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Add KhanWood Clarke To King’s Long List of Bands

Who? KhanWood Clarke. King KHAN, Sean WOOD [Spits], and Jeff CLARKE [Demon’s Claws]
What? A MoonStudio production. The joys of having your own studio. Old country music, a bit like when Nobunny picks up the acoustic
 Sort of now, but the folks above need $$$ to get Wood to
Where? Berlin
Why? ‘Cause

If you take a listen to “Dirtiest Girl” (a demo), you will be greeted to fine lyrics as:

everyone knows you're the dirtiest girl in town
that you fucked every guy for sixty five miles around
but sugar you know I know my night at all
'cause it's always back to me that you seem to crawl

well every guy in town seems to know you're always at the bar
no matter which day of the week it seems to be
but after you wake up in some strange room on the other side of town
i know you'll always be coming back home to me

well i don't mind that you're a little pig around town
i don't mind at all if you like to sleep around
as long as you're home for breakfast, i don't mind at all

whiskey bottle, empty on the back seat of the car
where'd you sleep last night, I don't even want to know
as long as you're home for breakfast, i don't mind at all

“Indian men are built like brick shit houses and fuck like snakes” ends another sure to be classic, the demo “Old Gunga Din