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Concert Review: Peach Kelli Pop, The Fagettes, Great Valley, The Scamps @ Radio (3/27/13)

Freak Flag Presents
Bands: Peach Kelli Pop, The Fagettes, Great Valley, The Scamps
Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Venue: Radio Upstairs (Somerville, MA)

The Scamps – The Scamps are a straight up fun band. KLYAMER Glen likens them to the Meat Puppets and I can definitely see that. Country mixed with pumped up rock and a slight leaning toward the bizarre. As I noted in the past, The Scamps play a fast set, with each tune rolling right through you.  They open with “Stuck On You,” a catchy little ditty that I recall standing out to me last time I saw them all the way back in February of 2012 at the Middle East Upstairs.  That was an intense performance, not so much from the band, but particularly from some diabolical rice krispie treats given to me from KLYAM buds, Atlantic Thrills. Goddamn, I had a love/hate relationship with those suckers (the treats that is). Mini psychedelic experiences aside, I remember “Stuck On You” being highly memorable, so much so that I thought it was a cover of a 70s  hit song that for some reason I really dug. Long story short, The Scamps are a powerhouse band that will sonically punch you square in the balls, when you least expect it. http://scamps.bandcamp.com/

Great Valley – These two chaps from Brattleboro, VT are up next. They are quite different from The Scamps, and well all the bands on this bill. Though, they do have some definite pop elements to them like the other bands. Great Valley is kind of awkward and off kilter, but hey what two piece isn’t? Wait, did I say awkward? I meant off the hook. Certainly, some fun weirdo pop stuff here. They remind me of Sunset Rubdown and High Places in that mellow yet equally deranged sort of way. Unpredictable. Go on a trip with Great Valley here: http://thegreatvalley.bandcamp.com/

The Fagettes– The Scamps and Great Valley are kewl cats, for sure, but The Fagettes are a KLYAM reader’s kinda band. They dish out vintage rock ‘n’ roll that will make your head spin and your hips shake. I’ve been falling in love with their recordings, but the live show is a whole other monster. There’s five of them up on stage (is there a stage? I don’t think so) and it feels overwhelming, like they’re all gonna grab you or eat you, and maybe in a way their music does. Tonight is no different than my previous Fagettes experiences in that it is a sweaty, physical, and visceral performance filled with hit after hit. I know I sound like some jackass for saying “hit,” and you know what I am a jackass, but pop music is pop music to me and when I go to a show I like to hear my favorite songs, which are like pop hits in my little world. For the most part, Fagettes deliver, playing fast punk rock ‘n’ roll numbers like “Water, Tea, and Alcohol,” “Gonna Die Out Here,” and “I Wanna Feel Good,” with the last one really showcasing vocalists, Ryan Major’s and Melanie Bernier’s abilities to scream their lungs out. So glad, Fagettes play along side Peach Kelli Pop on this wonderful evening, since they are perhaps the most fitting Boston band for the bill. They have mastered and in some ways transcended the kind of garage rock, for lack of a better term, that fans of Peach Kelli Pop, Burger Records, Infinity Cat, and similar bands on or affiliated with those labels would seriously dig. That’s your cue to click on the bandcamp page: http://thefagettes.bandcamp.com/

Peach Kelli Pop–  Ohh boy, Peach Kelli Pop! I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was when I found out that Peach Kelli Pop was hitting up Boston.  We saw Peach Kelli a couple of years back and it was marvelous. Just look at this video from Melody Matters: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-OQSlRc0kY). Those were fun times, but tonight is even better. Peach Kelli aka Allie plays guitar and sings with the rest of her band, bashing out a set chock full of bubble gummy rockers from both of  her albums, which I highly recommend.  Classics like “Do the Eggroll” and “Doo Wah Diddy” are instantaneous and fun to dance to – well that can pretty much be said about all of the songs. I loved hearing those songs before and they sound even better this time around.

