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KLYAM Recommended Shows (Oct 13 to Oct 19)


Sunday, October 13, 2013

THOSE DARLINS @ Great Scott – 9 PM – $12 – Nashville country punk slimers Those Darlins roll into town with a fresh new LP in hand Blur The Line. Their new stuff has a more personal sheen yet I bet their live show is still as wild and sweatily satisfying as ever. Folk New Yorker Gambles will allow the crowd to catch its breath after the manic, organ led garage of Boston’s own Thick Shakes.

Monday, October 14, 2013

FUZZ @ Great Scott – 9 PM – $10 – 18+ – Ty Segall comes back to Boston after three years of ACTIVITY. He’s been busy. We’ve had a chance to see him twice in New York as himself, but here he checks in as FUZZ, which is like his album Slaughterhouse personified, with regular band-mate/buddy Charlie Mootheart co-masterminding the group. Leading things will be local psych/garage staples Creaturos and San Fran’s CCR Headcleaner, whose own hooky noise assaults quite complement FUZZ.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sonic Avenues @ O’Briens – 9 PM – $8 – 21+ – Coming down from the great land of Canada are powerpop fueled Sonic Avenues who’ve got an enjoyable Jay Reatard/Adverts sound. Opening for them are the ATLANTIC THRILLS, the Providence band that we can’t seem to praise enough around here. They ignite crowds with old school punk (think more Peru 1965 than NYC 1977) ‘n gunk; their surfy debut Day At The Beach 7″ came out a few months back on Almost Ready…check it out! Also reviving garagier daze are Thee Legendary Rockin’ Prophets and self-described Ramonescore punk pop north shorers The Little Richards start festivities.

Future Days @ Lilypad – 9 PM – $5 – This is a special show celebrating the video release of “Blonde Wig” from Future Days latest release Tony Plante. Supporting the catchy psych pop of Future Days are two KLYAMMY bands: Free Pizza, fresh off an absolutely mesmeric performance at the KLYAM Radio Down show Friday night, and The Silkies, who we saw dominate at PA’s Lounge months ago with their girl group/new oldies charm.

Leamers @ 119 Gallery (Lowell) – 8 PM – Bounce provocateurs (as in literally causing people to bounce) Canadian(nes) Leamers descend to Lowell for what’s sure to be a great deal of fun. Also playing are some punks: Providence punks Downtown Boys, Boston punks The Vegans and some more experimentally minded groups like Les Rhinoceros (Washington DC), Dust Witch (Northampton), and Shogun Horny (location UNKNOWN).

Horsehands @ PA’s Lounge – 9 PM – 21+ – A watery show for those who are more inclined toward the less straightforward: robotic/melodic post-rockers Horsehands top the bill – they just recently released a split 7″ with Lady Bones, prolifically upbeat zany pop punk Zookeepers, primeval Middle Agelic ambiance/psychedelic pop comes courtesy of J COLE and company in Warped Forest, and Guerilla Toss singer Kassie’s Molasses is similarly making centuries old sound affects come alive.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

HALLOWEEN SHOW 2 @ Cambridge Elks Lodge – 9 PM – $8 – 18+ – Four of Boston’s finest groups playing as: The Mummies, Meatloaf, The Cramps, and Blink 182. The four bands are Fat Creeps, Designer, Nice Guys, and Guerilla Toss. Who is playing who? Go and see!!!!!!!


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Review: Boston Fuzzstival (8/10/13)

Bands: Nice Guys, Fagettes, Moniker, Guillermo Sexo, CreaturoS,  The New Highway Hymnal
Date: Saturday, August 10, 2013
Venue: Middle East Downstairs (Cambridge, MA)

I’m not the right person to be writing about the Fuzztival… and I assure you no one else will make that claim right off the bat to you in any other “review.” I also assure you that no one else has the the right to review this show more than me either. Reviews are pointless to begin with, don’t listen to reviewers, nothing but trouble. Never done me any good. But, I am going to write about this show anyway because that’s how it goes, that’s how it’s always been. The Middle East Downstairs, fuck man, this brings back memories. No other venue compares. KLYAM attended shows at Mid East Down way before there even was a KLYAM!  We saw Black Lips, No Age, The King Khan & BBQ Show, and Box Elders (opening for Black Lips) here. Here. These suckers, these fuckers, these icons were inches away from us; their saliva smoothly sailed down my beat up, gray Ramones shirt.  The next day at school I would brag about what I saw, oh boy! “Girlfriends” would feign interest, it was a glorious time to be alive. But, the fun can only last so long. Soon I would realize that they just thought I was cool because I read Noam Chomsky and Malcolm X, and indeed those men are cool, but these femmes never wanted me, they never wanted us, they never wanted rock ‘n’ roll . They just saw my slick, leather jacket and assumed I was cool. KLYAM began on the concept that cool was death, we were anarchists, rebels, nerds, dorks, sociopaths, retards,  reatards. Reatards. We didn’t know (and still don’t know) how  things work. Late at night/ early in the morning, you could listen to Black Lips, Jay Reatard, King Khan & The Shrines, The King Khan & BBQ Show or even that psycho gorgeous band Deerhunter and for two seconds it made sense! The world was a fucked up place, but these dudes were fucked up too and they loved it and they drank their own piss and  that was okay that gave us hope, honestly.

