Garage Explosion – Excellent New Documentary!

Watching this documentary, you might feel like you are reading this website. There are shots of living and deceased (literally/not literally) KLYAM regulars like Black Lips, Jay Reatard, King Khan & BBQ Show as well as shots and interviews with other great musicians and performers like Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Davila 666, The Dirtbombs, The Magic Kids, Hunx and His Punx and Box Elders. What is garage rock? For Jay Reatard, it was about grossing people out. For Joe Bradley, “it’s about keeping it simple, stupid. That’s what we’re [Black Lips] are trying to do. It’s about fun and entertainment.”

VICE goes around interviewing some of the most notable and downright prolific names in garagerock. Part 1 examines the scenes in Memphis and Detroit.

Part 1:

Part 2

CD Review: Memphis [2010]

The Magic Kids
Release: 5/2010
Label: True Panther Sounds

1. “Phone” – A-
2. “Candy” – A+
3. “Superball” – A+
4. “Hideout” – B+
5. “Summer” – A-
6. “Hey Boy” – A+ [CLICK TO LISTEN!!!]
7. “Good To Be” – A-
8. “Skateland” – A-
9. “Sailin” –  A+
10. “Little Red Radio” – A-
11. “Cry With Me Baby” –  A

Comments: The Magic Kids were rightly called the next evolution of The Barbaras. The Barbaras might just never play again: at least one member is currently in Wavves (Stephen Pope and maybe, just maybe, Billy Hayes) and the other three are in this band, The Magic Kids. Hayes certainly incorporated a bit of the Barbaras surf-pop sound in “Baby Say Goodbye,” which was penned by him and released on Wavves 2010 LP King of the Beach. At any rate, comparisons to the Beach Boys have been a plenty since the release of this record. The initial critical response to this record was that it was pretty average: Memphis is a nice attempt at ’60s surf, but it just doesn’t do anything extra. To an extent, I suppose that that may be true. Let’s not forget, though, that some songs are just 100% pop gems like “Superball” and “Hey Boy” and the rest are not too shabby…maybe even great. Perhaps somebody not too familiar with this kind of music would lump it in the “oh, this all sounds the same category.” Touche, touche! If you are sucker for it, it’s quite like bubblegum — sweet and colorful. Though this is quite a summer record — nobody is going to mistake “Sailin” for “skiing” — it pretty much screams nostalgia. Nostalgia for those warm and sunny days that became no more after October 28 (in the Boston area). So anyway, Memphis is a keeper.

Grade: A- (93)