to upstate NY from the city. After a day, the guy is getting kind of worried because she hasn’t returned his calls. It turns out that her getaway was a legit vacation, not some existential escape from academia as he might have suspected. “She just wants to be somebody.” Always count on Rene Chambers (now an active band in the Boston area) for intelligent rock ‘n roll commentary/comedy on the young and confused.

It’s Never Too Late: Part 2 – SARALEE [SARALEE]

SARALEE – “Saralee”

LABEL: Ride The Snake Records 

Our town’s own SARALEE released their self titled debut full-length earlier this year by way of Ride The Snake and yup, I am a happy man. SARALEE’s that rare band that I fondly remember seeing then obsessively continuously listen to ’til the present. That was two and a half years ago roughly. Sounds a little intense I know – but you go ahead; open up seven song Demo. Positively I can say, this record Saralee is more of the same as that: intimate, nostalgic, rock and roll. Leave the labels on your desk, the duo go hard, go soft, go at a pace that works so very well for them. They haunt the rest of us. As I hear this record through my speakers, the drum set in my room is vibrating. There’s no obvious drumming on “Bugs In My Coffee,” but I picture Lee’s set making similar noise. Sara and Lee complement each other so well that their minimalist aesthetic is a continuous stream of ‘gettin it right’, just really how they like. It reminds me of my very first basement show which wasn’t that long ago. A perceptive experience that you want to perpetually familiarize yourself with. That’s Saralee and with them I can’t quite find any points of musical reference. Pop music for the non-masses, it’s too real stuff for most people to handle. I feel this way about The Beets as well. Count every song as a favorite of mine though special props to “Jackalantern House” as one that’s sorta planted on the back end of Side B, but has that trademark saralee ending that ya, I can never properly write about. Check out the organ part that concludes “Lead The Fire” for enchantment. Also this is the most neatly packaged record that I bought this year with silk screen cover and insert. Very nice.

1 Lead the fire
2 The Motion
3 White pipes
4 Sidewalks
5 Silence

Side B
6 Children of the night
7 Hesitation
8 Cold Feet
9 Jackalantern House
10 Bugs in my coffee
11 On a train


Review: Guerilla Toss, SARALEE, Giving Up, Bad History Month @ JP Drive-In

Date: October 26, 2013

Bad History Month: Bad History Month is solo Sean History Month, singer and guitarist of Fat History Month, who you all know as Boston’s dearest underground band. The crowds descend downstairs, greeted by the warm presence of Sean, his guitar, amp, and bass drum. The bass drum seems to be something of a new addition for Sean as he has anointed us the crowd a focus group for his percussion aided performance. Sean’s gentle playing is a beautiful thing, full of depth and intensity. The liberating, calming sound that is a History Month set is so distinguishing, so relaxing. I kept thinking to myself, what a pleasure to be in a basement right now listening to this set. The only tune that I recognize is “Fucking Despair” from the same-name-can’t-recommend-enough album so don’t count me in as an expert of the nitty gritty for tonight’s set. Which might not be a bad thing – the mood generated was most notable and left us feeling better than we did thirty minutes prior.

SARALEE: I won’t speak for Chris, but I think he’ll agree with me here – Saralee is a band we hold near and dear. We first saw Sara [vocal/guitar] and Lee [drums] perform as Saralee back on May 26, 2011, opening for Peach Kelli Pop at the Problem House in Allston. That was our first Boston basement show. From that point forward – roughly – our eyes were opened to the magic of the local scene. Seeing Saralee in a grimy basement is all I know of seeing Saralee first hand. So when they took to the non-stage last night, I was brought to a rather familiar place. A cozy place. The tunes of Saralee are like small pieces of nostalgia, a soundtrack to things that might have occurred in childhood or yesterday or in the future. They are uplifting songs, at least to my hears. The only comparison I can really come up with is early OCs – if in light tone and playful minimalism. They played a dozen or so jams, most topping out at around a couple of minutes. There was a time during the winter months of both 2012 and 2013 that I spent hours for several consecutive days listening to Saralee’s DEMO at work. You’d think I would get sick of it, but it just put me in high spirits…continuously. That was the case with SARALEE tonight. I loved every minute of it, Lee’s artistic drumming synced with Sara’s ultra reverby delivery. This is a band that has won hearts across the nation in a tour culminating in this very basement. I’m sure of it. Their self-titled LP just released on 12″ hand-screened vinyl is stunning. Listen there and pick up a copy or pick up the copy and smile wide! It’ll be a favorite.

