Twitter Exchange of the Day

"Sorry for selling you short!"

Hunx getting the best of P4k reviewer who said Hunx is “not exactly what you would call a classically trained singer” (NO SHIT!) and gave the latest record a 7.2.

Martin Douglas:
“My review of the new Hunx and His Punx record for Pitchfork Media is pretty good, I must say.”

Hunx (Seth Bogart): “I thought it sucked, I have a beautiful voice and am at least a 9!”

P4K…Kill Yourselves

Pitchfork is seeking an experienced advertising sales professional for its Chicago office. We are looking for someone with a deep interest in independent and emerging music, online media, publishing, and creative marketing. The ideal candidate should have experience partnering with both direct and agency clients, developing creative advertising programs, building long-term client relationships, and managing all aspect of sales– from developing target lists to closing.

How many buzz words in here go against the DIY punk ethic? I’ll get you started:
1. marketing
2. sales
3. target lists

Ha-Ha Pitchsucker’s Invisible Girl Review

It’s just too bad, for every “Animal Party” or ill-fated game of “Spin the Bottle” and well-placed anatomical guffaw there’s one too many tunes that just go through the motions, and old ones at that. Still, the tunes on Invisible Girl work, because Khan and Sultan’s love of the music they’re ripping off is obvious and infectious, and because they’ve got a knack for capturing the feel of the records they’re taking cues from most throwbacks can’t quite muster. Sam the Sham would be proud; that is, if he’s cool with dick jokes.

Since when can you praise an album and then call the songs you just praised “tunes that just go through the motions?” The reviewer, Paul Thompson, is terribly confused and was forced to not give the album anything above an 8. He gave it a 7.1. Which means nothing. It’s just a number.

The Best Song of the Decade…

…Is a song that I’ve never heard of! Fuck yeah! Pitchfork must have decided that it would be extremely underground to make a hip-hop Outkast song the best of the 2000s. “B.O.B” better than “My Girls”? Seriously? And b.t.w “Hey Ya!” is totally better. The list of 500 songs is filled with a lot of mainstream shit. Most of the list is disgusting. Like #7 “Get Your Freak On” by Missy Elliot. Somehow that song is more deserving than “Idioteque,” which is a great song, no doubt, but probably isn’t any more deserving than “Reckoner” or “The National Anthem.”‘ And you know what? I’m not even going to link to this piece of shit.