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Band Rec: The Castillians !!!

So NuRaveBrainWave is the one site where the authors have one hell of a taste in music. Seriously. Reading that website will give you exposure to music you’d normally never get (exposed) to. And most of the time, it is kick-ass stuff.

Introduced today was The Castillians from Birmingham, UK. A lo-fi Strokes, of sorts…or as “He Said, She Said” Fanzine wrote: “They are the sound of pop losing its virginity all over again. They are the musical magpies of the modern age, taking inspiration and adding perspiration to create a cocktail of potent strength and desire. The dirt under their finger tips is the compost of the rock n roll’s dream, learning from the past and creating the future, the Castilians will show you the light while dancing drunk in the shadows.”

CHECK OUT THEIR MYSPACE MUSIC: http://www.myspace.com/thecastillians