And with that lovely introduction, here are Nice Guys! Woooooo Nice Guys woooo. How many shows has it been? Fuck it, you been counting? Me neither (yeah right) have I, I don’t fucking know, calm down. NIce Guys are a funny band though they play this abrasive, semi-hardcore, quasi garage style of music that just makes the hairs on my testes jet up and dance, It’s fucking loud and fun and noisy. They shit out various hits y’all oughta know like “Herb Chambers,” “Cop Walk,” and “Burrito Boner,” which is a favorite among dental receptionists.

I’ve seen my fair share of Nice Guys sets, yeah yeah yeah yeah, and they typically rock, but this one is a comparatively exceptional rocker. Cam Slays on the drums, up on that little drum riser thing like a Greek God –  must be new to the Mid East Down, cuz I’ve never seen it before. Jake, Matt, and, Alex jolt back and forth on the guitars, bashing into one another, crawling over their bandmates’ sweaty skin, tangling in wires and such. My favorite moment in the set is when Cam rushes up from his drum set and tackles Jake to the floor. That’s what I like to see, I love aggression, I guess I am just a sick guy. Nah, metal folk are sick, I am just having fun. Nice Guys are fun and sweet! http://niceguys666.bandcamp.com/

Set – List:
“Herb Chambers”
“Unholy Sacrifice”
“Cop Walk”
“Burrito Boner”
Watch Nice Guys play “Draggins” at the Fuzzstival HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdqiUk8gGi0

Nice Guy Matt Garlick is back again in The Fagettes and he’s joined by Ryan, Melanie, Peaches, and Joe. Fagettes are a KLYAM fave, only a fool couldn’t tell you that. They lean toward the nastier side of rock and roll that we cherish. Besides delivering humorous and informative weather reports, they unleash many essentials including “My Girl Looks Like Johnny Thunders,” “On Drugs,” “Water, Tea, and Alcohol,” “Tsunami,” and “Gonna Die Out Here.” In addition to the gunky classics, the fivesome also bash out some new numbers with “Bad Catholic” being my top jam for this holy evening. I too was a bad catholic, drank the holy water, bopped the bishop, and licked plenty of peanut butter.

A cool breeze just splashed over me, it’s a sign that Fagettes are the future of American pop music OR a favorite band of mine, Either way the future looks bright. http://thefagettes.bandcamp.com/
Watch The Fagettes play “On Drugs” at the Fuzzstival HERE:

Moniker – I catch flashes of  Moniker’s set, I dig, but I need to hear more to judge.  Find out for yo self here: http://whatsyourmoniker.bandcamp.com/

Now to Guillermo Sexo. Not as sexy as I would have thunk; not enough gunk punk in thee old junk. That’s okay though, I think some of y’all would dig them. For the first ten minutes or so, I’m feeling sexy, but then it just drags and my psyche yearns for some “Light Shines,” but that’s another band for another day, Ultimately, this is a decent band, just not exciting enough for my tastes. http://guillermosexo.bandcamp.com/

CreaturoS are a psych outfit that often pop up on local listings and rightfully so.  While, I can’t say that they are the right kind of punk slime dish that I prefer,  they do rock pretty hard, enough so to garner an onslaught of fuzzstivalers, friends, and fans up on stage moshing and boppin’ about.  A killer way to conclude a set.  http://creaturos.bandcamp.com/

During CreaturoS’ and Sexo’s sets, I”m clutching on to the monitors and dreaming about a three way between Betty Rubble, Wilma Flintstone, and myself. Gee whiz, that would be a swell time, but I must be at least a tad bit insane in the old membrane for me to conjure up such images. Ironically, The New Highway Hymnal put me in my place. Arguably, The NHH are the freakiest of the bands tonight and that works to their  advantage. Vocalist/guiarist Hadden Stemp utters “Let’s give it up for CreaturoS,” receiving very little crowd response. “That sucked,” Stemp accurately asserts.  He gives the Boston crowd one more chance and with a slight improvement we segue way into the New Highway Hymnal’s diabolic set. The trio, which includes Travis Hagan on drums and Amelia Gormley on bass and vocals, open with “Whispers,” the title track off their epic LP released last year on Vanya Records.  The fuzziness continues with the grimy album opener “Through Stained Glass,” and then my memory is fuzzy after that (yes just a few hours later). I think there’s some new cuts tossed at us or just stuff that’s fresh to my ears. Last I remember is “Hey Kid” and then Hadden i s suddenly on the floor with us in the audience, jumpin’ around and what not, and then he’s back up on stage like a ninja. He’s quick and I’ve had too menty, a deadly combination. In any setting, listen to The New Highway Hymnal’s Whsipers LP here: http://thenewhighwayhymnal.bandcamp.com/releases

