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Wakes, Kal Marks (Solo) @ Thieves Grotto (12/21/14)

First things first – a big thank you to our pal Scott from TeleVibes for giving me a lift to the show and, before that, tipping off that there was a show happening at the bustling Thieves Grotto. Chris has compared this basement gem to a mini Great Scott. I like that description. This particular show – a little less than a week before Christmas – was not the super packed, sweaty, raging teen/young adult festivity of yesteryear BUT it was a fun time.

Wakes is big man on campus, big man in big basement Tim Oxton singing and slinging guitar with Hadden Stemp on guitar, Amelia Gormley on keys and J Cole on drums. Count me in as a supporter of this crew. The reverby guitars are real urban, real existential. Tim’s deep narratives reach massive pinnacles during the choruses of practically every tune here. These are the memories you don’t have. A cool core of the tunes remind me of speedy mid 2000s Walkmen, some of the more underwatery jams go in a Beach Fossils direction. Quite honestly though Wakes’ Feral Youth is a monster recording – the first two tracks ‘specially, “Widows” in my deranged musical comprehension has some parts reminiscent of BLITZKRIEG BOP. Think maybe Tim figured out what I meant. The more you know the less you understand. Some times lil self-descriptors are off but LATE NIGHT MUSIC rocks this crew’s roll. ENJOY ON BC

As you know Kal Marks are typically a sludgy, beastly pop trio but him or it has also been/is a lone dude, Carl, you know the singer the guy with that instantly recognizable voice. Tonight, it is solo Kal Marks and for me anyway the performance is just as fine as the whole schabang. This is a sit down electric affair, pedals and all, the songs arranged/done somewhat differently than the album cuts. Best way I can put watching this set is like a perfect flow from song to song, including some of the Piss of the Century that I positively fanned on about a couple of years ago and ending with Life is Murder from Life is Murder the big boy juggernaut jam that might be five amazing parts or songs in one. The quiet lonely ending from this solo doing turning itself into a whispering or silent sing-a-long for the un-initiated. Happy to see Kal Marks going strong since seeing ’em at the ole Problem House with Peach Kelli Pop. ENJOY ON BC

Review: Kal Marks, Potty Mouth, Malatese, DB Cooper @ Craft House (1/31/14)

Kal Tufts
Bands: Potty Mouth, Malatese, Kal Marks, DB Cooper
Date: Friday, January 31, 2014
Venue: Craft House/ Crab Haus (Medford, MA)

We KLYAMERS scramble around Tufts University looking for this place for a good while until we finally see a big van with musicians unloading equipment outside of it. This is the place. I love these little clues when you’re searching for the right house that’s holding the show. I remember one time I overheard some dude respond to the doorman’s donation request with “hey man, this PBR 40 is all I have on me.” That always killed me, cause I knew right away this is the place.

I’ve never been to a show here before, but it looks like a lot of fun. A living room is packed with college kids, blowing off steam after a long, hard week of working and/or partying.  It’s a relatively decent space and in fact there’s a camera set up on a tripod in the back of the room, catching all of the evening’s activity. I feel like this space is a much cleaner version of what the Die Slaughterhaus (Atlanta house venue, early double ohhs) must have been like. Ohh God, I would have killed to have caught just one Black Lips basement show in 2001 or  2005 or whenever. At least, I am here now and that’s all that matters. I am just going to sit back, wet my whistle, and let DB Cooper do all the work.

DB Cooper (formerly known as Dumpster Banana) – DB Cooper. Never heard of him or them before, but supposedly he or they are local Tufts legends. Before the show started I was informed that DB has elements of Husker Du in em’ and I can kind of see that, perhaps earlier, more hardcore driven Du,  for there is plenty of fast, testosterone droolin’ grit to the DB Cooper band. I’ll point to fellow Minneapolis, alt rock losers  ( and by loser I mean winners) The Replacements as a means of comparison. There’s that party hardy, loud, fast punk element, but there’s also a softer side with a heart to them. In fact, one of the songs is introduced as their “Replacements song.”

