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Nice Grotto
OHH MY GOD, ARE YOU LISTENING? IT’S AN UNHOLY SNACKRIFICE. It’s unholy for sure, a little unholy Christmas present for you and me, and all other kids on the naughty list. Nice Guys forgive you.

Dude, check it out. 10 bangers from KLYAM Records own Nice Guys including back to back Splifft seven inchers “Jamaican Vacation” and “Medical Envy” for those of you that like their shit heavy. TURN IT UP LOUD AND BREAK YOUR SPEAKERS. This bad boy was recorded by TJ Freda at Thieves Grotto on February 28, 2014, ohh what a night. One of the best shows all year and now you have a sweaty slice of it. HUCK YOUR EMPTIES AT YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN WITH THE WHOLE FAMILY!


And hey if you ever want a Nice Guys/Miami Doritos Splifft 7″, you know where to find it: http://klyam.bigcartel.com/product/nice-guys-miami-doritos-splifft-7

Wakes, Kal Marks (Solo) @ Thieves Grotto (12/21/14)

First things first – a big thank you to our pal Scott from TeleVibes for giving me a lift to the show and, before that, tipping off that there was a show happening at the bustling Thieves Grotto. Chris has compared this basement gem to a mini Great Scott. I like that description. This particular show – a little less than a week before Christmas – was not the super packed, sweaty, raging teen/young adult festivity of yesteryear BUT it was a fun time.

Wakes is big man on campus, big man in big basement Tim Oxton singing and slinging guitar with Hadden Stemp on guitar, Amelia Gormley on keys and J Cole on drums. Count me in as a supporter of this crew. The reverby guitars are real urban, real existential. Tim’s deep narratives reach massive pinnacles during the choruses of practically every tune here. These are the memories you don’t have. A cool core of the tunes remind me of speedy mid 2000s Walkmen, some of the more underwatery jams go in a Beach Fossils direction. Quite honestly though Wakes’ Feral Youth is a monster recording – the first two tracks ‘specially, “Widows” in my deranged musical comprehension has some parts reminiscent of BLITZKRIEG BOP. Think maybe Tim figured out what I meant. The more you know the less you understand. Some times lil self-descriptors are off but LATE NIGHT MUSIC rocks this crew’s roll. ENJOY ON BC

As you know Kal Marks are typically a sludgy, beastly pop trio but him or it has also been/is a lone dude, Carl, you know the singer the guy with that instantly recognizable voice. Tonight, it is solo Kal Marks and for me anyway the performance is just as fine as the whole schabang. This is a sit down electric affair, pedals and all, the songs arranged/done somewhat differently than the album cuts. Best way I can put watching this set is like a perfect flow from song to song, including some of the Piss of the Century that I positively fanned on about a couple of years ago and ending with Life is Murder from Life is Murder the big boy juggernaut jam that might be five amazing parts or songs in one. The quiet lonely ending from this solo doing turning itself into a whispering or silent sing-a-long for the un-initiated. Happy to see Kal Marks going strong since seeing ’em at the ole Problem House with Peach Kelli Pop. ENJOY ON BC

Live Review: Nice Guys & Free Pizza @ Thieves Grotto (11/21/14)

Nice 7

Heyyooo hey hey, it’s the Thieves Grotto’s 69th anniversary or something like that. Hats off to those straight shooters and all the memories they have created over the years. I saw the Nice Guys and Miami Doritos tour kick off at this very place some time ago, that was a tasty swell if I ever saw one. Now, here we are November 21, 2014. Crazy to believe it’s twenty fourteen. Wild times. The police are trying to kill me, Ted Bundy’s been laughing at me, Charles Manson’s getting married and I’m not getting laid! It’s not even Thanksgiving and I already feel full. Luckily, there’s a show, several shows on the horizon. Time to kick back and rock and/or roll with some of my favorite bands, local and otherwise.

This is my second time here at Thieves Grotto and tonight is a flashback to my first experience, those equally frigid times circa February 2014. Indeed, I froze my ass off on the walk here, wearing merely my leather jacket and my Cumstain shirt beneath. Ironically, one of my cleanest dirty shirts. I kept the attire on the lower end, having remembered how sweaty this place can be in the midst of all the hysteria. Most basements can get toasty at times, but hell this place is body to body packed, so it gets HOT, especially during the sets.

