Some Saturday Recommendations – December 3 Style

Con TexEverything In Con Tex – This the debut album from Con Tex, a Whitehaus Family fixture. Recorded in the summer of 2010, but brought for your listening pleasure right now. I like how it’s tagged “lo-fi by necessity.” The music itself is an adventure in several rock and roll styling from acoustic guitar only jamming to electric axe wielding Kurt Vile if he was more experimental and had a drum machine instead of a back up band sorta stuff. I really enjoy the homey feel to this record. Early favorites: “Hey Go Down,” “Whitewash,” and “Can’t Ask Why.” [LINK]

Joey Ghostly In My Room – This is a bedroom EP released by The Enthusiasts own Joey. “Loosely inspired by Brian Wilson,” this set of songs shows this young fellow’s excellent songwriting. What’s demonstrated here is proficiency in being able to craft any kind of song with relative ease. There’s a lot of early rock and roll and (of course) Wilson influence here, but Ghostly puts his own spin. The acoustic guitar sounds sweet as does the simple plucking structures. It’s the little things that make this really stand out: the subtle-ish piano, background vocals, the occasional non-acoustic lead guitar sequence. The greatest achievement from my perspective is “Everybody’s Been In Love But Me.” Two other faves: “Stuck In The Mud,” and “For You.” [LINK]

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