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NOBUNNY Is Breakfast of Champions BOTW

Taken from NOBUNNY’s FB Page!

NOBUNNY – yes yes the mightiest rock ‘n roller, the liveliest of animen – is Breakfast of Champions (this is the classic WMBR 88.1 radio program) BAND OF THE WEEK for this week – starting today July 28th, 2014.

What does this mean? It means if you tune in from 8 AM to 10 AM EST or drum up the archives, you can hear 3 NOBUNNY songs in a row daily, yo. This is amazing, if you ask me. Selected by the DJs so there’s sure to be some variation. Though major props to Becca… she’s responsible for the overall selection of NOBUNNY so everyone be sure to thank her.

I’ll link ya right to the WMBR site: http://wmbr.org/www/sched-mul#boc

I love my Nobunny songs just about equally as a rabid devotee but if I was manning the boards I’d delicately place this one on for sure:

Listen To Colleen Green Play Live On WMBR’s BoC

I woke up to the great news that Colleen was playing on Breakfast of Champions 88.1 WMBR, so I tuned in, of course. I missed a lil bit of her set/chatter, but ’cause WMBR is pretty sweet, it allows you to listen to past programs right after they are finished. So that’s what you should do, if you missed it or better yet want to listen again. It’s just Colleen and her guitar and it sounds fantastic.

Set [Begins @ 1 HR, 15 MIN]
“I Wanna Be Degraded”
“Only One”
“Darkest Eyes”
“Worship You”

Link To Listen: http://wmbr.org/m3u/Breakfast_of_Champions_20111209_0800.m3u

Band of the Week: Wheels On Fire

Wheels On Fire! Go on YouTube, you won’t find too much tune-age. Tune your radio to WMBR and you might just hear these guys. I did this morning, in fact. Becky, the DJ of Breakfast of Champions (what a DJ by the way, playing my request of “Punk Slime” in a timely fashion), spinned “Losin” off their 2010 Liar, Liar record. That song was instantly catchy and I had no clue it was by Wheels On Fire. Thanks to Track Blaster, though, for showing me the way. At any rate, I haven’t heard a Wheels On Fire track that did not appeal to me. So Band of the Week, check them out somehow!

MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/wheelsonfire
BUY RECORD: http://www.bompstore.com/servlet/Detail?no=12133


Song of the Day: “The Waiting Song”

Band: Hurricane Bells

What Up? I heard this song on WMBR this morning on my way to work. Shout out to the program that played it, Breakfast of Champions, for also playing Galaxie 500’s classic and meteorologically fitting cover of Yoko Ono’s “Listen, The Snow is Falling.” Anyway, this song really stuck out to me. The guitars are light and everything else flows really well. It’s not outstanding by any count, but it’s quick and worth a listen.

Nice Overplayed List, WMBR!

As the DJ noted, the list isn’t about good or bad…it was about what was played a bit much in 2009. Turns out a few personal favorites were included like:

#97 – Nobunny – “Nobunny Loves You”
#73 – Black Lips – “Short Fuse”
#40 – Big Pink – Dominoes
#31 – Box Elders – “Alice & Friends”
#13 – Sonic Youth – “Leaky Lifeboat (for Gregory Corso)”
#12 – Jay Reatard – “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me”
#10 – Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Young Adult Friction”
#4 – Mission of Burma – “1, 2, 3, Partyy!”