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DoS No Age Interview

Talking about the state of the music “industry” seems to be a go-to topic nowadays. Steve Albini and now No Age.

Choice Quote: Dean: “Sometimes I like the idea of playing a house to 10 people but I like playing big places too, it just depends. I like the contrast and getting the best of both worlds of festivals. Seeing a band in a house environment is just the best experience, and you’re not supposed to see a band in there and we always think about how we can re-create that feeling a bigger level.”

Read: http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4141230

Randy Randall’s Summer Playlist

Words by No Age’s Randy Randall:

These are songs I like to listen to on weekend mornings. They are good songs to have coffee with and fold yr laundry, or just sit around and watch the trees. We have a couple of weeks to be at home in between working on the record and going out to play shows. This is time that I am psyched on; it is like having a vacation at home. I bought a vacuum cleaner and have just been watching movies at home and making vegan pizzas. These are good songs for mellow times around the house.

Link To Listen: http://www.artistadvocacy.com/special/guest-mixtape/no-age/

Randy Hustles Up!

Advice To Wanna-Be Hustlers: Just keep making music as much as possible. Finish every idea you have or at least run the numbers on an idea to see if whatever cash you currently have will be enough to help you accomplish what you wanna do. Don’t wait for someone to give you what you want, just go out and take it. Don’t be afraid to beg, borrow or steal whatever you need to get the job done. At the end of the day, no one will hear your almost-finished demo. You need to have something completed, no matter how good you think the finished product it. You can always take what you learned from making the first song/record/project and apply those new ideas to the next song/record/project. People don’t expect you to be perfect right out of the gate, so you shouldn’t expect perfection either. Having room to grow is what being a full-time artist/hustler is all about. If your first thing kills it, people will only be expecting bigger and better things from you, which is rad. You always wanna have the next bigger better idea brewing in your head, no matter how crazy it might sound to you right now. Stretching your comfort zones will only mean that you are growing. Don’t be afraid to fuck up or fail. Nobody ever got what they wanted by sitting on the sidelines. You gotta get your hands dirty and make mistakes to know where you need to improve and get stronger.

Check Out The Complete Feature: http://hustleup.wordpress.com/

The No Age Threesome?

My NA sneaks looked like this at one time. Then they got dirty.

LA PMA punk duo No Age played with an extra member at SXSW last weekend: Cundo Bermudez (Wrangler Brutes, Nazti Skinz), who worked as the recording engineer on some of the duo’s early 12-inches. Contrary to a report on the Los Angeles Times music blog, drummer Dean Spunt told Gossip Wolf that Bermudez is only a temporary touring member, but they are “hoping to find a permanent third.” May we suggest Craigslist’s “Casual Encounters” section?