Review: Nice Guys, Ex-Cult, OBN III’s, The Tampoffs @ Great Scott

Bands: Nice Guys, Ex-Cult, OBN III’s, The Tampoffs
Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Venue: Great Scott [Allston]

Maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough, but I don’t think that I’ve seen a ‘stacked’ purely garage/punk bill at Great Scott in months. That changes on this Tuesday night as all of these bands are teeming with the kind of energy and showmanship that most bands I see live unfortunately lack.

The Tampoffs take the stage and word around the band’s fascist book page is that this is their second to last show. One can hope that isn’t really true as The Tampoffs have been a local R’n’R staple for a long time now. I’m not exactly in a position to talk about the time I saw them at the RAT – but I will say I first saw them open for Nobunny at Church a couple of years ago. All I can remember from that show is that some moshing erupted and the band was loud and forceful. Not sure what they’ve been up to between that show and now. I didn’t know they played Gonerfest 6. There’s YouTube footage. It’s great. What makes up for my lack of knowledge of their songs is the feeling of watching the closest thing to the Oblivians that isn’t actually the Oblivians. This is a compliment. Tight, fun, times. The song toward the end that the drummer sings stands out as my favorite.

OBN III’s step up onto the stage. I didn’t see this happen, but I know it did. As I’m making my way back towards the venue (after stepping outside), I hear the band playing. I’m missing out on some crucial action. I hope I didn’t miss out  on much, but when I walk up to the front I see dudes and girls going wild. Familiar faces just really enjoying themselves. Several had seen OBN III’s before – I can tell – and several had not. Orville jumps into the audience, touches the heads of dudes like Joey Roach, all while shouting out instant jams like “Runnin on Fumes” and “You Wanna Bitch?”. I’m not even really familiar with OBN III’s, but I remember those really sticking out. So for people that know the band, I can imagine that these are incredible moments in show-going history and for others, it’s an equally satisfying performance. You can’t stand around the stage bored. You’ll get punched in the nose.

So after some pushing and shoving and falling to the ground, that kinda stuff doesn’t stop after Orville and crew finish. Of course, there’s the obligatory clearing of equipment and setting up of new stuff. Ex-Cult is cut from the same cloth as OBN III’s – energetic frontman included in the package. It’s all rock ‘n roll. I’d say Ex-Cult is more punchy, stompy, and darker than OBN. There’s more atmopsheric/cacophony guitar heroics. Swell Maps minus the Brit accent. I’m definitely won over as a fan. “Mister Fantasy,” their new single, is really good. Definitely a highlight. I’m fascinated by the antics of guitarist JB Horrell. Dude was making these crazy faces all throughout the set. Seemed like he was having a great time. They all were. We all were.

Some party poopers make a run for the doors after Ex-Cult. Not really sure what was going through their minds. Gotta stay for Nice Guys. Gotta miss trains for Nice Guys. I would think. Well the truest of rock ‘n rollers stuck around and I think we can all agree we were in for yet another treat. Nice Guys are a perfect fit for this bill as they pack in a lil bit of all the sweet qualities of the previous bands. It’s safe to say that “Cop Walk” is always a KLYAM favorite – it stirs things up and is memorable as can be. Of course there’s the perennial “Burrito Boner” and the specially dedicated “Free Slice” to Ryan from Fagettes. Good times all around. Add a dose of excitement to your night life and catch these guys always.

Review: Nice Guys, Teenanger, The Soupcans, Thigh Masters @ Discovery Zone (4/12/13)

Bands: Nice Guys, Teenanger, The Soupcans, Thigh Masters
Date: Friday, April 12, 2013
Venue: Discovery Zone (Allston, MA)

Thigh Masters – Correct name? I hope so. Thigh Masters aka Kurt opens the festivities with some mind bending one mon noise.  Noise – kind of a vague term, but I think noise enthusiasts would dig this. It certainly is loud, so I will call it noise to make it easy for all of us. Kurt Thigh Masters plays guitar and I believe he is accompanied by a drum machine. He also wears a mask and within this mask is a microphone attached to Kurt’s mouth a la Lightning Bolt/Black Pus. I’ve never seen this set up before, so that’s a plus. With that being said, I feel like I’ve seen this performance before and I’ll see it again, just different names. That isn’t to say it’s bad. Kurt Thigh Masters is cool and any local venue/DIY space would be happy to have him.

