Listen To Colleen Green Play Live On WMBR’s BoC

I woke up to the great news that Colleen was playing on Breakfast of Champions 88.1 WMBR, so I tuned in, of course. I missed a lil bit of her set/chatter, but ’cause WMBR is pretty sweet, it allows you to listen to past programs right after they are finished. So that’s what you should do, if you missed it or better yet want to listen again. It’s just Colleen and her guitar and it sounds fantastic.

Set [Begins @ 1 HR, 15 MIN]
“I Wanna Be Degraded”
“Only One”
“Darkest Eyes”
“Worship You”

Link To Listen:

3 thoughts on “Listen To Colleen Green Play Live On WMBR’s BoC”

  1. Glen! I’m so happy you caught this and posted the link. I found out about it just after it ended and was so sad! What serendipity that a Google search for the recording led me back to KLYAM. I’m so glad you are a Colleen fan, and that I was able to learn about KLYAM at none other than a bona fide Colleen show months back.

    1. Great things came out of going to that show ! Exactly who would have guessed circumstances such as this post and your re-arrival to KLYAM ? I don’t know ! Hope all is well

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