In general, this performance is superior and I think the sound system at Radio helps out a lot, but I’m sure relentlessly touring over the past couple of years doesn’t hurt either. The set is like a quick injection of sugary pop goodness. Fast, catchy, rock ‘n’ roll; the songs arrive, tackle you, and then vanish. You’re singing along to “Panchito Blues” at one second and before you know it the riff to “ABC” hits your ears. Other stand outs include “Julie Oulie,”  “Dreamphone,” and “Knockout.”
When the band is about to dismantle their equipment, the crowd demands an encore! To wrap up the show Peach Kelli unleashes a somewhat slower tune and a personal fave in “Lover,” I seriously can’t get enough of those “ooooo ooooo” vocals, alright I know it just looks like Froot Loops in writing, but you have to hear it! I can’t imagine not liking Peach Kelli Pop. What kind of sick, depraved individual despises this kind of music? Killjoys, curmudgeons, mean people, cops, metalheads, ehhh whatever I’ll shut up now, just listen:  http://peachkellipop.bandcamp.com/

Normally, I would be posting a set-list here, but some joker took it before me. Doesn’t he know that I’m the guy that grabs set lists in this town?!

Big shout out to the masterminds known as Freak Flag. They put on this shindig and they put on TONS of  nasty happenings in Boston and they’re the coolest DJs. Get yer grimey hands on their newsletter, it’s zick. http://www.freakflagboston.com/


Show Recap: The Scamps/Atlantic Thrills @ Mid East Upstairs

Date:February 3, 2012

Act One: The Scamps – The Scamps are an interesting band and certainly one of the finest local bands that I’ve seen to date. Their sound (at least to me) is an immediate mix of pure good time rock and roll and hardcore punk/psychobilly. The guitars are choppy and bompy and the drumming is precise and heavy. Keyboards are nice, too, of course! The most standout Scamps tune is “Stuck On You”. From beginning to end, it’s quite a ride. I can’t wait to see these guys again soon.

Act Two: The Atlantic Thrills – Been supporting the Thrills ever since I heard the first notes of their opening performance for Black Lips in Rhode Island last April. They have a great stage presence and energy that a lot of bands who’ve been playing for a while don’t have. Their set on this night was more relaxed than the two other times that I saw them. There was a lot more slow-grooving rock and roll and ballad-y going on. The result was fantastic. (I’m not sure anyone could’ve joyfully stomached a pounding set.) I got a handful of King Khan & BBQ Show vibes along with the usual odes to the Lips. “Acid Rain” did the trick again. The new one, which you can watch below, “Give It Back,” is a fantastic snapshot of the Thrills catalog as a whole. Dan’s twangy lead guitar, bursts of shouting and howling from Eric, Ref’s down-pat drumming, and Kelly’s unmatched passion and groove (and background vocals). You’ve got to see these dudes. Some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, too.

Unfortunately due to an acute sudden illness, Hallelujah the Hills and Movers & Shakers were not able to come before my eyes.

Concert Review: Peach Kelli Pop, Kal Marks, SARALEE @ Problem House (5/26/11)

Artists: SARALEE, Kal Marks, Peach Kelli Pop, and The Scamps
Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011
Location: Problem House (Allston, MA)

Act I: SARALEE– This guy (drums) and girl (vocals, guitar)duo were a pretty cool band to kick things off. Apparently, they just started making noises not too long ago; I couldn’t tell, they sounded like pros! Seriously though, there was something that stood out to me about them in a sort of off-kilterish kinda way. The girl’s vocals reminded me of a cross between Joanna Newsom, Bjork, and the kind of screeching, high pitched vocals you would hear in a Harmony Korine flick. It was pretty cool.

Act II: Kal Marks– I gotta be honest I don’t remember too much from Kal Marks’ set, but I do remember enjoying it very much. I recall the group exploring various sounds and nicely jumping back and forth from soft to loud. I plan on looking up their music and most likely seeing them again. Good work.

Act III: Peach Kelli Pop!!!– YAYYY! I was very, very excited to see my favorite Ottawa Bubble Gum Rockers and they did not dissapoint me. I loved the ultra intimate quality of these basement gigs, so it was real nice to be up close and personal with PKP. Their music is so fun, exciting, and welcoming the Problem House was the perfect venue for this set. I only knew about 1/3 of the songs, most were not from the recent LP (at least to my knowledge), but it didn’t really matter because the energy was still alive and well. But, of course when classics like “Doo Wah Diddy,” “Do the Egg Roll,” and my personal fave “Eeenie Meenie Minie Moe” were unleashed I couldn’t help but dance my ass off and sing along! Congrats to Peach Kelli for their first show on their first American tour!

Set List:
1) Robin Hood
2) Julie Oulie
3) No One Else
4) Doo Wah
5) Stay Away
6) Eeenie Meenie
7) Egg Roll
8) Drive In
9) Panchito Blues ?

Act IV: The Scamps– Alas, we missed these guys :( next time!

Hey those guys hopping and boppin look real familiar…