Ha-Ha Pitchsucker’s Invisible Girl Review

It’s just too bad, for every “Animal Party” or ill-fated game of “Spin the Bottle” and well-placed anatomical guffaw there’s one too many tunes that just go through the motions, and old ones at that. Still, the tunes on Invisible Girl work, because Khan and Sultan’s love of the music they’re ripping off is obvious and infectious, and because they’ve got a knack for capturing the feel of the records they’re taking cues from most throwbacks can’t quite muster. Sam the Sham would be proud; that is, if he’s cool with dick jokes.

Since when can you praise an album and then call the songs you just praised “tunes that just go through the motions?” The reviewer, Paul Thompson, is terribly confused and was forced to not give the album anything above an 8. He gave it a 7.1. Which means nothing. It’s just a number.


  1. Wow, just because they dissed King Khan and the Almighty Defenders and didn’t name “Bad Kids” as the greatest song of the decade, Glen’s launching an all-out smear campaign against Pitchfork, even though that’s obviously where he gets both his musical taste and ratings system. Also, Pitchsucker? Come on. How about Bitch Fuck?

  2. Haha. They don’t grade songs individually or even set a guideline to their ratings. They just slap some of the best throwback garage albums with 7.3s or lower.

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