Giving Up: One of the most unfortunate things that can happen for a big fan of live music is showing up late and paying the consequences of being squished in the back. This is most trying in close quarters. So there we go, I don’t think I ever got a solid view of Giving Up, but thank God for my ears. I heard ’em! I dug what I heard, bizarre folk sorta like Page France but noisy, more demented. Catchy! A perfect complement to Saralee being all hazily distinct and stuff. Memory music. Also, I’ve been informed that Lee was on drums. Nice Lee. Check these Midwesterners out: http://givingup.bandcamp.com/ !

Guerilla TossG-Toss can just about do anything they damn want and like most things so very irresistible, crowds will follow! Every show I’ve seen Guerilla Toss play has been push and shove, so beware people who like to take things easy. There’s not another Guerilla Toss in the world – Cassie, Peter, Simon, Ian, and Arian – make/display some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever heard/seen. Punk rock stripped to its most feral motions, radically spun with noise, glitches, consistent freak outs. It’s a very held together thing though. I’m always amused just by being witness to what is going on and the domineering clutching fist enveloping the crowd, making them suspects of a short duration assault. YA i’m down for this! http://guerillatoss.bandcamp.com/

KLYAM Recommended Shows (October 21 – 26)


Monday, October 21, 2013

Boston Hassle Presents: EX-Cult @ O’Brien’s Pub – 8 PM – $8 – Memphis’ current garage punk kings, EX-Cult are rocking through our fair city once again, after nearly breaking our bones at an epic punk slime show last July. Before EX-Cult hits the stage you may not even be standing straight, because Allston sociopaths Strict Agnostics are playing as well; definitely dudes you wanna know. Real, no bullshit punk featuring members of Nice Guys, Miami Doritos, Thigh Masters, and Big Buck Hunter. Additionally, fellow local garage rockers White Pages and Denton, TX doom metal sludgers Terminator 2 round out this fine ass bill.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The New Highway Hymnal @ Wilder Zangcraft – Over in Lowell, they are zanging out to one of the zickest bands I’ve ever zeen: The New Highway Hymnal, a psych drone machine that will blow your mind to smithereens. NHH will be joined by the jam/soul rock of Northampton’s Lord Jeff and the stoner fuzz rock of Austin, TX’s Mirror Travel. Kicking things off is a band we repped back in July: Allston’s Bellwire will sooth your sore ears with their soft rock ‘n’ roll gems.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

FIDLAR @ The Sinclair – 8 PM – $13 Adv/ $15 day of – Well well well, looks like we have ourselves a stacked line up. We’re excited to finally see LA’s cheap beer extollers and rock ‘n’ rollers, FIDLAR, but we’re even more psyched to witness the greatness that is The Orwells once again for the third time this year! Last and most definitely not least, one of our favorite local bands, the always slimy Nice Guys are opening up this show, and if you haven’t heard or seen them yet you’re in for a treat. I can’t wait to see you sixteen year old kids go nuts!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saralee @ The Spot JP – One of Boston’s best bands, Saralee is in the middle of a big ass tour with fellow underground rock ‘n’ roll crusaders, Giving Up and on this special night they’ll be back and killing it in their hometown. Joining them is the freak out soundz of one of their noisiest contemporaries, Guerilla Toss.