DB surely keeps the kids rocking as a tornado of smelly, perspiring bodies slam back and forth into each other at a rapid pace, crashing right into me as I stand in the back of the room on a tiny couch, trying to knock back as many bud lights as I can; I’m trying to catch up with you kids, but don’t knock over my damn beer! Makes me sad, I am no longer in college :(.

I have mixed feelings about DB Cooper. A part of me likes that Husker, Replacements vibe and just the sheer animal quality of their performance. Then again, I feel like, it’s sort of emo, death metaly high school stuff I am not too fond of, it could go either way. It’s fun, but not something I’d go out of my way to see again.

Kal Marks – Kal Marks is just the band I came to see. I fancy myself somewhat of a garage punk nut, though I don’t claim to be an expert or anything, but Kal Marks is one of the few contemporary bands I really dig that doesn’t fall under that category. Their songs may be bleak and brutally honest, but the band still rocks with so much vigor, it’s hard not to get excited when they play. Most of the songs are also quite catchy, but not in a cutesy or bubbly way. It’s all genuine, powerful, and ultimately profound.

For Kal’s set, I make sure I get a nice spot right up front, just inches away from the performers. It’s a packed crowd and like the first band, there’s a solid crowd response with lots of moshing and such.  I’m actually surprised I’m able to stand up front the whole time without flying straight into the drum set.

As far as the songs go, there’s a lot of terrific material on display, much of which appears on their latest and greatest release Life is Murder. My favorite tonight is album opener “Love is a Song, Not an  Answer.” Check out the whole album here: http://kalmarks.bandcamp.com/

Malatese – Malatese are on tour from Harrisonburg, Virginia and they are playing a couple of shows with their good buddies in Kal Marks. Tonight here and tomorrow night at Death By Audio in Brooklyn. Some day, I will attend a show there.

I didn’t get a good grasp on Malatese, but they were interesting to say the very least. Definitely far out and more experimental in nature than any of the other bands on the bill. Some say they are no wave and noise. I feel y’all on both accounts. If you’re into weird, but still rockin’ music, check out Malatese here: http://malatese.bandcamp.com/

Potty Mouth – I’ve heard a lot of folks rave about Northampton’s Potty Mouth, but I’ve actually never listened to them myself. Sometimes, seeing  a band live for the first time is the perfect introduction. The band sounds decent with some tight, noisy, 90’s flavored rock, but for most of their performance I’m unable to actually visibly see the band play. There are too many bodies in front of me and I am simply too lazy to move up further at this point. To be frank, I am not sure if I stuck around for their entire set. Those bud lights finally caught up with me. Check out Potty Mouth here: http://pottymouth.bandcamp.com/

This show was presented by the good folks over at Apple Jam Productions. Let’s do it again sometime.

Video shot by Tufts University Television

Hassle Fest Recap (November 8 & 9, 2013)

Hassle Fest pic
Poster by Mickey Z

Bands: Way too many to name.
Date(s): Friday-Saturday, November 8 and 9, 2013
Venue: Cambridge Elks Lodge

Every year the good people over at Boston Hassle throw a big ass music festival featuring over 40 local and national bands. Essentially, they do what they do best year round, just in the most gigantic way possible. This is the fifth Hassle Fest (formerly known as Homegrown) and the first ever attended by us, the KLYAM and we had a shit ton of fun! We are forever grateful for having the Boston Hassle around us and all of the great music they promote on a daily basis, much of which was on display at this year’s Hassle Fest. We have never experienced anything quite similar. Simply one band after another, with no breathing room in between. Exhilarating. Overwhelming. Punk Slime All Of The Time – at least in spirit. So yeah, I set out to write about every single band. This quickly became impossible due to work schedules, train schedules, and our general black out status over the course of the weekend. The following is a recap of some of the bands we saw that left me with the best impression and/or I remember best.

