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Summer Flashbacks

The following are excellent songs to listen to this summer. They aren’t new or old.

Saralee – “Take What You Can Carry” – What might be the greatest Boston basement band of the early 2010s? Saralee is in the running, without any doubt. Stoned haze, half drunk High Lifes, and pungent mildew perfectly communicated with as little as drums, guitar, and vocals. Sara and Lee. I think I’ve called Saralee “memory music” and I wonder if anyone disagrees? This particular song is the most exemplary of my past descriptions. Sorry if you didn’t get a chance to see them in the old days, but not too sorry because you can close your eyes, too.

Wakes – “Widows” – Timmy hit a sweet spot of dynamite “bedroom pop” before that label became more associated with industry plants! A label in the UK was wise enough to release the Feral Youth LP. I’ve thought this album, this song, was like audio mumblecore. Emo, but not the shitty, whiny stuff. Anxious, superstitious, you know, your average 20/(now?) 30-something laments.

Rene Chambers – “Kathy Cross” – A local anthem has emerged! Like the two previous songs, this one is cloudy and introspective. The tale of Kathy Cross is familiar. She’s runnin away to upstate NY from the city. After a day, the guy is getting kind of worried because she hasn’t returned his calls. It turns out that her getaway was a legit vacation, not some existential escape from academia as he might have suspected. “She just wants to be somebody.” Always count on Rene Chambers (now an active band in the Boston area) for intelligent rock ‘n roll commentary/comedy on the young and confused.

Review: Miami Doritos, Dylan Ewen, Tacocat @ The Womb (3/30/14)

Bands: Tacocat, Dylan Ewen/Teenage Springsteen, Miami Doritos, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts
Date: Sunday, March 30, 2014
Venue: The Womb (Allston, MA)

Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts – The Sulk Scouts is just one of the many faces of Dylan Ewen. Dylan’s music is often in your face and snarky, but the Sulk Scouts are a bit of a departure. This project stays consistent with Dylan’s sense of humor, but in a light and playful manner. They even have a song called “Handcuffs” about light bondage.

As with my prior Sulk Scouts experiences, the highlight of the show is when the band performs a cover of Girls’ “Lust For Life.” It’s such a dreamy, nostalgic piece of music and honestly it sounds better here than anywhere else, and I heard Girls themselves perform ‘Lust’ twice. The female Sulk Scouts harmonize so well, it’s insane. Totally making out music. Totally.

Another highlight for me is D. Ewen classic “Korean Girlfriend.” That’s the money maker right there. It’s all about the ca$h flow and having a good time. Much more the latter. In any spot, preferably a basement such as this womb here, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts is a hot band to catch live. http://dylanewen.com/

Miami Doritos – A grimy Allston basement is the perfect place to see Miami Doritos. Up close and personal until it’s uncomfortable, no way! I’ve written about these Doreets several times now, so yeah they’re a two piece (vocals/guitar/drums) and I have a thing for two pieces and so on. Not to mention the fact that this two piece is on my own record label. YEAHH BUDDY!

We almost didn’t have our little Miami Doritos dessert tonight, for drummer Alex has been feeling under the weather this evening. Thankfully, this dorito is a trooper and he powers through a slimy, sweaty set without a hint of error.

This set is chock full of classic Doreets material, like vh1 classic, except not at all. “Price 2 Pay,” “Rush Hour/Piss Take,” “Bike Cops,” “Ice Age Cream,” and more. These are all funny songs, but it’s not a joke. Do you fucking hear anyone laughing, HUH??? Didn’t think so. No jokes. No bullshit. That’s what is great about this kind of music. In fact, most bands that play in basements around this scene. There’s no careerism, at least not overtly. The music isn’t being made to advance a career or some other horrible political motivation. No babies being kissed. I don’t know what goes on in Kurt’s and Alex’s minds, but I am sure there is a constant riot going on.

Get yer greedy little paws all over this masterpiece of modern art: http://klyam.bigcartel.com/product/nice-guys-miami-doritos-splifft-7

Dylan Ewen/Teenage Springsteen – Dylan Ewen is back with an impromptu performance under the Teenage Springsteen pseudonym. He is also accompanied by a drummer, a dude from the band Designer. Right on. The pair flash through a batch of fast and feisty numbers including a half assed cover of Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun.” Check out Springsteen here: http://dylanewen.bandcamp.com/ It’s a lot cooler than the other Springsteen, there I said it.

Tacocat – I can’t say I know all too much about Seattle’s Tacocat, but I am intrigued.  It looks as though a lot of heads flock out to see these Tacocats. And indeed they eat it up and start dancing/moshing. They’re definitely a lively band and they have a strong sense of lighthearted garage mixed with gritty girl group vibes. Picture Colleen Green as a full band and not just CG with a backing band, but imagine if she was a full band entity. I also feel a lot of 90s rock in them like The Breeders. Lastly, local faves Silkies roll through my psyche, especially with the girl group vibes and definitely in the vocals. I’m going to check out Tacocat more now. Ride that crimson wave over and over again. http://tacocat.bandcamp.com/