Band Recommendation: The Carbonas

Last.Fm Blurb: “The Carbonas (formed in 2001) hail from Atlanta, GA, home to some of the most exciting new bands to hit the scene in quite awhile. Along with The Lids (now defunct), Black Lips, and up-and-comers like The Frantic and Beat Beat Beat, The Carbonas are turning Atlanta into the next Seattle. Or Chicago. Or something like that. You know what I mean. After releasing an LP ages ago, they jumped to the front of the hot bands list with release of the jaw-dropping “Frothing at the Mouth” EP over the winter, which had reviewers worldwide spitting hyperbole all over themselves.”

The Deal: I’ve always heard about the Carbonas, but never really gave them a sufficient check-out. It’s never too late to get into a band, so even if I’m a decade late on this one that’s all right. I really like what I’m hearing. Counted amongst members is Gentleman Jesse who plays bass.

Song: “Phone Booth”

5 thoughts on “Band Recommendation: The Carbonas”

  1. You’d probably dig the Ex-Humans LP, too, which came out a few months ago on Rob’s House Records. Josh Martin from the Carbonas is an Ex-Human and Carbonas/Gentleman Jesse drummer Dave Rahn recorded and mixed the album.

  2. if you dig this bad unoriginal band that stole their sound from The Marked Men and stole their name from a Spanish snotty/poppy punk band that was calling themselves the Carbonas since the ’90s, you’d probably dig their even worse less original current band that stole their sound from The Reatards and stole their name from an Italian hardcore punk band that was calling themselves the Ex Humans since the ’80s.

    if you dig good garage/punk/hc check out The Marked Men, The Reatards and/or the ORIGINAL Ex Humans (the original Carbonas were really nothing to write home about…but, still…light years beyond these ‘bags calling themselves the Carbonas)

    but if you dig lame, third generation copy-cats with no talent and less originality, by all means keep following these hacks and their failed former members.

    shoulda called themselves The Carbon Copies, since that’s what they were and since that band name isn’t already taken.

    (yes, I’ve now served up more originality in one rip-off review than this band did in their entire career. or any of their former members will ever accomplish in theirs. if you can call these “careers”)


    1. I don’t really care about originality as a defining factor in liking a band.

      I love the Marked Men and Reatards and yes I hear similarity, but to call Carbonas ‘bad’ ‘unoriginal’ ‘lame’ …. did members of Carbonas hurt you or your immediate family?

      I will admit I am not an extremely knowledgeable fan of this style of garage/punk pre-mid 2000s, but I’ve found no issue with the Carbonas and I like that album very much.

  3. yes, the Carbonas raped and killed my entire family (then raped them again), and made me watch with my eyelids forced open and Ludwig Van playing in the background.

    I heard the 7″ they released on Jay’s label. thought it was more of the same as the LP, a little worse even.

    maybe since they were on Shattered and Goner, and from a peer group that included Deerhunter, and given the sort of gushing zine treatment usually reserved for indie rock darlings, and always seemed to place themselves side by side with Marked Men, maybe I expected similar quality all around (songwriting, performance, recording). I thought the Carbonas LP was garbage. by comparison and just garbage in general.

    granted, neither Marked Men or The Reatards created the genre but they made it their own, put their own twist into it. Carbonas come off as blatant imitators.

    to hit the “unoriginality” nail one last time: the OTHER Carbonas side project also followed in true Carbona form by ripping off another European band’s name (Germany’s Beat Beat Beat). but I haven’t heard enough of them to say that they ripped off one band in particular…just every bad Ramones-core group ever.

    did you or members of your immediate family play in the Carbonas?

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