KLYAM Shuffle: Glen

Going along with the trend.

1. “Union Song” – The Nightwatchman – I haven’t listened to this guy in a year, at least. This is a refreshing song, not one of his best, but politically meaningful at least.

2. “Pick Yourself Down” – Gangbang Gordon – (Warning: this is my own song). I wrote this song on a night that I just wanted to write a song. I made a decent chord progression and then just ad-libbed for five minutes. So lyrically it’s a piece of shit…example: “Might as well call your lawyer. Take a seat in the foyer. If you think you’re gonna wait long, better write a fuckin’ song to help you through the times, to help you un-wind, amount of stress you’re in it’s not even worth telling your kin.” Yeah, for real. One more example, if I may: “She doesn’t get English. She was born in Spain. Bilingual education won’t even give her a reign. All she is is hot, I ain’t talkin’ looks. Just look at her face, you will give her a book. She ain’t nothin’ but a reader. She ain’t nothin’ but Aretha. When she stretches her chords.” Okay, I’ll stop. If anyone wants to listen to this song, let me know.

3. “Hippys” – Black Lips – One of their best non-album tunes. I like its southern country punk slime like a Sherman in a Suuuuuueeeeeeeeebaaaaaahhhhhhruuuuuuueee.

4. “Red Red Wine” – UB40 – Also another song that I don’t play too much. It gives me too much ’90s nostalgia. Good and bad. Usually bad things were associated with song like the show COPS. I definitely appreciate it, though.

5. “Hang On, Siobhan” – The Walkmen – A downer of a song. Beautifully written and meaningful. Nice if I want to get all introspective and shit, but I rarely do.

6. “Losing Feeling” – No Age – I bumped this heavy last year around this time, I think. One of the most ambient-yet-catchy No Age songs pre-Everything In Between. The sped up punk towards the end is pure awesomeness.

7. “Imagine Pt. 3” – The Smith Westerns – I added this song on a limb a couple of weeks ago. They are similar to Magic Kids (at least on this song), but more British and Beatles sounding. Also, pretty MGMT like. I do like this. Not so sure their debut album stuck out, but this next one is shaping up to be a little better. We’ll see.

Glen’s Top Albums (2000s)

These albums really got me going at one time or another. After #1, the order doesn’t really matter. They’ve all been just about equally inspirational AND they are all pretty damn different.

1. Los Valienteles Del Mundo Nuevo (Black Lips/2007/Punk)
2. Nouns (No Age/2008/Experimental Noise Pop)
3. You and Me (Walkmen/2008/Post-Punk)
4. The King Khan & BBQ Show LP (The King Khan & BBQ Show/2004/Doo-Wop)
5. In Rainbows (Radiohead/2007/Art Rock)

Why They Are My Favorites

Why are my favorite bands my favorite bands? I think a fairly big reason is because I like a very large catalog of songs from them AND their songs tend to never get old or boring (on record and live). I’m interested in finally rationally concluding who my favorite bands are based on the logic of how many songs I truly love from each AND their best live performance rating.

The Top Ten
1. Black Lips – 42 + (10) = 52
2. Jay Reatard 35 + (10) = 45
3. Walkmen – 33 + (10) = 43
4. King Khan & BBQ Show – 30 + (10) – 40
5. No Age – 23 + (10) = 33
6. Radiohead – 23 + (9) = 32
7. Arctic Monkeys – 23 + (9) = 32
8. Animal Collective – 22 + (9)  = 31
9. King Khan and the Shrines – 16 + (10) = 26
10. Editors – 17+ (8) = 25

Not Far Behind:
X. Sunset Rubdown – 14 + (9) = 23
X. The Rifles – 13 + (9) = 22
X. Pains of Being Pure at Heart – 10 + (9) = 19
X. Peter Bjorn and John – 18 + (0) = 18
X. The Lovely Feathers – 10 + (8) = 18
X. The Libertines = 17 + (0) = 17


Pixies, Upcoming Concert Calendar

From Rolling Stone:
Last month, the Pixies confirmed an 12-date U.K. and European tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Doolittle, at which they’ll perform the 1989 LP in its entirety. Now Frank Black, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago and David Lovering have confirmed they’ll be bringing the same show Stateside in November. This morning the band announced a nine-city, 14-date Doolittle birthday run that kicks off November 4th at Los Angeles’ Palladium, includes two nights in Oakland, two in Seattle, two in Chicago and three New York dates (full list after the jump). Tickets go on sale starting August 1st. As in Europe, the shows will feature all of Doolittle’s 15 tracks and related B sides, a list that includes “Weird at My School,” “Dancing the Manta Ray” and “Bailey’s Walk.” The album itself includes Pixies classics “Debaser,” “Gouge Away,” “Monkey Gone to Heaven,” “Wave of Mutilation” and “Here Comes Your Man.” A press release indicates the band is dreaming up “Doolittle-related surprises” for the shows.

Awesome! This ends an amazing three month stretch of great shows. Let me give you a brief overview of some of my personal choices for shows coming up:

On August 3, the Arctic Monkeys are coming to the Paradise. The show is sold out, but I’m still really really hoping that I will be able to buy slightly reasonable tickets. The neo-psychedelia of the Warlocks will be coming to the Great Scott on August 12. They will be backed by the impressionable slow-core  Morning After Girls. On September 5, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, whose self-titled album was awarded a 9.6 by KLYAM, will hit the Middle East Downstairs. The Walkmen, always one of my favorite bands, will also be at the Middle East not just for one night, but for two on September 18 and 19. Normally, I wouldn’t go to two straight shows, but this is one hell of an exception. Wavves, the surf-rock group that canceled their European tour because of singer Nathan Williams’ drug bug-out, has actually produced from amazing material in the past couple of years. As long as Williams is fine, I’m sure the show should go just fine. It’s on September 27 at Great Scott. Alternative hip-hop band Why? will be at the Middle East Downstairs a week later on October 2. The next night at the same venue is another two-nights-in-a-row…this one coming from ear-damaging Dinosaur Jr. (Note: even I, a fan of noisy concerts and a lover of standing front row, will probably be at the back.)