Dune Rats

Australia’s sunshine state is a veritable breeding ground for this surfy garage pop sound, and the lads from DUNE RATS are  killing it. Hooking up a slew of international supports as well as throwing down at a handful of east coast parties, they just scored a slot at The Big Day Out, Australia’s premier home grown festival  (and somewhat of a right of passage for Aussie bands). They have an EP on Bandcamp (its only $6 chump) featuring POGO, a song that has given them some much deserved attention. Here’s the video, filmed at the Mt Gravatt quarry in Queensland, fuck it rips!

Dune Rats


Based: Australia

For fans of: Best Coast, Dinosaur Jr, Smoking weed, Yuck

Some Saturday Recommendations – December 3 Style

Con TexEverything In Con Tex – This the debut album from Con Tex, a Whitehaus Family fixture. Recorded in the summer of 2010, but brought for your listening pleasure right now. I like how it’s tagged “lo-fi by necessity.” The music itself is an adventure in several rock and roll styling from acoustic guitar only jamming to electric axe wielding Kurt Vile if he was more experimental and had a drum machine instead of a back up band sorta stuff. I really enjoy the homey feel to this record. Early favorites: “Hey Go Down,” “Whitewash,” and “Can’t Ask Why.” [LINK]

Joey Ghostly In My Room – This is a bedroom EP released by The Enthusiasts own Joey. “Loosely inspired by Brian Wilson,” this set of songs shows this young fellow’s excellent songwriting. What’s demonstrated here is proficiency in being able to craft any kind of song with relative ease. There’s a lot of early rock and roll and (of course) Wilson influence here, but Ghostly puts his own spin. The acoustic guitar sounds sweet as does the simple plucking structures. It’s the little things that make this really stand out: the subtle-ish piano, background vocals, the occasional non-acoustic lead guitar sequence. The greatest achievement from my perspective is “Everybody’s Been In Love But Me.” Two other faves: “Stuck In The Mud,” and “For You.” [LINK]

Band Recommendation: Star Spangled KGB

Star Spangled KGB are psychedelic rock n rollers from the Chicago area. The band is Jon, Alex, Thom, and Pat. They’ve just recently released their debut album Life As It Was Pt. 1 & 2. It’s chalk-full of catchy numbers from the Donnie Darko referencing “All Is Well” all the way through to the crunchy, warping psychedelia of “Monkshood.” The production particularly stands out; the album is loud and clear in being dirty. If that makes any sense. You’ll see. Songwriter Jon cites The Brian Jamestown Massacre as an influence in addition to the Mamas and the Papas. and Pixies. It’s hard losing concentration in the great mess of being swept away by the lead guitar riffs and wailing vocals. These young folks have caught my attention and probably wouldn’t mind yours.

Check out the album via Bandcamp: HERE
Facebook Page: HERE

Add KhanWood Clarke To King’s Long List of Bands

Who? KhanWood Clarke. King KHAN, Sean WOOD [Spits], and Jeff CLARKE [Demon’s Claws]
What? A MoonStudio production. The joys of having your own studio. Old country music, a bit like when Nobunny picks up the acoustic
 Sort of now, but the folks above need $$$ to get Wood to
Where? Berlin
Why? ‘Cause

If you take a listen to “Dirtiest Girl” (a demo), you will be greeted to fine lyrics as:

everyone knows you're the dirtiest girl in town
that you fucked every guy for sixty five miles around
but sugar you know I know my night at all
'cause it's always back to me that you seem to crawl

well every guy in town seems to know you're always at the bar
no matter which day of the week it seems to be
but after you wake up in some strange room on the other side of town
i know you'll always be coming back home to me

well i don't mind that you're a little pig around town
i don't mind at all if you like to sleep around
as long as you're home for breakfast, i don't mind at all

whiskey bottle, empty on the back seat of the car
where'd you sleep last night, I don't even want to know
as long as you're home for breakfast, i don't mind at all

“Indian men are built like brick shit houses and fuck like snakes” ends another sure to be classic, the demo “Old Gunga Din

Band Recommendation: Peach Kelli Pop

A band of White Wires drummer Allie! Insta-catchy pop!

They have an LP (which sold out and is being repressed on Infinity Cat) and a cassette for your listening pleasures.