The Grotto has their shit down pat, a whole crew. Right as you walk in they’re right there at the door for the donations. On top of their shit and rightfully so cause this place is huge in a way. Its as if this is a scene from some hip, mumblecore flick and the director wants to capture a house show. It’s the Great Scott of basements, if you will, housing rosy cheeked, eager students and a series of twenty somethings whining about the work week, desperately missing their own college days of yesteryear.

Upon my arrival, Lady Bones are blasting away and they sound decent. I can’t see much if anything, however, so I virtually miss their set. Apparently, Dinoczar has also played as well. This place takes their set times seriously, on top of their shit.

Fortunately, KLYAM Records’ own Nice Guys are up next. Before they begin, a young gent busts out a few acoustic tunes and some beats including a cover of the Chili Peppers “Under The Bridge,” which riles up the anticipating crowd. I didn’t catch his name, but if you attended the show and know who he is or you are him (what up), then by all means let us know.

Off to Nice Guys! Damn, I love those few seconds before a crazy set is about to begin. It’s like being on a rollercoaster and getting strapped in for the ride. You can see where the ride will take you and it’s about to set off any second, but this very moment is exhilarating all by itself. The moment of anticipation.

The dudes kick it off with a new banger that is as feisty and catchy as ever and as I suspected, the crowd goes ballistic. It’s non-stop, slamming and blamming back and forth to all your favorite Nice Guys hits and one Andy Kaufman number where the Soul Eater shines.  I TRUSTED YOU. The moshing is a lot of fun and it really makes the songs that much more enjoyable. I’ve seen 20+ Nice Guys shows and unfortunately I can’t say all of them are this nuts. That isn’t a knock against the band at all, but even in basements audience appreciation is typically much mellower. Here, you could be tossed from one side of the room to the other and I love it. So do, the Nice Guys themselves, thanking the Grotto on several occasions throughout their performance.

Cheers to more off the wall Nice Guys shows in the future (leans back and pounds 40 ouncer). Now you’ve heard it from me before and you’ll hear it again, pick up the Nice Guys/Miami Doritos Splifft 7″ from KLYAM Records: http://niceguys666.bandcamp.com/album/splifft-7

Free Pizza – Dayemmm son, first Nice Guys, now Free Pizza, dayemmm, devour these mouth watering slices before it’s too late. Yep, Free Pizza, one of Boston’s finest and a personal favorite are leaving us very soon for Miami, FL :( .  Now, there’s teardrops on my pillow and telephone, I cried for four hours last night. As they (and Nancy Kerrigan) say WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? But, it’s alright, at least we have these last few, precious shows. COME ON EVERYBODY, LET’S HAVE SOME FUN! It felt like a caps locks kind of moment.

The Free Pizzas – Jesus, Santiago, and Nick open their set with a cover of Ramones’ “Havana Affair.” Crazy song, crazy lyrics, just reminds me of how fucked up the Ramones really were. At least, it’s not as disturbing as “53rd and 3rd.”

Much like every band that apparently plays at Thieves Grotto, the kids are flippin’ and floppin’ about during Free Pizza. Though, it’s not as rambunctious as it was during Nice Guys or I’m in a less chaotic place in the basement, who knows? I have a nice spot right up front, holding on to one of the amps for dear life.

Songs about Boston, Massachusetts, ducks, and love ensue. Good times had by all. See these slices before they are eaten by that Miami monster I call Ricky Martin. http://freepizzarocks.bandcamp.com/

They’re playing with Nice Guys and The Monsieurs on Friday, December 5th at the Cantab Lounge for The Monsieurs Record Release: https://www.facebook.com/events/542009525942992/  HOLY SMOKES! BATMAN THAT’S A GOOD SHOW!