Soupcans – I’ve always loved Canada. Only been there once and like a good, little American I watched pornography on late night television and ate McDonalds every day. I also bought a present for my grandmother. Soupcans are from Toronto and they are tall, kind-hearted gentlemen. They too enjoy icy cold beers, rock ‘n’ roll music, and perhaps late night pornography and fast food. They will shotgun a beer with your brother, make love to your sister, but when they come home at night they’ll kiss their mothers, and I’m positive that when they are away they buy gifts for their grandmothers.

Fine gentlemen, who aggressively knock your ass out cold on the dance floor with their punk rock music that just greeted my ears in recent weeks. The nicest guy in Allston, Matt Garlick (shake his hand, buy him a drink, give him a high five) introduced me to the mighty Soupcans at approximately 9 P.M. on Friday, March 15, 2013. Fresh off a Nice Guys/Fagettes tour himself, Garlick spoke of a band heading on tour to Boston in the following month. Not usually one for band recommendations, I didn’t know what to expect. I know the guy that recommends bands all of the time doesn’t like band recs, Slutever. What happened next, however, was “a great moment in rock ‘n’ roll history.” Only hearing half of what Garlick said, I was instantly hooked when he mentioned that one of the Soupcans (at this point I thought he was saying “suit cans” too) sings through a beer can! And then when I found out that they were Canadian, my God, that’s it. No more descriptions needed. Perfect band rec. Most kids will tell you something along the lines of “they’re post-punk fused with psych garage punk.” No! We all do it though. But, beer guzzling, swinging, rowdy, Canadian nuts is all I need. It planted an image in my head of the almighty Soupcans. Bandcamped it up and here I am now. Ready to rock ‘n’ roll and you can’t erase those words from history.

Jumping back to this evening, Soupcans open with “Shocked,” a pulsing slammer that shows off the trio’s (classic guitar, bass, and drums y’all) ability to produce fast, pummeling, difficult to describe, but undeniably catchy, raw, punk. Punk in the purest sense. Bestial, no nonsense, straight to the point, simple, but not dumb. No fancy smanchcy bullshit, but not sloppy either, you’re gonna wanna kiss and tell after seeing this band. Lead singer Dave’s vocals are monotone, reminding me of hardcore punk legends, DOA and Joey Shithead’s vocals – also Canadian! Low, baritone, monotone  but simultaneously chaotic, exciting – shouts and screams that captivate my heart. The guitars smoothly roar like a serial killer that poetically hacks his victims to death. Right up in your face – raw – but calculated like the work of Jay Reatard in just about all of his bands. The drums are equally frenetic, drummer Gideon slams his kit with extreme precision, kind of feels like my attempts at playing drums, the thrill of hearing the stick smack the snare drum like a slap across the face, except this guy actually knows what he is doing and can control his destruction.

Soupcans play a sound show and they bash out some of my favorites from their LP Good Feelings http://thesoupcans.bandcamp.com/releases including “Shocked,” “Outlander,” and “Deadbeat.” Great to meet the dudes, especially chatting about other sick Canadian bands like The King Khan & BBQ Show and Vomit Squad. Nick knows his Alice Cooper too haha! Great performance, but I wish more people would move and mosh and what not, but still a fun show. Next time will be a wild, drunken, Soupcans riot.

Teenanger – I’ve been calling them Teenager this whole time! What a waste of breath. Ahh well, in the line for the bathroom I notice a bald dude wearing a yellow Suburban Lawns shirt. I vaguely know who they are, late 70s punk band I think. I ask the dude if this is correct and he confirms this. At the time, not knowing much about Teenanger other than the name, which I fucked up anyway, I do not realize who this man is. Moments later, I notice he is singing with his band Teenanger. They blast through a fast, 70’s punkish set. Their music fits very well on a bill with Soupcans and Nice Guys. The singer is enthusiastic, prowling around, hopping into the crowd, making use of the living room space around him. I dig it, but Glen seriously digs it, even more than Soupcans. Speaking of Soupcans, Teenanger also hails from Toronto, Canada. https://soundcloud.com/teenanger

Nice Guys – Nice guys, eh? Just how nice are these guyz you may ask. Sweethearts. Pizza punks from Bawlston – proudly reppin’ the Boston underground. Tonight, the foursome celebrate one of the best first years I have seen for any band. I thought they had been around for a few years. Over the past twelve months, these pizza punks have played many a show, toured twice, and won over the hearts of Kids Like You & Me, in the process making a name for themselves around town.