Zebu! –  The Zebu! dudes always put on a good show and interact very well with their audience. They use up their twenty minutes bashing out a string of noise rock fused jams including a cover of The Vaselines classic “Molly’s Lips,” which they twist into “Molly’s tits.” Hehe.

Per usual in Zebu! shows, Ted walks through the crowd, shirtless, singing and shrieking about. He parades all the way to the back, until he is practically in the next room.

The band announces that they are happy to be celebrating their tenth anniversary and that they are releasing a greatest hits album on BUFU  Records. Damn, pick that shit up. http://zebu.bandcamp.com/

Kal Marks – I’ve been digging Kal Marks for a while now and I’ve seen them with various line-ups over the years, but this is definitely the finest performance I’ve seen from the band thus far. Lead singer Carl has an undeniably distinct voice that just reverberates throughout the room and rests inside your ear drums for weeks to come. It’s like an odd, mumbly/grungy, southern drawl that one either finds appealing or nauseating. Most fall under the former category.

Besides Carl’s voice, the band has really come a long way since I last saw them (though, they were a rare two piece that night, so I’m not the best one to be judging), particularly with the addition of drummer Nick Egersheim (Big Mess). I’ve long been a fan of Nick’s powerful, sledgehammer drumming and I can’t think of a better fit for Kal Marks.

As a whole the band has a ginormous ROCK sound to them, very epic, very big deal. The guitars jostle back and forth producing incredible build ups and break downs. It’s almost intimidating, overwhelming, and strangely accessible, which isn’t a terrible word. Listen to Life Is Murder here: http://kalmarks.bandcamp.com/ It’s one of the best records you will hear all year.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – Here’s a band people have been recommending to me/us for at least a year and a half now, and I can certainly see why. This being our first Ed Schrader experience, I am flabbergasted. The place is roaring to the sweet, sublime sounds of Ed Schrader’s Music Beat.  Glen comments that he was inspired by Ed before he even heard him!

Ed Schrader delivers a loony bass heavy sonic blast that drills my ears even way in the back of the Elks Lodge. The place is packed to the gills with Ed Schrader nut bags. I specifically love how Ed switches up between soft, serene Frank Sinatra drenched vocals to fast, pummeling screams. Ed makes it a point to make a special shout out to the Profit$ and how awesome it is to have him in our city. There ya go. The set crashed to its conclusion with a sick little cover of KISS’ “Rock and Roll All Nite,” which must have shoved old Ben Katzman into paroxysms of ecstasy. Check out Ed Schrader’s Music Beat here if you want to be shoved into paroxysms of ecstasy: http://edschradersmusicbeat.bandcamp.com/

The Beets – YIPPEE KI YAY MELON FARMER, IT’S THE BEETS! The Beets from Jackson Heights, Queens, NY, back in beautiful Boston for you and me. And I’ve never seen so many enthusiastic Beets fans all in one room before. It is fabulous to see the Elks filled to the brim with hundreds of kids of all ages, well maybe not all ages (in theory there could be!), all surrounding Juan Wauters (vocals/guitar), Tall Juan Zaballa (vocals/bass), and their Amerikan flag proudly hoisted behind them. Alas, no Chie Mori (vocals/drums) this time around :(, but two beets beat it off just fine, no fumblin’, no foolin’ around. There’s work to be done dawg. Despite the large crowd, this Beets set still feels just as warm and fuzzy as ever. Glen and I snag a nice lil spot up front, so close to the band that we are probably freaking them out, no way!

We first saw The Beets at a secret show at Wellesley College (opening for No Age) back in April 2009. I remember thinking they were a strange combination of Black Lips meets Beat Happening. At the time, I didn’t truly appreciate it though and about a year and half passed by before I started listening to The Beets again. The fall of 2010, a time when folks could find me listening to Spit In The Face of People Who Don’t Want To Be Cool (2009) on repeat, especially the song “Broken English.” Boy, did I love that song. I used to turn up the speakers all the way – I eventually broke them – blaring The Beets and tossing a tennis ball against my dorm room walls, annoying the hell out of all my fellow dormatory chums. I guess they just didn’t want to be cool.

