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Music Vid of the Day: Do You Remember RNR Radio?

One of the best Ramones songs/videos. The Ramones were/are the greatest, like the halfway point in Rock and Roll- they represented and still represent the past (Early Rock and Roll pre 70s/late 60s even), the Present (the 70s, present for them anyway) and the future (today), everything that came before and would come next. Completely derivative, but also cutting edge. Fucking love it. If you don’t like it, then you are on glue! Nuff said.

Alright, alright, I’ll take it easy on my Hunx references

The Music Nerd Declaration

We are music nerds, music geeks, whatever you wish to call us. I prefer the term “radical nerd,” but whatever. We follow in the footsteps of a long list of Music (radical) nerds that have enriched all of our lives. We are a different branch of geekdom, often more socially acceptable than your average dork- often, not always. Instead of cherishing “World of Warcraft,” “Dungeons and Dragons,” and “Star Trek,” Our Band Could Be Your Life (2001), the oft-nauseating, but totally relevent blogosphere/message board apparatus, and endless hours of Sasha Grey videos are our treasureed jewels. Instead of spending are teen years chasing hunnies or developing better social skills, we spent entirely way too much time debating whether or not major labels were good or evil. We are the proud, the few… the few that actually give a fuck about whatever we’re yapping about. We may never sleep with as many women as Gene Simmons, but we will know how many women Gene Simmons has slept with (4,600 approximately). The following is a list of some of my favorite music nerds.

Lester Bangs

Chuck Klosterman

Nadwuar, the Human Serviette

Anthony Fantano of the Needle Drop. Forever.

The dudes from High Fidelity (2000)

and who could forget…

Steve Albini, the “Noam Chomsky of Music Nerds.”

SOTD: Black Lips- “Ain’t Comin’ Back” (2002)

I was shocked to see that this song has never been posted on this site! What is up with that? What is the world coming to? This is the Lips’ first single, “Ain’t Comin’ Back” and damn is it exquisite. Vintage Lips- even in their early days they contained all of the Punk Slime that makes them the Black Lips; especially Cole’s little, out of control, six year old vocals. Excellent. Every fan MUST hear this.

P.S. ya ya with all the recent, perhaps excessive Lips posts, we’re starting to look like a Black Lips fan site, which in some ways we are and always have been, but in other ways we’re something totally different. Always keep that in mind and check out everything we have to offer, you would be surprised how much shit from all areas of art, entertainment, news, politics, and just about anything else you can/will come across on KLYAM. One could find posts on Carl Jung, G.G. Allin, how to swallow pills, famous supreme court cases, Anarchism, and an in depth analysis of two girls, one cup… God, the list is endless! I guess I like to think of it as a life appreciation site, but that sounds really, really gay and not in a “it’s not that I think you’re bad looking, u don’t like Rock and Roll!!!” kinda gay, I mean the Un-PC, “this is lame… this is so gay” kinda gay. Alright, I should probably quit while I’m ahead.

A Person’s History of Political Affiliations in the United States: 1990-Present

DISCLAIMER: This is the beginning of a piece I started (and stopped) writing two years ago because I got sick of explaining my political views. I never finished this amateur manifesto and in fact barely put a dent into. As of now, I really don’t have a desire to complete it, but someday I probably will. So, why am I posting it if it is not finished? you may ask. Well, in the traditions of Jay Reatard and Bradford Cox, both of whom we greatly admire at KLYAM, I’m presenting unfinished, skeletal material instead of searching for a perfect final product… sorta. Kind of like the way they have released demos, so you can see the process of their art. In any case, enjoy.