Nice Guys are like The Beatles. Four Beatles, four Nice Guys, and everyone’s got their favorite. Ahh, I like them all: Drummer Cam (rhymes with Jam, easy enough), Alex “sick moustache dude” Alexson on guitar, Matt Garlick on guitar – hey isn’t that the guy from Fagettes?!, and Jake Gilbertson – vocals/bass. He reminds me of a young Jared Swilley (Black Lips). Hopping and bopping about, right slab in the middle. He and his bandmates get the crowd moving a little bit with their Germsian take on sludgey garage punk. Alas, we KLYAMERS, have to make it to that damn train station, so we only catch the first few tunes. I want to say I hear “Pizza Bong,” one can only hope. You can hear it and all the jaw droppingly exquisite Nice Guys numbers here: http://niceguys666.bandcamp.com/album/mean-songs-demo

Here’s a big shout out to some of the kewl cats we ran into tonight. So Onam/ Fast Apple (who put on the show! like their page – https://www.facebook.com/fastapplebooking?fref=ts), Jen Knight – really nice to meet you!, DJ John Freeman, always spinning the classics like Vivian Girls, Daniel Johnston, George Baker, Tina Turner, you name it.  Tim, if you’re reading this, keep drinking those 40s son. Then, my boy Ian, you and your acid tales. You represent the youth of America, the wave of the future. And of course, the Prof$t, who is always lurkin in the shadows at the best shows.
Here’s a video from this show of the nice dudes playing my favorite NG song, “Cop Walk.”

Review: Nice Guys, Fat Creeps, Guilty Party, Steep Leans @ O’Brien’s Pub (3/15/13)

Nice Guys Fat Creeps
Bands: Nice Guys, Fat Creeps, Guilty Party, Steep Leans
Date: Friday, March 15, 2013
Venue: O’Brien’s Pub (Allston, MA)

Steep Leans are a new band and in fact this is their third show ever, which is pretty incredible considering how smooth their set is. If I had to guess I would have thought they had been playing shows for at least a few months. Going into the set, I do have somewhat high expectations because moments earlier Moontower/Spacebum, Tim Cushing delivered some serious accolades for these dudes. Indeed, the Steep Leans put on a good show and Tim’s enthusiasm seems to be shared among most  crowd members. There’s a fair amount of folks upfront  dancing and swaying along to Steep Leans’ mellow, tropical, psych rock. I almost feel like I’m on a cruise, like that sort of music but with a bit more experimentation. I also get some Pink Floyd/prog vibes. Lastly, I particularly dig Wakefieldian, Chris Eddleston’s guitar playing, especially when he plays it lap style like Memphis legend, Will McElroy. Solid start to the show. Check out their bandcamp here: http://steepleans.bandcamp.com/

The second band tonight is Guilty Party and they are a three piece. Guilty Party plays loud, fuzzy garage punk, perhaps even leaning towards metal at times. There’s definitely a loud, headbanging, in your face quality to their music, but it’s not overly sloppy or stripped down either. Overall, pretty good, but not exactly the “garage” I adore, I plan on listening to their music more in the future though.  http://guiltypartyboston.bandcamp.com/

Up next is our homies, Fat Creeps, yes I just used the term “homies,” most likely a first for KLYAM. The great thing about being a fan site, if you will, is that we get to see and write about our favorite bands on a consistent basis. As always, I am ecstatic for this Creeps show and they satisfy my expectations. The set begins with a cover of Devo’s “Gates of Steel,” a past staple for Fat Creeps that has been popping up every now and then in their live shows. I love hearing this as the opener and it gets me even more pumped up for the rest of their performance. I’m a big Devo fan, but I honestly prefer their cover, it’s heavy and almost feels like another Creeps song, because they make it their own. With very little breathing room in between songs they transition to their fastest and heaviest cut, “Daydreaming,” and you can watch its badass music video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP0l0Xg6-ZQ. They continue with more ear spliters such as “Going to the Party” and “Secrets,” which showcase some of bassist Mariam Saleh’s greatest vocals. At one point in the set, Mariam plays the bass on her knees and even on her back. The trio closes the set with the quick, instrumental jam “Back to School.” If you haven’t  heard or seen Fat Creeps live, YOU FAIL AT LIFE! You can start by listening to their self-titled EP: http://fatcreeps.bandcamp.com/album/fat-creeps-ep Stay tuned for its 10-inch vinyl release on our very own KLYAM Records! Release date TBA.

Headlining the show tonight is one of the city’s finest, Nice Guys. The Nice Dudes are fresh off a tour with The Fagettes, which included stops at the legendary (and apparently smokey) 529 in Atlanta, GA, a vibin’ house show in Charlotte, NC, among other sweet spots in Brooklyn, Baltimore,  Philly, and Richmond.  Happy to hear the tour went swell. Now, to this show. I’m excited to see the Nice Guys again, especially since the first time I saw them I didn’t know who they were and the second time I saw them they did a Coachwhips cover set. This time, I am familiar with most  of their songs and I enjoy all of them. Nice Guys have a calculated ramshackle to them. The sounds they make aren’t pretty in the conventional sense, but they sound beautiful to me. My mom says it sounds like the singer is walking on hot coals, maybe, probably not though because that would hurt a lot. This set consists of some crazy Nice Guys tunes like my favorite, “Cop Walk,” which is like Black Flag meets Black Lips. In general, as I’ve stated before, Nice Guys create a sick marriage of garage and early hardcore punk (early 80’s, the only hardcore style I dig). It’s fast, it’s slimy, it’s noisy, and it’s full of slams and shrieks, but best of all it will give your noggin the perfect floggin. Listen up: http://niceguys666.bandcamp.com/album/mean-songs-demo

