Upcoming Releases: Mark Sultan, KK+BBQ, Thee Oh Sees

Mark Sultan might just top Thee Oh Sees in terms of amount of releases in one year. Either way, the good news is that both artists have new records coming out soon.

Sultan has two full-length LPs due out on In The Red — Whenever I Want and Whatever I Want — as well as an EP Livin’ My Life coming via his own label, Sultan Records.

Livin' My Life EP
Whenever I Want LP
Whatever I Want LP

That’s not all for Sultan-related stuff. King Khan & BBQ is releasing its first material in nearly two years: a 7″ that features an original “We Are The Ocean” and a Syd Barrett cover “Terrapin”. Recorded at Moon Studios this past spring. Sultan Records.

King Khan & BBQ Show 7"

And how could a year go by without a Ding-Dongs release? This is Sultan + Bloodshot Bill as you all know. Sultan Records is putting out Lucky Day EP.

Lucky Day EP

Here is the Sultan Records link before I forget.

Now, Thee Oh Sees. Earlier this year, they released Castlemania, which is awesome! Well, In The Red will be soon releasing Thee Oh Sees latest: Carrion Crawler/The Dream LP.

Carrion Crawler/The Dream

Here is the link to In The Red.

Garage Explosion – Excellent New Documentary!

Watching this documentary, you might feel like you are reading this website. There are shots of living and deceased (literally/not literally) KLYAM regulars like Black Lips, Jay Reatard, King Khan & BBQ Show as well as shots and interviews with other great musicians and performers like Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Davila 666, The Dirtbombs, The Magic Kids, Hunx and His Punx and Box Elders. What is garage rock? For Jay Reatard, it was about grossing people out. For Joe Bradley, “it’s about keeping it simple, stupid. That’s what we’re [Black Lips] are trying to do. It’s about fun and entertainment.”

VICE goes around interviewing some of the most notable and downright prolific names in garagerock. Part 1 examines the scenes in Memphis and Detroit.

Part 1: http://www.vbs.tv/watch/vbs-music-specials/garage-explosion-part-1-of-3

Part 2http://www.vbs.tv/watch/vbs-music-specials/garage-explosion-part-2-of-3

Sultan On Korea/KKBBQ

I [Glen] will admit that I’ve been posting a lot of hearsay on what has happened in far off nations concerning Mark Sultan, King Khan, the break-up and tour dates. Mark has read some of the comments and wanted to set the record straight on what has happened. His frustration towards what has been posted is understandable.

Mark wrote to me:
I have tried posting on your comment board, but nothing is registering. I knew it was me solo in Korea. You know how I knew? Cuz I played by myself. Please quit with the conjecture. That promoter was super nice and apologetic and is now trying to earn street cred by siding with the popular guy, even though khan destroyed his friend’s place, etc… I remained calm thru everything and soldiered on to finish this. The day before Seoul, the promoter did a mailout claiming khan would also be in Seoul and perhaps we would play together. I told him we were enemies and that all khan needed was rest and to see his family. I show up at thr venue and who jumps out of a cab but the promoter and khan – guitar in hand. Sorry, but that is underhanded. Speaking of overly sensitive, this two-faced asshole promoter – who I treated with kindness throughout – was tearing up like a baby and shaking like a leaf. Everyone may have preconceived notions about me, but I SWEAR that all I did in Korea and after Australia in general, was to finish the tour and help folks not lose their asses completely by playing free, etc… Enough Internet bullshit. You wanna know something? Ask me. I was trying to get the promoter to bring my suitcase to the club all day, cuz his place was 45 mins from the club (and khan was staying there) and my set was slated for like 1 or 2 am and I had to leave for airport at 6am and STILL needed to pack everything post-show. He told me it was impossible and he was busy, etc yet he still managed to bring khan to the show. I don’t know what else to say. You guys will talk shit no matter what, and I admittedly built this persona, so I shall lay in it.