I was born on July 15, 1990 during the Bush I Administration.  Naturally, I paid no attention to this goon and steered clear from the political scene for my first few years.  As the 90s rolled along we moved to a new groove with the Clinton Administration.  During Billy’s first term in office I remained silent, but of course silence makes me sick, so I roared when round two began.  With no particular ideology in mind, at the age of five I voiced support for the “populist” goofy bastard over another goofy bastard, whom appeared to state his name after every sentence.  To me (based on coloring books and TV appearances) the Clinton team seemed secure for a sophomore session, whereas the menacing, fumbling Dole fucks could not cut the deal.  To me, Clinton was “presidential,” an extremely peculiar word that only means something to you if you favor the showbiz over the real action.  The only quality I looked for in a future prez was being “presidential.” It’s sad that at five I mastered the average adult voter’s methods of choosing their leader.

With Meet the Presidents Coloring Book being my top read, this great, big concept of  being “presidential” completely consumed my political intake for my childhood years.  As the title misinforms the young readers, we meet 40 phonies (it was a little bit old) and of these phonies, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy became my favorite phony.  JFK made me want to become President of the United States of America! I fervently advised my family and friends that I would become President one day. I responded to “What I wanted to be when I grew up?” with “President.” My parents endorsed me, my brothers…. did not, but what else can you expect from siblings?

But, back to my boy JFK.  He became my hero and instead of ameliorating any possible athletic skills, I instead read several of his biographies and anything else I could find on the man.  Strangely, I never delved into any assassination theories, since I’m usually fascinated by that stuff, but that’s a whole other story.  In 3rd grade, I dressed up as Mr. Kennedy, my idol, and briefly told the class and parents about my life, accomplishments, and untimely death… without any notes, a feat no other student matched!

During these wild and crazy years in my youth (1996-2000)…

Is It Sexist to Hold Doors Open For Women?

It seems like we rarely enter the world of politics anymore on KLYAM and to be honest this really isn’t Politics, but I was running through some youtube videos and I came across this and found it interesting enough to post it. By the way, I’m perfectly fine with not venturing too far into the social, political landscape because this is chiefly a music site and I want to keep it that way. At the same time, the other KLYAMers and I love to mix it up when we feel its right. So, is it sexist to open doors for women? I think it depends on the circumstances and either way it’s not that big of a deal, but an interesting thing to ponder, I suppose. Maybe not, I don’t know I’m just that kinda guy I guess. I agree with both these ladies, but I don’t consider myself a feminist, rather a person with some feminist sensibilities to a certain extent compared to most men and women around me, whome I find overwhelmingly sexist and the American society as a whole, but simultaneously I don’t get offended easily and I recognize the complaints people make about feminists; there is truth to their grievances, which I find to be accurate in most instances when it comes to sane, reasonable people. And just for the lols here’s a hilarious sexist clip from the old days of Hollywood.

“I figured that being my wife would take up all of your time.”

Greatest Time Filler Ever!/ # 1 Reason Why I Love KLYAM

I usually can’t stand when TV shows throw in silly, random stuff (with the exception of the first few seasons of “Family Guy”), but this is so classic, I have to forgive the writers, whom admitted, as it is obvious to anyone that has seen this episode (“Cape Feare”- Season 5) that this gag was purely intended to fill up the show’s time requirements. What’s great here is that at first it’s funny, basic slapstick humor: he’s already a bumbling, hapless criminal, and nothing ever goes right for him to begin with, then he steps on the rake, rake smacks him in the face, then he makes that funny, frusturated voice. We laugh. He does it again. We laugh some more. One more time, still funny. We laugh again. Then it’s overdone, we get the point, not so funny. But, it still continues, he keeps stepping on the rakes and they keep slapping him in the face, grunting ensues. The greatness here lies in the fact that they extend the joke so far beyond any rational amount of time necessary for such a silly jab. So, by the end it becomes funny again. Laughing at others misfortunes is always fun.