“Herb Chambers”
“Unholy Snack”
“Pizza Bong”
“Mutant Tonsils”
“Cop Walk”
“Creep Slice”
“Finale Dead”

Concert Review: The Orwells @ TT The Bears (2/27/13)

The Orwells, The Kingston Springs, Nice Guys
Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Venue: TT The Bears (Cambridge)

TT The Bears is one of those venues that hosts some real solid local shows on a regular basis that we often recommend, but for whatever reason, it is just not a place that I often find myself going to. The shows I have been to at TTs have been memorable, though. There was that sparsely attended Sunday March 29th 2009 War on Drugs show, an even emptier Tuesday night Growlers show back in February 2010, and finally a more populated event on September 17, 2010 that featured the choice threesome of Those Darlins, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, and The Strange Boys.

On this chilly Wednesday night in Cambridge, it was one of my favorite bands of the past few years – The Orwells – headlining a gig at ‘The Bears. The cool thing about running a site that operates like a fan zine is that the shows we go to and end up reviewing usually feature a favorite on the bill. Well, as it turns out, the power of informing others about bands that rule went full circle on this night. A little more than two years ago, The Orwells reached out to KLYAM, seeing if we would check them out. At that juncture,  they were a little known band from Elmhurst, Illinois without much deserved press coverage. Not to mention that they were still far away from graduating high school. Well, KLYAM gave them the ole Spotlight (https://klyam.com/2011/01/31/band-spotlight-the-orwells/). Not that this did much in the way of introducing shit tons of people to a really great band; it was more of a damn, how are these guys not being mentioned alongside some of the garage greats of the day? Their debut album Remember When, self-released a year before the Autumn Tone backed vinyl, is an insane album that definitely stacks right up with some of the best of the past couple of years and I would say that is a testament to the way these guys achieved a stand-out sound that is probably more the result of extensive listening to Black Lips and Ty Segall than the stuff (’60s garage/psych) that those same dudes were influenced by. It was great to finally meet the band after a long ass waiting period of simply listening to their music. On to the show:

Starting things off were Nice Guys, who I had seen on a few different occasions prior to tonight. Those times contrasted this occasion in more than one way. The last time I caught them was at the Wilder Zangcraft in Lowell with Nice Guys being Nice Whips (all Coachwhips covers) due to the untimely illness of drummer Cam Smith. Well Cam was back behind the kit tonight, and damn right he was, given that the show I mentioned was many months ago. At any rate, the point is that up until this point I had only seen Nice Guys play teeny basement spaces with rampant moshing, oozing beer, and broken instruments. There wasn’t any of that mayhem at TTs, but there were fun times and a fine display of musicianship from the foursome. Their set, the list of which I’m really pissed to say I lost…the one that was personally given to me by always friendly guitarist Matt Garlick, mixed up a bit of Mean Songs material with newer works like the recently recorded jam “Cop Walk”. Dueling guitars, extended shredding and pounding, and a pretty consistent nod to the work of Mr. Jon Dwyer, resulted in nice vibes, some dancing, and simply a good start to a good show. They fooled me a few times at the end of their set with some ‘we’re not done yet’ teasing and – hey – that’s fine by me. [http://niceguys666.bandcamp.com/]

Second in order is The Kingston Springs, a group from the South. Tennessee. I had not heard any music from them, prior to the first chords that blared from their amps. They were polished and tight, but not overwhelmingly so as in a Kings of Leon clean boy trying to be “dirty” kind of way, no, not really. The Kingston Springs’ bigger, pop-rock sound was differentiated occasionally with by some more rough around the edges country and garage twang. They definitely seemed to impress the audience as I looked around and noticed a lot of people were really into these guys. I’m not about to say The Kingston Springs’ take on southern rock/blues rock is something I find/found myself extremely into, but for what it is worth, I could see firsthand their passion for their material and how easily they got a whole bunch of people excited to be witness to their performance. Their faster stuff I definitely got behind, namely “Sweet Susie,” which I’m listening to now and enjoying. [http://thekingstonsprings.bandcamp.com/]

