Boston Hassle Underground Music Comp/ Release Show!

Boston Hassle is a compilation documenting various, fascinating bands in the Boston underground music scene. In other words it’s a gigantic middle finger to corporate Boston or all those who have shunned these fine artists that lurk beneath the outskirts of the vapid music industry. Needy Vision, Dan Shea– the man behind all of this says it best himself: “Boston Hassle is an underground music comp that is being released exclusively on a wearable button/music player format called PLAYBUTTON.” Indeed, the format for this comp is unique and quite convenient. On top of that, there will be a Boston Hassle Comp Release Show on Sunday, December 11 @ Great Scott in Allston featuring Fat History Month, Saralee, Exusamwa, Needy Visions, Creaturos, Kid Romance, more!!! Excellent.
Here are some choice links:

In 1787 it was Shay’s Rebellion. In 2011 it is Shea’s Rebellion.

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