Later that summer (2011) we caught The Beets again on a bill with Slumberland’s Brilliant Colors at a basement show in Allston (Problem House). While that show was fine and cozy, I don’t recall kids going apeshit for The Beets, at least not in serious numbers. Tonight is a different story. As I mentioned earlier there are many enthusiastic Beets fans in the house.

Aside from Glen and myself, Hassle Fest organizers Chris Collins and Ben Katzman are among these Beets zealots, rambunctiously dancing and singing along to each and every Beets song. It’s damn near hard not to; with just a couple of guitars these Queens kids can start a riot if they wanted to. The dudes open with Spit opener “Happy, But On My Way” and they play a satisfying mish mash of material from all three of their distinguished albums. My favorites on this evening include “What Did I Do” and “Why Should I Live If I Won’t Fit.” The latter is a fantastic anthem for all of us outsiders, and if you’re a Beets fan you probably are an outsider or maybe you’re an insider, but an outsider at heart or an outsider, but an insider at heart. The Beets can be puzzling. Make you contemplate life while you dance. Keep your mind moving just as fast as your hips, I dig. Lastly, at the request of the audience The Beets plink out “Friends of Friends.” Tis a great show.

Set – List:
“Happy, But On My Way”
“Let Clockwork”
“Now I Live”
“What Did I Do” (written as “Why Did I Do”)
“Watching Television”
“In Your Head”
“I Don’t Know”
“Why Should I Live If I Won’t Fit”
“Knock On Wood”
“Go Away”
“Friends of Friends”

Lightning Bolt – Lightning Bolt headlines the first night of Hassle Fest and rightfully so. The legendary noise duo formed nearly 20 years ago and have been deafening the youth over and over again ever since. I first heard of Lightning Bolt at the recommendation of a hip college professor in 2009. I was reading The Catcher In The Rye and this young, hip college professor suggested I listen to Lightning Bolt and Hasil Adkins. It was a fun day. Since then, Lightning Bolt has been on my list of “bands to see before I die.” I’ve seen chaotic videos of the pair (Brian Chippendale – drums/vocals and Brian Gibson – bass) in wrestling masks (as they appear tonight) playing on the floor while a crowd of crazy kids pile all around them. It looked amazing and I wanted in.

Last I heard of Lightning Bolt till now was that they were playing and even selling out the Paradise Rock Club, a large venue, not exactly what I expected from the band. Glad to see they have made it to a bigger level and still retain their gritty, abrasive nature, but I am so happy that my first Lightning Bolt show is here at the much smaller Cambridge Elks Lodge. And as I predicted, the place is full of vast amounts of Lightning Bolts fans, all tucked away in this tiny spot, and balls out bedlam ensues.

I’ve/we’ve never experienced anything quite like a Lightning Bolt show. It’s LOUD as fuck (thankfully I threw on some earplugs, about the second or third time I have ever done this) and it’s just a non stop mosh pit. The ear splitting, constant barrage of noise coming from the Brians’ drums and bass is the perfect soundtrack for mayhem. It’s like a 30-40 minute tornado. Kids even crash into the drum set and it topples over from time to time. By the end of the set, I’m drenched in sweat and I remain soaked for the next two hours. So yes, go see Lightning Bolt if you get a chance. Footage shot by Sixdust/NYC Music

Night 2

Fat Creeps – KLYAM Records’ own Fat Creeps are among the most anticipated bands to play the Hassle Fest  and by the time they hit the stage (or lack thereof), a solid crowd is built up around them.

