Band Recommendation: New Generation Dudes

New Generation Dudes from Chicago, Illinois know how to entertain. Keep in mind, I know very little about whether they can actually entertain (I’m guessing they can), but they seem to have the basics down…musically at least. Their latest EP is a clusterfuck of dance music at the heart of everything. Whether its actually ghetto house music or some variation of that is something for KLYAM EDM expert Rich to decide, but to me it’s just enjoyable stuff that’s fast, heavy, and hooky as can be. As NGD put it: “IF YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THIS, YOUR HEAD WILL LITERALLY FUCKING EXPLODE. DO NOT FUCK AROUND.” Seriously, though, it’s true. What really impresses me is their control of tempo. I tend to appreciate electronic music a lot more when there are parts that are immediately attractive, but others that you have to wait for. NGD gets it right. Take a listen why don’t you?


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