SOTD: Dumb Doctors – “Black Door”

Dumb Doctors is South Carolina punk slime maestro Scott Dence on everything. This solo project is insanely ear catching, much like everything the dude has done with his bands M-TANK and Boring Portals.

“Black Door” is the B-Side of a recently released digital 7″ (I Am You), crank it full volume and leave no shame in the destruction of your eardrums via ultra fuzzy fuzz. I’m thinking Ty Segall and Dumb Doctors collaborative 12″ soon?

SOTD: Soft Eyes – “Follow The Night Moon”

A psych pop tart from Soft EyesLuke Goudreault (you all know this good dude from THE MIGS, Slimers, MMOSS, and formerly The New Highway Hymnal) solo. I’m psyched myself to hear that he – Soft Eyes – has a tape coming sometime soon on Under The Gun Records. Step into the time warp and you’ll surround yourself in a kind of atmosphere White Fence has prolifically bandied around in over the past few years.

SOTD: “Shag Carpet” (Wallpaper)

This is a little known gem of sorts from Wallpaper, a band that was at one point signed to K Records. “Shag Carpet” is a track from On The Chewing Gum Ground (2008, K Records). This song is interesting because it’s the perfect combination of Is This It era riffage and tougher/Australian-sounding punk. Recommended listening to those of all rock and roll backgrounds, whether you prefer early 2000s revival or some of the more recent surf/lo-fi/punk stuff.