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CD Review: Belong [2011]

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Release: 3/2011

1. “Belong” – A+
2. “Heavens Gonna Happen Now” – A
3. “Heart In Your Heartbreak” – A
4. “The Body” –B+
5. “Anne With An E” – B-
6. “Even In Dreams” – A-
7. “My Terrible Friend” – A-
8. “Girls of 1000 Dreams” – A-
9. “Too Tough” – B+
10. “Strange” – B

Comments: The first thing that is very noticeable about Belong is that it is more expansive than really anything we heard from their S/T debut. The heavy choppin’/Dino JR sounding guitars on opener “Belong” are a welcome addition, as is simply the flow of the tune. The LOUD catchy chorus transitions into a brief boom before a buiLDING verse leads back to that LOUD chorus. “Heavens Gonna Happen Now” is more like old Pains material. Excellent. “The Body” ain’t the best thing to come out of their discography, pretty solid Pains, a dancey new-wavy number. “Anne” might be their first shoe-gazey slip-up, no problem as the synths in “Even” make up for that. Belong doesn’t have the coy top-to-bottom catchiness that their s/t debut did, but this noisier, longer record does have some fantastic moments (the first three songs).

Grade: B+ (89)

The Pains of Not Being Able to See a Favorite Band

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart will be playing tonight at the Paradise Rock Club and unfortunately I will not be in attendance, but I highly recommend this show to all because they are one of my favorite bands right now. I might see Louis C.K. at my school (UMass Lowell); it’s not a substitute, but it will do.

Pains at Paradise!

I don’t know if me posting upcoming concerts is getting on anyone’s nerves, but I really don’t care, because I’m too damn excited! I saw The Pains of Being Pure At Heart at The Middle East almost exactly a year ago and they were pretty good. At the time, I was only a teeny bit familiar with their music. Then I listened to their LP and I was blown away. I think knowing the tunes this time around will make the show even greater.

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart- Paradise Rock Club, Boston on Wednesday, October 20- Yeah, you know this shit is KLYAM Recommended.

Why do soooooo many of my favorite shows have to be during the week?!

Nice Overplayed List, WMBR!

As the DJ noted, the list isn’t about good or bad…it was about what was played a bit much in 2009. Turns out a few personal favorites were included like:

#97 – Nobunny – “Nobunny Loves You”
#73 – Black Lips – “Short Fuse”
#40 – Big Pink – Dominoes
#31 – Box Elders – “Alice & Friends”
#13 – Sonic Youth – “Leaky Lifeboat (for Gregory Corso)”
#12 – Jay Reatard – “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me”
#10 – Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Young Adult Friction”
#4 – Mission of Burma – “1, 2, 3, Partyy!”

Top Albums of ’09

5) The Almighty Defenders- The Almighty Defenders
Top Tracks: “Cone of Light,” “The Ghost With the Most,” “She Came Before Me,” “Over the Horizon,” “Bow Down and Die,” and “All My Loving”

4) Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavilion
Top Tracks: “Summertime Clothes,” “My Girls,” “Brothersport,” “Lion In a Coma, ” and “No More Runnin”

3) Deerhunter- Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP
Top Tracks: “Disappearing Ink,” “Game of Diamonds,” “Famous Last Words,” and “Rainwater Cassette Exchange

2) The Pains of Being Pure At Heart- The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
Top Tracks: “Hey Paul,” “A Teenager In Love,” “Come Saturday,” “Everything With You,” “Young Adult Friction,” “Contender,” “Stay Alive,” and “This Love Is Fucking Right!”

1) Black Lips- 200 Million Thousand big surprise lol
Top Tracks: “I’ll Be With You,” “Old Man,” “Drugs,” “Big Black Baby Jesus of Today,” “Starting Over,” “Trapped In a Basement,” “The Drop I Hold,” “Short Fuse,” “Take My Heart,” and “Let It Grow”

This list could possibly change if I hear other albums I like from this year, such as the recent Editors album, which is supposedly amazing and/or the upcoming King Khan & BBQ Show release.