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Check Out: “Nashville Rocks” Article In The Republic


A cool story about the Nashville music scene, which discusses some bands that we’ve covered and some other informative things about a burgeoning and supportive group of creative persons. Take a gander.

Link: http://www.therepublic.com/view/story/80bbbbc08e5a4ecba9604a3302dac39a/US–Music-Nashville-Rocks

TT The Bears Show Alerts: Saralee/Fat History Month & Pujol

Next Wednesday August 22, local KLYAM faves Saralee and Fat History Month will be playing a show together along with Arvid Noe opening for Caddywhompus @ TT The Bears. The show starts at 9 PM!

Two months from today (October 14) Pujol, who I’ve been wanting to see for a couple of years now, will also be playing at TTs. Openers and starting time to be determined!

New Info. About Homegrown Fest II

OCT 15th-17th
@ the Temple
670 Centre St.
$15 per day

Best day: OCT 17!!!

BBQ(Mark Sultan, of King Khan and BBQ, montreal)
Ty Segall(san fran)
Needy Visions
Lord Jeff
Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores(providence)
Hands and Knees
Many Mansions
The Men(nyc)
Turbo Fruits(TN)
Duck That
Double Awake


Sultan, Segall, and Pujol?! Word!!!

A Wicked Summer Jam

I first heard about this band and song and music video from the Pop Jew. The Pop Jew has solid taste in music and recognized me on her blog for my cunning computer room performance of “I Am A Girlfriend.”

Never mind that, though. Check out this band PUJOL. Not like Albert Poo-Hole, but rather like Daniel Poo-Joe. They are from Nashville, Tennessee and they play fun power pop-ish punx and his junx kind of music. So definitely give a check out to this video, which is pretty new. Then, if you are impressed, head over to their MySpace and listen to more of their tunes.

Here’s some great links involving this band:
Daniel Pujol on Vinyl
PUJOL “Mission From God” Video
PUJOL Myspace Page