The following was posted on The King Khan & BBQ Show Facebook page by Mark:
Now, when me and Khan first strated the band, we were hesitant to name it ‘The King Khan & BBQ Show’, as the Shrines already had existed for a bit (and were doing great) but also cuz the potential for bandname misspellings etc… were gonna happen (and did): King Kahn & The BBQ, . I guess we made an error thinking people could differentiate the two bands. KKBBQ was started with the goal to play the roles of yin and yang and maximize the energy of that. I would be the quiet grump, Khan the active showman. For a while, we hit our stride and were a perfect symbiosis. When Khan started getting tons of attention, I admit, I was miffed. I thought: “What about my songs, my voice, my MUSIIC?”… But I realized early that that was OKAY. Khan was destined to be that star type guy and I was destined to be someone more serious about the musical side and less recognizable. That was the ONLY time I felt overshadowed. I have understood that Khan is the face of the band for years – i am NOT naive. But I loved the music so much, that it didnt matter. That’s where people like Sean come in. They ask for ‘us’ to play, but would rather the Shrines (and rightly so, they RULE), but are troo cheap to get that band OR just figure “I want Khan”, and have no knowledge that this band even exists. Fair enough. We are under the radar and don’t appeal to everyone. But then, do the right thing and brting what you really want or don’t AT ALL. Because it is very frustrating for BOTH of us. When a promoter like Sean writes a bunch about the Shrines for our press, it is worrysome. And when Khan bails and I am to play alone in Seoul and the guy writes ‘and maybe Khan will sign some autographs’, it just sucks. Personal taste is one thing, but bias in promotion, where you are affecting peoples opinions and tastes… It’s irresponsible. Same goes with playing in a far away land, invited as KKBBQ specifically to play for Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, and then being promoted as either Khan’s show or ‘too bad it ain’t the Shrines’ type journalism… it sucks. Touring is stressful and long – especially from Europe to Australia and Asia. So if you don’t know who WE are as a BAND (THAT is the most important thing to me) and don’t give a fuck who I am and, in fact, wish it was another band, that is not sensitivity on my part, but frustration that we came so far to be put in that situation. That i am meaningless to pop-culture tastemnakers is fine, but don’t devalue me. I know Khan is a ‘star’, and he is great at it. But like moist ‘stars’, they are fragile at times. And if you feed into that side of him, the schism between our yin and yang grows massive, and makes things like Sydney happen (once again, i was FRUSTRATED that such an important show went to shit). Essentially, i will write and play my music forever, through many forms of obscurity, without some folks’ backing, cuz that is what i do. Now you go do YOUR job and understand what you are bringing and stop and think a bit before you treat people like shit. BTW – all was fine in China. i have no idea why they feel that way. Oh well.

CD Review: Sultanic Verses

Artist: Mark Sultan
Full Title: The Sultanic Verses
Label: In the Red
Year: 2007
Rating: A/ 9.3/10
Fun Fact: Mastered by Jay Reatard!

1) Beautiful Girl- 9.4- Ahh here we go BBQ here we go! A strong opener about Sultan’s fine lady. I dig the little bell sounds and the lyrics are really catchy. Typical BBQ guitar/drum work.

2) 100 Little Women- 9.2- Sounds great to me! Sultan effectively utilizes the start/stop technique (get your mind out of the gutter Glen!) in which he sings and plays the music then suddenly stops then starts again. Highly reminiscent of late 50s/early 60s rock and roll, like Chuck Berry. Good poppy rocker.

3) Cursed World- 9.5- Introduces the spooky/bizarre theme to this album, which appears from here on frequently. This could be the soundtrack to an old school horror flick, like zombies and shit or Scooby Doo haha. The old school cartoon, not the modern shitty versions. Which now makes me want to watch that show. Anyway, I love how he pronounces cursed as KER SED. Like the first couple tracks this has strong hooks and the BBQ’s vocals are so exquisite it feels like you are taking a stroll through this KER SED World with him. The ending has this cool, noisy, feedback to it. I dig.

4) Spinning Ceiling- 9.3- A real rocker for this album; heavier and more in your face than the previous tracks. This song is more akin to King Khan & BBQ tracks such as “Treat Me Like A Dog” and “Hold Me Tight.” Solid stuff.

5) Two Left Feet- 9.3- In addition to 100 Little Women and Spinning Ceilings, we now come across gals with Two Left Feet. In this catchy, love number, the BBQ describes his love for his double left footed baby. I can imagine this track being great live (I wonder if he played it last May when I saw him?) because it’s a real feel good dance track in the neighborhood of “Shake Real Low.” (of course, not with the same caliber, but still great) and I can picture Sultan getting the crowd goin when he shouts, “everybody clap your hands.” It almost seems funny that that line is in a studio album Haha, well I guess you and your normal footed woman can have fun at home too.