Chastity Belt @ Chum’s Coffeehouse (Brandeis University) – Seattle’s “Vagina Rock” quartet Chastity Belt are coming to Boston to destroy everyone’s favorite random venue, Chum’s in Waltham. Opening is tour mates Pony Time – a guy and girl rock duo sorta thang.

Kal Marks @ The Laundry Room (formerly known as the Ant Cellar) – Over in my old stomping grounds of Lowell is one kick ass show from the likes of one of Boston’s finest and most successful artists, Kal Marks. The other players include psych rockers, Vundabar, who are simply vunderful, ambient post-rock North Shorers, Harborlights, and old school folk dudes, Root Juice.


If you think we missed any shows that a tru KLYAM gangsta would vant to see. Hit us up at KLYAMEMAIL@GMAIL.COM

Listen: Saralee – “So Sorry” and “Soft Sounds”

Listen to these two famous comp tracks brand new to bandcamp: http://saralee.bandcamp.com/album/so-sorry-soft-sounds

Saralee is a KLYAM fave and one of thee Boston essentials. Saralee is one of those bands I really hate describing to people, just listen to it. If I had to say, what I find appealing about them is their undeniable pop quality and just overall aura. But, there’s something unique about it, it’s like a totally different sound/world. If you haven’t been turned on to their demo, I ought to just waltz right into your living room and turn you on myself. OR you can click this link here: http://saralee.bandcamp.com/album/demo Yeah, I’d click that if I were you.

TT The Bears Show Alerts: Saralee/Fat History Month & Pujol

Next Wednesday August 22, local KLYAM faves Saralee and Fat History Month will be playing a show together along with Arvid Noe opening for Caddywhompus @ TT The Bears. The show starts at 9 PM!

Two months from today (October 14) Pujol, who I’ve been wanting to see for a couple of years now, will also be playing at TTs. Openers and starting time to be determined!


Glad to see our Band of the Week, SARALEE getting some more, well deserved exposure. Here’s a link to Becca Capers’s  GET BENT! review: http://getbent.fm/post/21797586533/review-saralee-demo and here’s a link to the demo itsself: http://saralee.bandcamp.com/album/demo It’s an essential!

P.S.  the review describes them as  “a three piece,” but in my experience they have always been a two piece (Sara and Lee). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure they are just a two piece. Either way, it’s all good!


Hello everyone, check out SARALEE our latest Band of the Week, truly a unique group that deserves a lot of praise. We have seen and reviewed SARALEE a few times now and they get better each time. Definitely one of the best bands in Boston right now. The first time I saw them they opened for Peach Kelli Pop (PKP’s very first show in America!) at the now defunct Problem House in Allston, MA. Allie Hanlon from PKP wrote about SARALEE in her tour diary: “Saralee was a girl Sara, who has the cutest / best voice, and Lee a great drummer, who lives at the Problem House and was a gracious host to us! I was happy to see them play.”- http://peachkelli.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-06-29T15:52:00-07:00&max-results=7
I couldn’t say it better myself! Here’s their Band Camp page: http://saralee.bandcamp.com/

Review: Fat History Month, Florida=Death, Big Mess, SARALEE @ Gay Gardens (11/19/11)

“Is this G.G. Allin’s broken dick?” Glen shouted as we stumbled upon our desired location. Upon hearing the confirmation that it was in fact G.G Allin’s Broken….you name it, we entered the Allston venue, hoping to see some kick ass local bands, and as always we did.

