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Band Recommendation: The Onions

The Onions are a product of The Last Daughters of Compton, a band that was featured over 9,000 years ago on the cover of Minimum Rock and Troll.

They are fronted by disgruntled Wisconsin master baiter, online radio superstar, organic farmer, lead guitarist and vocalist Brad X. Brad X looks something like this:

Brad X posts on the Terminal Boredom forums, a gathering place for ass-worshipers, A.D.D record collectors, and most of all punk purists who scoff at the notion that the Black Lips are still a great band. Jared Swilley, Black Lips bassist, was known for logging in TermBo late-night and freaking out on the haters. His most epic diss was: “I have an extremely powerful attorney. i do whatever i want. i travel the world. i get laid by chicks hotter than you douches can dream of (im in her room). and i get paid like a motherfucker. fuck you. your lives suck. i am so fucking happy right now.” The late great Jay Reatard spent a fair amount of time on the forum as well. Nobunny remains the best boarder in the game.

At any rate, behind the internet shit-talking and what have you, lies a fairly accomplished musician who knows the art of the catchy punk song.

Take a look at The Onions MySpace, listen to this reel-to-reel, or go to Texas in March to watch them play at SXSW.