Review: Nice Guys & Miami Doritos Tour Kick Off @ Thieves Grotto (2/28/14)

Thieves Grotto
Bands: Nice Guys, Miami Doritos, Malportardo Kids, Grave Ideas
Date: Friday, February 28, 2014
Venue: Thieves Grotto

Grave Ideas – For Grave Ideas, I’m standing off  to the side, gulping down several Rolling Rocks, just savoring the moment. I’m waiting in heavy anticipation for our dudes in Nice Guys and Miami Doritos, who will be on shortly. It’s satisfying to be able to sit back and chill in one spot and admire the music casually from afar, while there’s still plenty of room for others to go bonkers to the band. I’ll save all my piss and vinegar for the Nice Doritos. So yeah, this is my first time here at Thieves Grotto and it is one of  the finer, more spacious basement spaces I have come across in my show attending journey thus far. I’ll  slug back some more Rolling Rocks (hey,  I like the taste! It’s like rock ‘n’ roll backwards, almost! Kurt Cobain told me that one) before I slide into the Miami Doritos zone. Grave Ideas, aren’t a bad band, but I don’t recall them as being memorable either. I’ll have to check em’ out again some other time.  You can just by clicking this link: http://graveideas.bandcamp.com/

Miami Doritos – The Miami Doreets.  Damn, they are ever so tasty, I could yank a whole bag of these Doritos right out of your hands and have em’ all to myself! For those that don’t know, MD is a crunchy two piece featuring the likes of Kurt Egghart on vocals/guitar and Alex Aronson on drums. They are quite the two piece. I have a soft spot for two pieces though. Aren’t they just the cutest? I always picture two pieces to be like the best of buddies. They play checkers and eat ice cream together, finish each other’s sentences. It’s like my crazy uncle used to say, “what’s better than one piece? Two pieces.”

By the time these Doreets begin to play I’m feeling fully in love with the world and simultaneously hating it all over, it’s a bizarre juxtaposition I’ve been meaning to get checked out maybe the mighty Miami Doritos can help me with this. They have a song about someone farting or something like that, it gives me a boat load of chuckles that make me raise my beer and say to Kurt “Haha, chararde you are sir, charade you are!” Except, I didn’t actually say that, but I wanted to, possibly. I hate when music journalist fucks lie in their articles. Fuck music journalism! ONLY TRUST ME! OBEY YOUR MASTER!

Laughs are fine and all, but I want gasps. I want bodies slamming into one another like the tides of the ocean. And I get what I want! I do actually, thanks to the rough, garage/noise attack that is the Miami Doritos. I’ve seen the duo before, but the kids at Thieves Grotto know how to throw down and have a good time, and it just helps make a great show for all involved.

Among the many classic, legendary hits that Miami Doritos puke out tonight, there are two primal BANGERS known as “Price 2 Pay” and “Rush Hour/Piss Take,” which can be heard on the Nice Guys/Miami Doritos Splifft 7″ available via KLYAM Records. Holy seven inches Batman, it’s a Splifft!
Listen up cupcake: http://miamidoritos.bandcamp.com/

Nice Guys – Boy, I feel stuffed after all those Doritos. Wasn’t I just writing about Nice Guys? I was, I did, I will, therefore I am. If a nice guy falls in the woods and no one is around to pick him up, does he go blind? Yikes!  Ok, let’s cut the comedy and get down to business.

I remember the first time I saw Nice Guys (it wasn’t that long ago you schmuck) in a dirty, dusty basement. Jake darted into the crowd, kids went wild. Laughs. Good times. But, here we are now and I can sincerely say that  the Nice Guys have grown as a band, they were sick back then, but they are  significantly better today. *Quit sucking their dicks says Mr. Cynical Reader.* But, hey this is my youth here and I say Nice Guys fucking rule, they don’t come last!

With such a friendly, upstanding bunch of gents you wouldn’t expect such noise, but these things happen. They bring forth the noise, the rock, and the kids know this, they eat it up. Aside from a few familiar faces, this basement is stacked with kids boppin’ and droolin’ over the Nice Guys. They feel that medical envy, don’t you? I just want to skull fuck the president.


Pick up the splifft Nice Guys/Miami Doritos 7″from KLYAM Records here:  http://klyam.bigcartel.com/product/nice-guys-miami-doritos-splifft-7

We missed Providence’s Malportardo Kids, next time fellas. From one kid to another, slowly we’ll take over the world. No, let’s do it fast. We’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow.