Rap News: Revolution

This is the latest of my favorite ongoing youtube series, it’s very political, but also very funny. Even if you don’t agree with the message, I hope you take it in the same humor as you might take a Daily Show episode. Plus, the detail they put into it is amazing!

Who Did it Better? “Hey Hey, My My”

Back again after a bit of a hiatus and one of many new things that I discovered is the genius of Neil Young. Growing up my father always called him a poor man’s Bob Dylan, but I really learned to appreciate him. On that note, I figured I would start off with a “Who Did It Better?” segment between Neil Young and another great musical act Oasis for the song “Hey Hey, My My” (which is the song Cobain quoted in his death “It is better to burn out, then to fade away”).

*Note: Neil Young also has a song is called “My My, Hey Hey” lyrically it’s almost exactly the same, musically “My My, Hey Hey” has more of folk sound to it (both are off the album Rust Never Sleeps, “My My,Hey Hey” starts the album, “Hey Hey, My My” ends it) so just to showcase and add to the debate I will start off with “My My, Hey Hey”.

First up Neil Young

“My My, Hey Hey”

“Hey Hey, My My”

Next Oasis

“Hey Hey, My My”

I think the Oasis version has more of a fuller sound then either of Neil Young’s versions, but I think the song requires a more subtle touch (“My My, Hey Hey” is the more subtle) that Neil Young delivers, so I give the edge to Young over Oasis, and I also prefer “My My, Hey Hey” over “Hey Hey, My My”. but I really love all three versions.

Who Did It Better? “Green Manalishi”

O.K. been gone for a little bit so I had time to think of a good one, the song “Green Manalishi” by Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green era) or Judas Priest.

First Fleetwood Mac:

Next Judas Priest:

I have always been drawn to the psychotic so gotta go with Peter and Fleetwood Mac on this one. While I got nothing against heavy metal, Judas Priest’s version seems, well heavy, Fleetwood Mac found the right balance I think.

Who Did it Better? “China Girl”

Ok this time I have a close one Iggy Pop’s “China Girl” vs. David Bowie’s version.

First Iggy Pop

Next David Bowie

Usually I am the first one to talk about David Bowie’s musical superiority over anyone, and this is no exception. Iggy’s version was raw and powerful and so was Bowie’s but he still made it his song.