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Castleface Releasing ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ Tribute LP

From Castleface’s Website:

“Full album cover of the classic Velvet Underground record, featuring reimaginations by Kelley Stoltz, Warm Soda, Ty Segall, Blasted Canyons (featuring Jeremy Cox of Royal Baths), White Fence, The Fresh & Onlys, Burnt Ones, The Mallard, Here Comes the Here Comes, K Dylan Edrich, and Thee Oh Sees!!! Limited to 1000 copies EVER. On Banana Yellow vinyl, with original art by David Shrigley. Only available through this site and from the bands at shows, no distro.”

1. Kelley Stoltz: “Sunday Morning”
2. Warm Soda: “I’m Waiting For The Man”
3. Ty Segall: “Femme Fatale”
4. Blasted Canyons feat. Jeremy Cox (of Royal Baths): “Venus In Furs”
5. White Fence: “Run Run Run”
6. The Fresh & Onlys: “All Tomorrow’s Parties”
7. Burnt Ones: “Heroin”
8. The Mallard: “There She Goes Again”
9. Here Comes The Here Comes: “I’ll Be Your Mirror”
10. K. Dylan + The Black Angel’s Death Songsmen: “The Black Angel’s Death Song”
11. Thee Oh Sees: “European Son”

Song of the Day – “Femme Fatale”

After Saturday night, it seemed only fitting for “Sunday Morning” to play after “Femme Fatale” because I literally met a Femme Fatale. I was suckered into a posthumously hilarious situation that I took all too seriously at the time. A very beautiful French woman flirted with me, held my hand, and advised me to follow her into the “special room” which ended up being the front door! So she threw me out and slammed the door. What a clown!

Classic CD Review: The VU & Nico

Title: The Velvet Underground & Nico
Band: Velvet Underground
Release: 1967
Label: Verve

1. “Sunday Morning” – A+
2. “I’m Waiting For The Man” – A-
3. “Femme Fatale” – A+
4. “Venus In Furs” – A+
5. “Run Run Run” – A
6. “All Tomorrow’s Parties” – A
7. “Heroin” – A+
8. “There She Goes Again” – A+
9. “I’ll Be Your Mirror” – A-
10. “The Black Angel’s Death Song” – A-
11. “European Son” – B

Comments: What can I say about this album that hasn’t already been said? Well, “I’m Waiting For The Man” is kind of lackluster compared to the crackly, but excellent 1969 Live version. A change-up comes with the noise classic “Run Run Run,” which has to have had a tremendous influence on many bands. I liken 3:37-on to Black Lips’ “Juvenile” with in terms of vocal structure and quick guitar progressions. “ATP” is an experimental-pop follow-up. It’s an awesome tune, no doubt, but not amongst the greatest on here. I like the noisy doo-wop of “There She Goes Again.” It’s fun. I’m not so impressed by the last three songs, but that’s okay.

Grade: A