6) Je Ne Savais Pas- 9.0- Sultan pays tribute to his Montreal roots and properly pronounces the phrase at that! Good tune, catchy, only weakness: reminds me of French class :(. P.S. you also think this song is over like three times before it actually is haha.

7) Mortal Man- 9.6- I really dig this rocker! Great guitar and pumping drums. I can picture people pogoing/moshing to this live, I know I can’t stay still when it comes on. His vocals really stand out on this track and demonstrates his (somewhat) range: straight up BBQ vocals to rawer, screaming vocals.

8) Something Wrong- 9.7- My favorite track! It’s a simple little diddy and technically doesn’t sound unique or different from any of his other material, it just works really well. Brings me back to the 1960s Garage Rock era, back in my past life. Shit simply sticks in my head like gum sticks to mah shoes. Just won’t go away.

9) Warpath- 9.1- Fast rocker and as the title indicates Sultan is on a warpath in this track. I dig the pile driver drum work here

10) We’re Sinking- 9.5- The bell noise I dug before has returned! This is a classic and is one of the album’s catchier tracks. Lyrically it describes people who are sinking, but don’t give a damn cause they are in love. Perhaps the poor lads on the Titanic sang this as they were going down….

11) Unicorn Rainbow Odyssey- 9.5-Dayemm this came outta nowhere. Can you say a EPIC CLOSER. When you have a title like Unicorn Rainbow Odyssey, you better live up to it and the Captain certainly does so. The drums sound like hearts beating as I’m sure this was the intention a la “Heroin” by The Velvet Underground. The vocals sound like early 60s doo wop/soul sisters of the Motown persuasion, such as The Supremes. The finale is this pulsing noise; he must have recorded that part at the Lowell Cotton Mills.

Overall, one of my favorite albums and certainly worthy of it’s high grade. I will admit it’s not the same without King, but Mark still delivers. For y’all who bought The Satanic Verses, you’re wasting your time. The real Sinister, Supreme, Supreme Genius lies in The Sultanic Verses.


Why They Are My Favorites

Why are my favorite bands my favorite bands? I think a fairly big reason is because I like a very large catalog of songs from them AND their songs tend to never get old or boring (on record and live). I’m interested in finally rationally concluding who my favorite bands are based on the logic of how many songs I truly love from each AND their best live performance rating.

The Top Ten
1. Black Lips – 42 + (10) = 52
2. Jay Reatard 35 + (10) = 45
3. Walkmen – 33 + (10) = 43
4. King Khan & BBQ Show – 30 + (10) – 40
5. No Age – 23 + (10) = 33
6. Radiohead – 23 + (9) = 32
7. Arctic Monkeys – 23 + (9) = 32
8. Animal Collective – 22 + (9)  = 31
9. King Khan and the Shrines – 16 + (10) = 26
10. Editors – 17+ (8) = 25

Not Far Behind:
X. Sunset Rubdown – 14 + (9) = 23
X. The Rifles – 13 + (9) = 22
X. Pains of Being Pure at Heart – 10 + (9) = 19
X. Peter Bjorn and John – 18 + (0) = 18
X. The Lovely Feathers – 10 + (8) = 18
X. The Libertines = 17 + (0) = 17


Ha-Ha Pitchsucker’s Invisible Girl Review

It’s just too bad, for every “Animal Party” or ill-fated game of “Spin the Bottle” and well-placed anatomical guffaw there’s one too many tunes that just go through the motions, and old ones at that. Still, the tunes on Invisible Girl work, because Khan and Sultan’s love of the music they’re ripping off is obvious and infectious, and because they’ve got a knack for capturing the feel of the records they’re taking cues from most throwbacks can’t quite muster. Sam the Sham would be proud; that is, if he’s cool with dick jokes.

Since when can you praise an album and then call the songs you just praised “tunes that just go through the motions?” The reviewer, Paul Thompson, is terribly confused and was forced to not give the album anything above an 8. He gave it a 7.1. Which means nothing. It’s just a number.

I Am Busy…

I hate making these posts, but I use it more as a heads up for upcoming posts that I have not forgot about; it helps me remember to do them. I have some homework to attend to today and other duties. Yesterday I was out nearly all day. I have concert, cd, and film reviews on the way, and I’m sure others too. So stick around!

Yeah, I know some of my sentences ended in prepositions, but I DON’T GIVE A FUCK! (look out for the King Khan & BBQ Show concert review part II to Glen’s exciting review of their first Mass concert this week.)