You can listen to “Doo Wah Diddy” for a little taste and also take a ride to their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=191172137584280&set=a.166487570052737.35500.166477510053743&theater

Band Recommendation: The Carbonas

Last.Fm Blurb: “The Carbonas (formed in 2001) hail from Atlanta, GA, home to some of the most exciting new bands to hit the scene in quite awhile. Along with The Lids (now defunct), Black Lips, and up-and-comers like The Frantic and Beat Beat Beat, The Carbonas are turning Atlanta into the next Seattle. Or Chicago. Or something like that. You know what I mean. After releasing an LP ages ago, they jumped to the front of the hot bands list with release of the jaw-dropping “Frothing at the Mouth” EP over the winter, which had reviewers worldwide spitting hyperbole all over themselves.”

The Deal: I’ve always heard about the Carbonas, but never really gave them a sufficient check-out. It’s never too late to get into a band, so even if I’m a decade late on this one that’s all right. I really like what I’m hearing. Counted amongst members is Gentleman Jesse who plays bass.

Song: “Phone Booth”

Band Recommendation: New Generation Dudes

New Generation Dudes from Chicago, Illinois know how to entertain. Keep in mind, I know very little about whether they can actually entertain (I’m guessing they can), but they seem to have the basics down…musically at least. Their latest EP is a clusterfuck of dance music at the heart of everything. Whether its actually ghetto house music or some variation of that is something for KLYAM EDM expert Rich to decide, but to me it’s just enjoyable stuff that’s fast, heavy, and hooky as can be. As NGD put it: “IF YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THIS, YOUR HEAD WILL LITERALLY FUCKING EXPLODE. DO NOT FUCK AROUND.” Seriously, though, it’s true. What really impresses me is their control of tempo. I tend to appreciate electronic music a lot more when there are parts that are immediately attractive, but others that you have to wait for. NGD gets it right. Take a listen why don’t you?

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/newgenerationdudes

Band Recommendation: The Onions

The Onions are a product of The Last Daughters of Compton, a band that was featured over 9,000 years ago on the cover of Minimum Rock and Troll.

They are fronted by disgruntled Wisconsin master baiter, online radio superstar, organic farmer, lead guitarist and vocalist Brad X. Brad X looks something like this:

Brad X posts on the Terminal Boredom forums, a gathering place for ass-worshipers, A.D.D record collectors, and most of all punk purists who scoff at the notion that the Black Lips are still a great band. Jared Swilley, Black Lips bassist, was known for logging in TermBo late-night and freaking out on the haters. His most epic diss was: “I have an extremely powerful attorney. i do whatever i want. i travel the world. i get laid by chicks hotter than you douches can dream of (im in her room). and i get paid like a motherfucker. fuck you. your lives suck. i am so fucking happy right now.” The late great Jay Reatard spent a fair amount of time on the forum as well. Nobunny remains the best boarder in the game.

At any rate, behind the internet shit-talking and what have you, lies a fairly accomplished musician who knows the art of the catchy punk song.

Take a look at The Onions MySpace, listen to this reel-to-reel, or go to Texas in March to watch them play at SXSW.

Band Rec: The Castillians !!!

So NuRaveBrainWave is the one site where the authors have one hell of a taste in music. Seriously. Reading that website will give you exposure to music you’d normally never get (exposed) to. And most of the time, it is kick-ass stuff.

Introduced today was The Castillians from Birmingham, UK. A lo-fi Strokes, of sorts…or as “He Said, She Said” Fanzine wrote: “They are the sound of pop losing its virginity all over again. They are the musical magpies of the modern age, taking inspiration and adding perspiration to create a cocktail of potent strength and desire. The dirt under their finger tips is the compost of the rock n roll’s dream, learning from the past and creating the future, the Castilians will show you the light while dancing drunk in the shadows.”

CHECK OUT THEIR MYSPACE MUSIC: http://www.myspace.com/thecastillians

Band Recommendation-We Were Promised Jetpacks

I first heard these guys as the opening act at a Tokyo Police Club Show, then I heard them again as the opening act for Jimmy Eat World, and I must admit it wasn’t love at first listen, I liked, but I didn’t love. But after seeing them a second time and getting their album “These Four Walls” and their EP “The Last Place You’ll Look” I grew to love them. Their sound is unique, the lead singer has a distinct Scottish accent, musically they sound a little like the acts they opened for, but much more moody and edgier. They are defiantly worth a listen to. I posted the first two tracks off their debut album “These Four Walls” 1) It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning 2) Ships With Holes Will Sink.