Tonight’s set consists of some of the band’s louder, noisier tunes and the whole performance is one of the heaviest I have seen from the trio. Songs include the pop gems like “Fooled” and “Secrets,” which feature some nasty, extended vocals – “I Can’t hear youuuuuu!” as well as some fast punk rockers like “Going to the Party” and “Daydreaming.”

I notice a lot of new faces at this show, I can see that many of them are taking a shine to the Fat Creeps. The seemingly younger crowd produce a healthy, fun loving mosh pit during “Going to the Party,” something that typically doesn’t occur at most Creeps shows.

All in all, one of the best I’ve seen from the band in months. Check out their music here: http://fatcreeps.bandcamp.com/ and pick up a copy of their self-titled 10″ (VINYL) EP from KLYAM Records! http://klyam.bigcartel.com/product/fat-creeps-10-ep-coke-bottle-clear

Spacin’ – Spacin’, some dudes from Philly, some seriously spacin’ dudes. These fellas are fun, laid back, dare I say psychedelic. It’s an overused description, but for all intents and purposes, we’ll stick with psychedelic for now. No need to get into all the hairy, in depth, emotional details. What do I look like their fucking biographer? So yeah,  it’s jam, bluesy psych stuff. They’d pal around with the likes of Moontower and Future Days if they were around these parts; a bit dirtier than those folks though. Not downright filthy either.

A pair of hoolgians grab the band’s mic and sing into it while the band continues to solo as if nothing is going on. They all spaced out. Maybe. Space out with Spacin’ right here: http://spacin.bandcamp.com/album/1-1-11-demo

Guerilla Toss – There’s been a lot of commotion surrounding Guerilla Toss lately and they’ve earned it. I mean there’s always commotion surrounding Guerilla Toss. It’s that primal, incomparable rawness that sets them apart from just about every other band I have ever seen and most other bands you will see too. I’m not going to pretend like I understand the technical sophistication that makes up the music of Guerilla Toss. I don’t know much about no wave or free jazz or whatever, but I know what I like and I like Guerilla Toss.

So, instead of throwing out names like Boredoms or another noise/experimental/avant garde band I don’t actually know anything about as a means of comparison, I’m going to stick with what I know: my own gut feeling and Jay Reatard. Huh? yes, I am probably the only person that will compare Guerilla Toss to Jay Reatard. But, I can only speak from personal experience. When I see Guerilla Toss, I get that same, uncertain, somewhat uncomfortable feeling in my stomach that I got all those years ago when I saw Jay all revved up on stage before he passed away far too young. While the late musician played comparatively far more straight forward rock ‘n’ roll than Guerilla Toss, both artists share a similar brutal aesthetic that is particularly amplified during a live show. With Tard and Toss the music serves as a gigantic bulldozer that rolls over you with little to no care for your preservation. There is no conventional verbal interaction with the audience.  There is no applause after each song to serve as an ego boost for the artists. There is no time check, time is suspended. In a few simple words, Guerilla Toss is the most confrontational band I have seen since Jay Reatard; the band and the audience together behave as they ought to at a rock ‘n’ roll show, like primitive, savage animals.

Give Guerilla Toss’ new record Gay Disco (NNA Tapes) a listen and check out everything else G Toss here: http://guerillatoss.com/

All around Hassle Fest was a mesmerizing experience, a constant assault of excellent music – both foreign and homegrown. Can’t wait for next year.

Footage shot by our guy Melody Matters

KLYAM Recommended Shows (October 21 – 26)


Monday, October 21, 2013

Boston Hassle Presents: EX-Cult @ O’Brien’s Pub – 8 PM – $8 – Memphis’ current garage punk kings, EX-Cult are rocking through our fair city once again, after nearly breaking our bones at an epic punk slime show last July. Before EX-Cult hits the stage you may not even be standing straight, because Allston sociopaths Strict Agnostics are playing as well; definitely dudes you wanna know. Real, no bullshit punk featuring members of Nice Guys, Miami Doritos, Thigh Masters, and Big Buck Hunter. Additionally, fellow local garage rockers White Pages and Denton, TX doom metal sludgers Terminator 2 round out this fine ass bill.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The New Highway Hymnal @ Wilder Zangcraft – Over in Lowell, they are zanging out to one of the zickest bands I’ve ever zeen: The New Highway Hymnal, a psych drone machine that will blow your mind to smithereens. NHH will be joined by the jam/soul rock of Northampton’s Lord Jeff and the stoner fuzz rock of Austin, TX’s Mirror Travel. Kicking things off is a band we repped back in July: Allston’s Bellwire will sooth your sore ears with their soft rock ‘n’ roll gems.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

FIDLAR @ The Sinclair – 8 PM – $13 Adv/ $15 day of – Well well well, looks like we have ourselves a stacked line up. We’re excited to finally see LA’s cheap beer extollers and rock ‘n’ rollers, FIDLAR, but we’re even more psyched to witness the greatness that is The Orwells once again for the third time this year! Last and most definitely not least, one of our favorite local bands, the always slimy Nice Guys are opening up this show, and if you haven’t heard or seen them yet you’re in for a treat. I can’t wait to see you sixteen year old kids go nuts!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saralee @ The Spot JP – One of Boston’s best bands, Saralee is in the middle of a big ass tour with fellow underground rock ‘n’ roll crusaders, Giving Up and on this special night they’ll be back and killing it in their hometown. Joining them is the freak out soundz of one of their noisiest contemporaries, Guerilla Toss.

Chastity Belt @ Chum’s Coffeehouse (Brandeis University) – Seattle’s “Vagina Rock” quartet Chastity Belt are coming to Boston to destroy everyone’s favorite random venue, Chum’s in Waltham. Opening is tour mates Pony Time – a guy and girl rock duo sorta thang.

Kal Marks @ The Laundry Room (formerly known as the Ant Cellar) – Over in my old stomping grounds of Lowell is one kick ass show from the likes of one of Boston’s finest and most successful artists, Kal Marks. The other players include psych rockers, Vundabar, who are simply vunderful, ambient post-rock North Shorers, Harborlights, and old school folk dudes, Root Juice.


If you think we missed any shows that a tru KLYAM gangsta would vant to see. Hit us up at KLYAMEMAIL@GMAIL.COM

Review: Big Mess, Kal Marks, Frankie Teardrop, SUNS, Tawny Peaks, and Heavy Petals @ Wilder Zangcraft (1/6/13)

Big Mess

Bands: Heavy Petals, Big Mess, Kal Marks, Frankie Teardrop, SUNS,  Tawny Peaks
Date: Sunday, January 6, 2013
Venue: Wilder Zangcraft (Lowell, MA)

Act I: Heavy Petals – I am excited to say this is the first show I am seeing in 2013. Overall 2012 was the best year for shows, each year seems to get better.  Anywho, Heavy Petals (I hope I have this name right, please inform me if I don’t) is a last minute addition to this bill, so I’ve never seen their name in writing.  They are a five piece and they deliver a sick, rocking set drenched in folk-country mixed with a little bit of punk. This reminds me of Those Darlins, especially with two female vocalists.  In fact, I’d specifically recommend them to fans of Those Darlins –  a lot of traditional country vocals.  I also notice that they expand beyond these elements and feature a more sinister side, bearing resemblances to Sonic Youth. All in all, a fun set.

Act II: Big Mess– Big Mess as always is a flat, sonic death punch to the gut.  I never get sick of hearing those catastrophic guitars and heart pounding drums.  Seriously, someone has to synch up these songs to a slasher/horror flick.  I can’t say this Big Mess set is particularly unique from any other Big Mess performance, but that’s not necesarily a bad thing. I consistently look forward to their high quality sets and they have never let me down.  I’m also glad to hear that some of the touring bands are fans of Big Mess now. Indeed, more kids need to experience this colossal band. You can start here: http://bigmessma.bandcamp.com/album/big-mess

Act III: Kal Marks –  Kal Marks have made a name for themselves in the Boston underground, charming us along the way- https://klyam.com/2011/06/01/concert-review-peach-kelli-pop-problem-house/ Unfortunately, unlike Big Mess, I (we) haven’t seen Kal since May 2011, opening for Peach Kelli Pop at the Problem House as can be read in the link above. I remember thinking they were a diverse group, able to capture various styles and sounds all at once.  I still feel that way, and I especially admire their latest EP Piss of the Century.  Lead vocalist Carl has a highly distinctive, high pitched voice with a certain drawl that oddly reminds me of Kurt Cobain.  Tonight, Kal Marks is a two piece (in need of a bassist), but GOOD NEWS! AS OF WRITING THIS THEY HAVE FOUND A BASS PLAYER NAMED MIKE. WORD.  Though, they still sound awesome as a two piece.  Can’t wait to see them back in action again as a full band.  It’s a good set for the most part, but in some of the louder songs, I can barely hear the vocals, while on the softer tunes those sick pipes come through a bit clearer. http://kalmarks.bandcamp.com/ So, I hear Big Mess and Kal Marks are going to tour together in March, GO SEE EM KIDS!

Act IV: Frankie Teardrop – Going into this next performance, I don’t know what to expect. And I’ve professed before that’s how I like it. I like the unexpected. Frankie isn’t just one dude (it’s funny, up until now, I had this image in my head of this sad lounge singer in a tuxedo with a whiskey bottle, though I was positive it wouldn’t be like that and for everyone’s sake, it is not). Frankie’s a full band. One dude on vocals/guitar in the front area where attendees stand and the rest of the members in the conventional band space in the back. The man on vocals and guitar, Frankie perhaps, flails and flings about as he rocks through his frenetic set. He looks possessed. It’s noisy and somewhat amateur, but I like it a lot. I can’t not fixate on this dude and his weird movement. I’ll have to listen to more of their music, because I can’t pin down any specific idea or style, but it’s satisyingly peculiar, that’s for sure. By the way, Frankie Teardrop is on tour from Ohio, and in fact they also played with Fat History Month and Pile at O’Brien’s Pub. Sounds like one helluva tour fellas, excellent! http://frankieteardrop.bandcamp.com/

Act V: SUNS – These dudes have a pop punk sound to them, but they sound better than most folks with that label.  Still,  not the kind of music that sets my rocks off, but maybe it will turn you on. Check it out here: http://sunsmusic.bandcamp.com/

Act VI: Tawny Peaks– Like their tourmates SUNS, not really a Chris DeCarlo kinda band. Can’t remember too much, sorry. But, they play emo that is similar to Slurred Speech, so if you dig that, maybe you will enjoy Tawny Peaks. Check em’ out: http://tawnypeaks.bandcamp.com/

Kal Marks Touring In November

Catch ’em while you can!

11/1 Great Scott (Allston) Tour kick off!
11/2 Bard College NY w/ Arvid Noe & Small Wonder
11/3 Ithaca NY @ Cornell
11/4 Kent Oh. @ Stone Tavern
11/5 Kalamazoo Mi. @ Corner Record Shop w/ Totally Rad, Morseville Bridge.
11/6 Chicago Il. @ 86′ Mets w/ The New Diet, Animal City, Meatwave
11/7 Bloomington In. @ Handmendown house w/ Dust from 1000 years
11/8 Louisville KY. @ Jeff’s house of Sex w/ Tropical Trash, the misfits?
11/9 Athens Oh. @TBA
11/10 Richmond Va. @ Bauhaus w/ Starfish Prime, Gunboat, Heavy Midgets
11/11 Philadelphia Pa. @ Kung Fu Necktie
11/12 Brooklyn NY. Spike Hill w/ Music Band, Big Ups, Dirty Virgins.

Stay current with the TBA’s herehttps://www.facebook.com/events/153944518082227/

EP Review: Kal Marks – “Piss of the Century”

Kal Marks
Release: 2012

1. “Out in the Deep”
2. “My Guitar”
3. “Born Again”
4. “Piss of the Century”
5. “Fake Tits”
6. “The Chain”

Comments: The first two songs on this record are no less than incredible. Interesting way to start a review, huh? All the chips fall into place quite easily. It’s like they’ve got control of that Pixies loud-quiet-loud thing, but only if the lead singer of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah was born in Alabama. On “Born Again,” there’s a pulsating rhythm and some Fat History Month esque guitar picking. The sparsity of this song (no drums) makes me feel like I’m out in the woods or something. It’s comforting. “Piss of the Century” returns to the form of the first two, but with a big kick in the nuts. I like the contrast between this and the prior. The production of “Piss” stands out too, turn those amps up and mic those drums real well – check! The references to previously mentioned bands seem to come from individual parts of Kal Marks, not really the whole. I could toss some more out like The Loon era Tapes ‘n Tapes, but God only knows the familiarity they might have with them. “Maybe if I didn’t know my body/well maybe I know my self-worth” did I hear that right on “Fake Tits”? Haha, this is a funny one, at least to me. It is well-done and I knew it’d be interesting to give a lil attention to the words. The closer is a cool cumulative visitation to prior sounds previously given the light of day, but with some added features that collide perfectly toward the ending of the song, which kicks ya in the privates (for the second time). There’s some feedback/effects that blindsided me (in the good way) – anything’s possible with Kal Marks, right? I’ll stand by “Out in the Deep” as my favorite on here, because 1) it captivates me 2) it sounds terrific and somewhat familiar 3) the ending, man. It’d be unreasonable not to ask you to spend some quality time with this record. If you’re from the Boston area, it seems, too, that it would be a great tragedy to miss out on what these dudes are doing.

Concert Review: Peach Kelli Pop, Kal Marks, SARALEE @ Problem House (5/26/11)

Artists: SARALEE, Kal Marks, Peach Kelli Pop, and The Scamps
Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011
Location: Problem House (Allston, MA)

Act I: SARALEE– This guy (drums) and girl (vocals, guitar)duo were a pretty cool band to kick things off. Apparently, they just started making noises not too long ago; I couldn’t tell, they sounded like pros! Seriously though, there was something that stood out to me about them in a sort of off-kilterish kinda way. The girl’s vocals reminded me of a cross between Joanna Newsom, Bjork, and the kind of screeching, high pitched vocals you would hear in a Harmony Korine flick. It was pretty cool.

Act II: Kal Marks– I gotta be honest I don’t remember too much from Kal Marks’ set, but I do remember enjoying it very much. I recall the group exploring various sounds and nicely jumping back and forth from soft to loud. I plan on looking up their music and most likely seeing them again. Good work.

Act III: Peach Kelli Pop!!!– YAYYY! I was very, very excited to see my favorite Ottawa Bubble Gum Rockers and they did not dissapoint me. I loved the ultra intimate quality of these basement gigs, so it was real nice to be up close and personal with PKP. Their music is so fun, exciting, and welcoming the Problem House was the perfect venue for this set. I only knew about 1/3 of the songs, most were not from the recent LP (at least to my knowledge), but it didn’t really matter because the energy was still alive and well. But, of course when classics like “Doo Wah Diddy,” “Do the Egg Roll,” and my personal fave “Eeenie Meenie Minie Moe” were unleashed I couldn’t help but dance my ass off and sing along! Congrats to Peach Kelli for their first show on their first American tour!

Set List:
1) Robin Hood
2) Julie Oulie
3) No One Else
4) Doo Wah
5) Stay Away
6) Eeenie Meenie
7) Egg Roll
8) Drive In
9) Panchito Blues ?

Act IV: The Scamps– Alas, we missed these guys :( next time!

Hey those guys hopping and boppin look real familiar…