Artists: Fat History Month, Flordia=Death, Big Mess, Saralee
Date: Saturday, November 19, 2011
Location: Gay Gardens/G.G. Allin’s Broken Home/Nose/Dick (Allston, MA)
Act I: Saralee– Ahh I saw this cute duo before and they were pretty sick that first time. I remember truly enjoying their set, but for whatever reason I never really checked out their material, a high crime indeed. Anyway, when I heard they were playing this show (which was only news to me like an hour before their set!) I was excited. When their set began I was still upstairs, but as I was walking down the steps, they were kind of fucked up steps as one other G.G. Allin disicple had noted, the music sounded incredibly familar. I recognized the song from their last set, which is weird because that never happens, unless I check it out again, but I knew it and I loved it! The song is called “Circle of Hands,” and it is fantastic, my favorite Saralee song by far. The song exemplifies what is great about this band. Just really warm, almost comforting music; simple, steady drums from lee and Sarah’s amazing, unique voice. Her vocals are probably my favorite part of the band because they are simultaneously in the background, but also in your face. At least that’s how I hear it. Anyway, it was a chill set, and has stuck with me since the show. I listen to them frequently now, one of the best bands in Boston. See them live if you get a chance.

Act II: Big Mess– Big Mess is another highly notable local band. This instrumental trio hails from Lowell and I have seen them four times now and they get better each time. Big Mess is easily one of the tightest bands I have seen recently, just no fucking around, here we go, let’s rock kinda music. Both live and on studio recordings, but especially live, the band evokes various thoughts in my brain. Firstly, I always think these guys are fucking badass, like this is the soundtrack to what it is like to be badass and/or live a badass lifestyle. You know those horrible car ads with terrible country rock/overly masculine singing, well it is nothing like that, but it is just as badass, if not more. Just take the cheesiness out of that formulaic music and insert the pulsing guitars and pounding drums of early metal greats like Black Sabbath and AC/DC at their prime and you have Big Mess. The purest style of badass rock, like Shellac. Get up, crack open a beer, and crack some skulls. Well, maybe not that harsh, but you get the picture hopefully.

Act III: Florida=Death: First off, wonderful band name! I dug these Connecticut natives, but I did not feel as big of a connection to them or their music than the other bands. I feel like they were going for an electronic sort of thing, not sure, maybe I have to give them another chance. They were decent, just did not stand out to me at the end of the day.

Act IV: Fat History Month– Fat History Month is definitely the best Boston band I have seen this past year. I saw them for the first time a few months ago and I could tell from that performance that they were pretty special. I did not fall in love with them right away, but I got the impression that they were a band I could not keep my eyes off. So, I started listening to their music more and more. Saw them again and really dug it. Now, they are one of my favorite bands from twenty eleven. So yeah, I was really pumped for this performance. At the two previous Fat History shows I attended, the crowd was small and people were not overly enthusiastic, but this time around the audience seemed pretty into it and rightuflly so. There was a decent amount of moshing and it was pretty awesome, just the kind of reaction I was looking for. The duo rocked out per usual and I think it is safe to say this was the best show I had seen from them. In particular, “Old Lady Smokers,” was a pleastant experience, as it is a KLYAM favorite for sure. When the set hit its finale, vocalist/guitarist, Sean walked right through the crowd as if we were ghosts, it was pretty cool. Fin.

Grade: 7/10

Fat History Month-Things I Enjoy from Michael Wissig on Vimeo.

Boston Hassle Underground Music Comp/ Release Show!

Boston Hassle is a compilation documenting various, fascinating bands in the Boston underground music scene. In other words it’s a gigantic middle finger to corporate Boston or all those who have shunned these fine artists that lurk beneath the outskirts of the vapid music industry. Needy Vision, Dan Shea– the man behind all of this says it best himself: “Boston Hassle is an underground music comp that is being released exclusively on a wearable button/music player format called PLAYBUTTON.” Indeed, the format for this comp is unique and quite convenient. On top of that, there will be a Boston Hassle Comp Release Show on Sunday, December 11 @ Great Scott in Allston featuring Fat History Month, Saralee, Exusamwa, Needy Visions, Creaturos, Kid Romance, more!!! Excellent.
Here are some choice links:



In 1787 it was Shay’s Rebellion. In 2011 it is Shea’s Rebellion.