Back to the main band, the dudes themselves, The Orwells. Seeing them on stage, doing incredible renditions of tunes from Remember When like “Halloween All Year,” “In My Bed,” “Hallway Homicide,” and “Mallrats (La La La)” – just to name four – there were OTHERS – brought back the memories of when I first heard them and I could literally feel the energy of The Orwells. But there is nothing like seeing singer Mario Cuomo knock down the microphone stand while frantically pacing around the stage (and nearly off of it), all while singing/screaming at the top of his lungs. He’s a character for sure, a naturally manic front-man who never takes a minute off. None of the members take a minute off, though, and hey that’s probably why this was one of the best things I’ve seen all year. Their live pace is more frenetic than on record and with that said, they only played for about a half an hour. But in that time, they jammed in all those aforementioned classics and a smothering of new songs that we should see later this year on a new full-length that is nearly complete. The new songs I can tell are going to be special and why wouldn’t they be? With Orwells being one of the more distinct bands out there today. Some bands are great performers without necessarily having individual songs that are instantly recognizable. The Orwells got both of those things going on. Of course I would loved to have heard another half-hour worth of jams, but in due time. Maybe on a different stage. Maybe on the same. But it shouldn’t be a surprise why these guys are touring a shit load and playing some choice venues around the country. This isn’t 17 year old pop punk Warped Tour shit, this is passionate rock ‘n roll that can be enjoyed by all ages – hence why it was and yeah, the middle aged dude perpetually rocking out next to me seemed to know what was up. See you soon Orwells. [https://www.facebook.com/theorwellsband]

Concert Review: The Migs, Nice Guys, Cult Fluorescent, Slimers, Chillcity Icon @ Wilder Zangcraft (11/24/12)

Bands: The Migs, Nice Guys, Cult Fluorescent, Slimers, Chillcity Icon
Date: Saturday, November 24, 2012
Venue: Wilder Zangcraft (Lowell, MA)

Act I: Chillcity Icon – The chillest of city icons, Travis and Kevin are two good heads you can find around the city of Lowell and tonight’s first band. I don’t even know where to begin here: my description will not even come close to doing justice to their performance, you just have to see it for yourself.  But, what the hey, since this is a “review,” I’ll throw in some of my thoughts and reactions. Well, firstly, you have to know about the visual: there’s a table in the middle of Travis and Kevin and upon this table are various objects such as a big bicycle wheel, which the drummers (ohh yeah, I forgot to mention they are both sick drummers) use to get some zounds with their drumsticks. There’s plenty of electronics as well. You could say this is a noise affair, I’m going to say that, despite its quiet, mellow charm. I can’t say that I could watch this over and over again, but for someone that typically doesn’t like 80-90% of music that doesn’t contain immediate pop hooks, I honestly walk away impressed. During the set, I find myself locked in a trance, rarely able to escape it, and that, my friends, usually never happens. It’s cool to watch a performance every now and then that defies the conventional, song begins, songs ends, everyone claps for approval, song begins, song ends, etc. Instead this experience is akin to one colossal vomit session – just hurling out the music until it’s over, feels fresh.  I also really dig how there’s complete silence (or no spoken words) from the two performers until the end when they wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Well, after Chillcity Icon, I feel stuffed for sure.

Act II: Slimers– Some slimy punkers right here – Migs/Mmoss men Keven and Lukas in a two man musical attack on all the senses. The pair are decked out in matching army jackets, it looks like they are fresh off a hunting trip, ahh these two fine lads couldn’t hurt a fly, or could they? They take it all out on their drums and guitars, with Keven shouting vocals and slamming away on the drums and Lukas up front strumming thee olde 12 string and screaming his pipes off as well. If you dig Migs, you will probably be down with Slimers, they have that gah ridge feel like Migs, but the songs are stripped down and a bit more intimate. These fellas know the meaning of punk slime (they ought to, being Silmers), which is great because I have no idea what the fuck that means. Little help? Here’s my grandmother’s favorite Slimers stain, “Spaghetti Ann,” when the band was briefly known as Heroin Mom, ahh those were the days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XOdRrox28ew

Act III: Cult Fluorescent– Saw this motherfucker last February at the Dirty Douglas, alongside New Highway Hymnal, Big Mess, and Dirty Virgins. Easily one of the most memorable sets all year. Now Now, you may be thinking that that is some cheesy stock line and granted the syntax and lack of more enticing adjectives may make it appear as so. Let me assure you that’s the truth and several AIM chat convos w/ Gangbang Gordon have occurred since then discussing that very performance; yep we still use AIM, cuz Facebook chat just doesn’t feel right. Why have nostalgia when you could just constantly relive your life experiences over and over again? Well, I’d certainly love to relive that show experience again, and in a way I can and so can you, here take a gander: https://klyam.com/2012/03/13/concert-review-new-highway-hymnal-lowell-7-release-show-dirty-douglas-21712/ Back then he was known as Between Tall Saints and Sinners, and now Brad is back as Cult Fluorescent. Just like last time, he is a unique performer, simultaneously permeating chaotic, yet gentle vibes. This time around, the songs seem more accessible, but still retain the same atmospheric, dreamlike quality I felt before. [My memory is a bit fuzzy, longgg week, then and now] Brad Cult Fluorescent concludes his set by slamming his keyboards to the floor and removing his shirt (or some variation of that, use your imagination). Do something for good once in your useless, moronic life and like him on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CultFluorescent?fref=ts

