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Review: Con Tex & Secret Lover @ Midway Cafe (5/6/14)

Bands: Free Pizza, Babes, Gymshorts, Secret Lover, Con Tex
Date: Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Venue: Midway Cafe (Jamaica Plain, MA)

The evening begins with a quick trip to the Whitehaus to say a few hellos and meet some friendly faces, both old and new. We have a grand old meeting of the minds with a member of the band Babes, whom will be playing later tonight. His name escapes me, but he is the gentleman wearing the Buck Biloxi & The Fucks tee shirt. If you’re reading this, how are you fine sir? We shoot the shit over Jay Reatard, King Louie, and various Memphis/NOLA based bands. All goodness.

After our quick visit, it’s off to the Midway Cafe. For whatever reason, we’ve never been here before, so it’s exciting to finally step foot in the place. I always dig experiencing a venue for the first time. The Midway is fairly spacious with a large bar area, plenty of room to dance, and a fairly big stage. Not bad, we’ll have to come here more often.

Kofi Thomas, a local stand up comedian introduces all of the bands and delivers some amusing comedy of his own before the show and in between acts.

Con Tex – Con Tex is a Whitehaus Family Records folk legend. We’ve been interested in his music for a couple years now and have ran into the man at several hootenannies, but we’ve actually never seen Con Tex live. A high crime indeed.

Tonight, Con Tex is backed by a full band. Altogether, they create a ginormous rawk sound. I picture these men practicing their music off somewhere in a cabin in the woods, playing for hours. There’s this woodsy feel to the music.

I can’t quite put my finger on any concrete comparisons here, but I dig it. At its best, it evokes the atmosphere found in a Girls Of The Gravitron song. Who? Yeah, I know you don’t know them, but check em’ out. I know I also just said that I couldn’t think of any comparisons, but then I did, so what? I could also see folks interested in Led Zeppelin and 70s rock moving to this music. Who knows? There is nothing in this world, but possibilities. http://contex.bandcamp.com/

Secret Lover – Worcester’s Secret Lover always finds their way onto the finest bills. I’ve never actually gone out of my way to see the band live, but I’ve seen them many times, because like I said they often play on sick bills. Regardless, they are a fun, hip shaking inducing party band. They always get people going, thanks in part to lead singer Sally’s never ending enthusiasm. So yeah, they’re a cool band. You should give them a listen or see them around New England, which shouldn’t be too hard because they’re always playing. http://secretlover.bandcamp.com/

Blasts, that infernal train! Once again it kept us from seeing sick rock ‘n’ roll music. Especially our faves Gymshorts and Free Pizza :( as well as NOLA’s Babes :(.  Babes were on tour, check them out here: http://babesuniverse.net/music.php


Some Saturday Recommendations – December 3 Style

Con TexEverything In Con Tex – This the debut album from Con Tex, a Whitehaus Family fixture. Recorded in the summer of 2010, but brought for your listening pleasure right now. I like how it’s tagged “lo-fi by necessity.” The music itself is an adventure in several rock and roll styling from acoustic guitar only jamming to electric axe wielding Kurt Vile if he was more experimental and had a drum machine instead of a back up band sorta stuff. I really enjoy the homey feel to this record. Early favorites: “Hey Go Down,” “Whitewash,” and “Can’t Ask Why.” [LINK]

Joey Ghostly In My Room – This is a bedroom EP released by The Enthusiasts own Joey. “Loosely inspired by Brian Wilson,” this set of songs shows this young fellow’s excellent songwriting. What’s demonstrated here is proficiency in being able to craft any kind of song with relative ease. There’s a lot of early rock and roll and (of course) Wilson influence here, but Ghostly puts his own spin. The acoustic guitar sounds sweet as does the simple plucking structures. It’s the little things that make this really stand out: the subtle-ish piano, background vocals, the occasional non-acoustic lead guitar sequence. The greatest achievement from my perspective is “Everybody’s Been In Love But Me.” Two other faves: “Stuck In The Mud,” and “For You.” [LINK]