So, what does this have to do with my love for KLYAM? Well, sir glad you asked. It doesn’t. It bears no relevance whatsoever to anything improrant on this day. I just found this funny and posted it. Simple as that. That is exactly what is fantastic about KLYAM and independent web sites in general. Which, by the way, I know we use the blog format and in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions;) we are such, BUT! if you KLYAM readers out there are telling your fellow chums about this cool blog you checked out thee other day, please insert web site where blog is because we feel that the word blog has negative connotations of which we agree and want no association or connection with. We DO NOT shit on bands, build them up and then tear them down or abandon them or try to follow this or that hype, buzz, whatever… and we certainly DO NOT encourage gossip. Though, I have to say that having this “blog” format has its benefits. We serve as our own bosses and post whatever we feel like and this post is a clear example of that.

Thank you.

Hicks Vid of the Day: Bill On Pro-Life and Shrooms

“I recommend a healthy dose of psilocybin mushrooms.”

This as equally hilarious as it is sagacious… well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but find another entertainer with the brains and comic delivery of Bill. Yeah, I didn’t think so. It’s sad how this is not too long before he died. RIP buddy, you left us wayyy too soon.

Box Set Review: Bill Hicks The Essential Collection

Full Title: Bill Hicks: The Essential Collection
Year: 2010
What’s On It?: “Ryko is proud to announce the release of The Essential Collection, a four disc set (2 CD/2 DVD) that encompasses Bill Hicks’ short but influential career as a satirist, social critic and stand-up comedian. The package contains double DVD discs with over five hours of footage from Bill Hicks’ personal archives including rare, never-before-seen performances from the early 80’s, the cult short film Ninja Bachelor Party (starring Bill Hicks, Kevin Booth and David Johndrow), in-depth interviews with Hicks and a photo gallery from his family’s keepsakes. The 2 CD discs offer over two hours of his best stand-up material with never-before-released performance pieces from a San Ramon , CA show recorded by Bill Hicks that was found in his archives. The box set also features new liner notes written by family members as well as renowned figures (including Henry Rollins, Eric Bogosian, noted UK author Paul Outhwaite, and UK journalist/tv personality, Clive Anderson), and a download card containing original song recordings by Hicks (that were mastered at Abbey Road Studios – London, England) entitled, Lo-Fi Troubadour.”-

Comments: I am a die hard Bill Hicks fan (if you visit the site frequently, you should know that- hence the “Hicks Vid of The Day” posts), so when I heard about this box set I knew I had to have it. First, I threw in the CDs only to be somewhat dissapointed that I knew all the material. Hicks fans should be warned (though it was advertised) that the CDs on here are essentially the same as those found on Rant In E-Minor, Dangerous, and other Hicks albums. I had the impression that this would be new material and already owning all of Hicks’ recordings pretty much made nearly half of this box set obsolete. With that being said, considering this is an Essential Collection, it should have his best material. So, I guess I can’t complain. Now, the DVDs are another story. With a few exceptions, I had never seen any of the live performances they offer us here. They truly are rare, never before seen shows. Mostly we see early Hicks, all the way back to his teen years (or close to it) mocking his parents, teachers, and the drinkers of the world. Then just a couple of years later he, himself is pounding them back and discussing his experiences with cocaine and acid; I’ve never seen Hicks talk about doing blow before and being a Hicksian scholar, I knew he did plenty of it, but this just goes to show you how obscure and old some of these performances are. With some exceptions out there, before this collection was released you would be hard pressed to find footage of entire performances of Hicks from 81-88 (the wild, drunken, drugged out Hicks era). Though, on this DVD, his sets are all comedy and there’s no hullabaloo a la audience members heckling “YOU SUCK!” and Hicks retaliating with verbal rape. His routines range from school/home life to his earliest forays into the realm of politics/society, jokes about the military and government, amongst other topics. Some of the material you have seen/heard before, but there is plenty on the plate I guarantee you have not. Besides performances, the interviews are fun to watch as well as the epic kun-fu classic, Ninja Bachelor Party, which I was already a big fan of. If you’re into Hicks, I recommend this and if you have never heard of him or are not that familiar with his work, then this is a good place to start.

In the spirit of Bill

Grade: 8/10