Act IV: Nice Guys– Holy smokes! Batman, we’re at Act IV!!! NICE GUYS!!! Throw your panties in the air, these upstanding gentlemen deserve it. Nice Guys are the Nice Whips tonight, because they play a set full of Coachwhips covers. Y’all know Coachwhips, right? Well, if you don’t check out a fun video of them playing at a Boston basement in 2004, right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcgwMO23obA  Nice Guy Matt Garlick was nice enough to post this vid on the event page, what a nice guy! I myself am not too familiar with The Coachwhips, though I know them because of the John Dwyer/Oh Sees connection. I’ve been listening to them a little bit now and they are pretty sick (with Dwyer on board, how couldn’t they be?), so seeing a solid band like Nice Guys cover the Coachwhips is an absolute pleasure. My fellow KLYAMER Glen is a big Coachwhips fan and so he’s as hard as Chinese arithmetic during this set. We both agree the guys’ version of “You Gonna Get It” is a stand out (listen to the OG here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99w92KScdac). This is definitely the most rocking, pumped up set so far and some moshing ignites during their performance, leading up the explosion of The Migs, the fifth and final act. Got some links for ya to gobble up as a post Thanksgiving Dinner dinner,  be thankful for all these KLYAM bands or I should say KLYAM beloved bands.  http://niceguys666.bandcamp.com/ http://www.facebook.com/niceguys666?fref=ts

Act V: The Migs
“”I’ve seen The Migs six times my boy, six glorious times. Magic really.”
“Mister, I don’t even know who you are.”
Manager walks over…
“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave Chuck E. Cheese immediately.”
Ahh fuck em. No, that didn’t happen. But, I have seen The Migs six times and it’s been like Christmas morning each time. And I’m not just saying that to suck their dicks, if I wanted to suck a dick, I could just lean forward and break my neck performing a little bit of the old autofellatio (hey, that’s a word don’t give me that red squiggle line WordPress!), okay I just looked it up, I guess it’s two words. Auto Fellatio or could be combined as Auto-Fellatio. I learned something today. Haha, I love that word fellatio; its meaning aside, I always thought Bill Shakespeare should have named one of his characters, fellatio. Prince Fellatio. Ohhh well, I’ve dived into yet another digression, “I get so lost inside the rooms inside my mind.” MIGS! That’s where we were heading before all this blowjob business reared its ugly shaft into my review! Goddamn, I’ve been listening to way too much Hunx. Speaking of Hunx, y’all like a sweaty, slimy rock ‘n’ roll set? Migs deliver it. Better than ever, for real, in my experience anyway. The audience reaction and/or participation is top notch as well. The moshing continues and never really stops, not even for a breather. Kids are just bashing around to all the classics, “Follow Me Home,” “You & Me,” “Fuzzy Son,” and more. “Fuzzy'”with its waves catchin’, bird doggin’ appeal particularly captures the ears of one Gangbang Gordon. As I mentioned before, best/funnest Migs show I’ve experienced: pants fall down, shirts fly off, and Keven (in classic Migs fashion) bolts into the crowd with his gee tar, as relentless as ever. They close the show with a cover of “Louie, Louie” (the greatest song of all time according to vocalist/guitarist Lukas), but they ask for a little help with the words. To quote Nice Guys, fuck if I know! My dad- Big Guy or Big G as he’s known in hip hop circles- the guy who’s dick would plop right up if he heard The Migs (read here under Migs section: https://klyam.com/2012/10/28/concert-review-sic-alps-fat-creeps-bent-shapes-the-migs-radio-102512/) he used to play in a band in the mid-late 60s known as The Pacers (before the Basketball team) and they would cover “Louie, Louie” at school dances. He told me as a kid that that was the “baddd song” “the song your principal didn’t want your band to play.” Tonight,  The Migs made it bad again, in a good way.
When all is said and done, Craig, my main man, hands me the set list without me even asking for it. He knows the routine by now. I have a set list fetish – any ladies out there share in this bizarre, quasi psychotic, sexual infatuation? KLYAMERS need love too. So yeah, Craig comes through with the set list, Craig knows best. That should be a show, Craig Knows Best on ABC Family. I’d watch it. That channel could use some subversion.

Set List:
“We’re The Migs”
“Follow Me Home”
“Gravestoned 666”
“When She Says My Name”
“You & Me”
“Pretty Ricky”
“Fuzzy Son”
“Take Take Take”
“Cosmo Nots”

LOOK NEW SHEEEET!!! http://soundcloud.com/the-migs/he-aint-so-great
and for fuck’s sake, here’s da fascist book page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Migs/114318615312674?fref=ts
Now, please put your goddamn wiener back in your pants son, before someone gets hurt!