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Review: Fat History Month, Florida=Death, Big Mess, SARALEE @ Gay Gardens (11/19/11)

“Is this G.G. Allin’s broken dick?” Glen shouted as we stumbled upon our desired location. Upon hearing the confirmation that it was in fact G.G Allin’s Broken….you name it, we entered the Allston venue, hoping to see some kick ass local bands, and as always we did.

Artists: Fat History Month, Flordia=Death, Big Mess, Saralee
Date: Saturday, November 19, 2011
Location: Gay Gardens/G.G. Allin’s Broken Home/Nose/Dick (Allston, MA)
Act I: Saralee– Ahh I saw this cute duo before and they were pretty sick that first time. I remember truly enjoying their set, but for whatever reason I never really checked out their material, a high crime indeed. Anyway, when I heard they were playing this show (which was only news to me like an hour before their set!) I was excited. When their set began I was still upstairs, but as I was walking down the steps, they were kind of fucked up steps as one other G.G. Allin disicple had noted, the music sounded incredibly familar. I recognized the song from their last set, which is weird because that never happens, unless I check it out again, but I knew it and I loved it! The song is called “Circle of Hands,” and it is fantastic, my favorite Saralee song by far. The song exemplifies what is great about this band. Just really warm, almost comforting music; simple, steady drums from lee and Sarah’s amazing, unique voice. Her vocals are probably my favorite part of the band because they are simultaneously in the background, but also in your face. At least that’s how I hear it. Anyway, it was a chill set, and has stuck with me since the show. I listen to them frequently now, one of the best bands in Boston. See them live if you get a chance.

Act II: Big Mess– Big Mess is another highly notable local band. This instrumental trio hails from Lowell and I have seen them four times now and they get better each time. Big Mess is easily one of the tightest bands I have seen recently, just no fucking around, here we go, let’s rock kinda music. Both live and on studio recordings, but especially live, the band evokes various thoughts in my brain. Firstly, I always think these guys are fucking badass, like this is the soundtrack to what it is like to be badass and/or live a badass lifestyle. You know those horrible car ads with terrible country rock/overly masculine singing, well it is nothing like that, but it is just as badass, if not more. Just take the cheesiness out of that formulaic music and insert the pulsing guitars and pounding drums of early metal greats like Black Sabbath and AC/DC at their prime and you have Big Mess. The purest style of badass rock, like Shellac. Get up, crack open a beer, and crack some skulls. Well, maybe not that harsh, but you get the picture hopefully.

Act III: Florida=Death: First off, wonderful band name! I dug these Connecticut natives, but I did not feel as big of a connection to them or their music than the other bands. I feel like they were going for an electronic sort of thing, not sure, maybe I have to give them another chance. They were decent, just did not stand out to me at the end of the day.

Act IV: Fat History Month– Fat History Month is definitely the best Boston band I have seen this past year. I saw them for the first time a few months ago and I could tell from that performance that they were pretty special. I did not fall in love with them right away, but I got the impression that they were a band I could not keep my eyes off. So, I started listening to their music more and more. Saw them again and really dug it. Now, they are one of my favorite bands from twenty eleven. So yeah, I was really pumped for this performance. At the two previous Fat History shows I attended, the crowd was small and people were not overly enthusiastic, but this time around the audience seemed pretty into it and rightuflly so. There was a decent amount of moshing and it was pretty awesome, just the kind of reaction I was looking for. The duo rocked out per usual and I think it is safe to say this was the best show I had seen from them. In particular, “Old Lady Smokers,” was a pleastant experience, as it is a KLYAM favorite for sure. When the set hit its finale, vocalist/guitarist, Sean walked right through the crowd as if we were ghosts, it was pretty cool. Fin.

Grade: 7/10

Fat History Month-Things I Enjoy from Michael Wissig on Vimeo.