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My Top Ten LPs of Twenty-Thirteen

I know I’m a little late on this and I already ran my mouth off in my last post regarding my top shows of 2013, so I’ll do my best to keep this one short and sweet. Here we go…

10) Dylan Ewen & The Southern Gospel Gangbusters – Country Fried, Southern Pride (BUFU Records) – Gangbusters? More like Gangbangers! I really got into a lot of Dylan Ewen this year in his various projects and out of all of them this was my favorite. For my money, this has Dylan’s rawest, most in your face lyrics with a nasty, bad ass gangsta edge that puts him up there with Cube, Dre, and Mr. Big. So wild.  AND it’s all set to a full backing band (drums, guitar, bass, viola, banjo, mandalin, harmonica, you name it) busting out southern gospel, bluegrass, and country. I had the pleasure of catching the band live in the heart of JP last month and I errr uhh nearly wet myself. TOP SONG: “500 Days of Bummer”

9) Bent Shapes – Feels Weird (Father/Daughter Records) – I just received this record as a Christmas gift and I’m loving it. As a long time fan of Bent Shapes/Girlfirends this is a terrific mix of classics and some solid new jams. Every track is strong. On one hand, it feels like a greatest hits compilation and then on the other it comes across as a completely new entity. It works both ways. TOP SONG: : “I Was Here, But I Disappear”

8) Shannon And The Clams – Dreams In The Rat House (Hardly Art) – Shannon and The Clams  is a big favorite of mine, so this album was a serious treat this year. This one falls in line with all of their previous work: rock ‘n’ roll at its purest. 50’s doo wop, garage rock, Ramones styled punk rock, and some of the best voices you will ever hear. It may not be the most original music, but it’s rock ‘n’ roll. This is the plateau, this is the ideal, this is the benchmark. TOP SONG: “If I Could Count”
idiot genes pic
7) Idiot Genes – S/T (Self-Released) – The third (but not final!) Boston band on this list, Idiot Genes are one of the most recent bands I have listened to in 2013. I first caught them at a show at O’Brien’s Pub last August and I was enamored with their oddball sense of humor and surly, apathetic punk attitude. Subsequently, I hopped on their bandcamp and I was blown away by what I heard. I related to the band’s sloppy, lethargic, wasted narrative. The feeling of being fucked and fagged and shagged. I was frustrated and hearing the Idiot Genes reminded me why I hold rock ‘n’ roll so near and dear to me in the first place. It is my elixir, the temporary cure to all of life’s problems. They are almost like a different kind of party band, an after party band, a hangover band. This all sounds like one miserable hangover, and by miserable I mean extraordinary. Makes me want to drink too much and then regret some of it the next day, especially when the hangover doesn’t go away by 5 /6 PM like it usually does, so then you just drink more, until the next day after that when you’re even more hungover AND still a little drunk. So, what do you do? you crack open a beer and drink some more and then you listen to Idiot Genes, one of my new favorite rock ‘n’ roll elixirs for that temporary cure. Drunk Consistently. Listen here and join me in a nightcap. Cheers. TOP SONG: “The Charles Mansion”

6) Colleen Green – Sock It To Me (Hardly Art) – Sock it to me? Ok. Ms. Green is one cool cucumber with all her Richard Nixon and True Romance references on her latest album Sock  It To Me. Much like Shannon and the Clams, with this album Colleen maintains the same rock ‘n’ roll flavor she’s always had, it’s just stronger than ever. Just a great example of how pop music doesn’t have to be a big mass machine product, instead it can be as simple as a guitar, a drum machine, and passionate vocals. TOP SONG: “Number One” (The Queers cover)

The Monsieurs 2
5) The Monsieurs – Rock The Night (Self-Released) – Damn son, this past October I had the enormous fortune of cumming across my legs when I came across The Monsieurs at the Brighton Music Y’all opening up for the holy King Khan & The Shrines. I’ve heard plenty of great garage spunk this year, but this new release from The Monsieurs was/is a real dessert, a dish best served cold. A cold, sudden punch right in the nads that is. Seriously though, these dudettes and dude really fucking rock and pack in the punches. This band has all the bells and whistles and bubblegum and grit that you and your buddies get off on every time you listen to Hunx  and Nobunny and hopefully Fagettes at home on your dad’s worn out stereo, BUTT Monsieurs turn it up to 11. From the first few seconds of “Shadow” to the last gasping breaths of “At the Hop,” this record is garage pop on steroids. Lead singer Andy Macbain is a beast, a force to be reckoned with, and his vocals are out of control, off the wall. It’s all sludgey and thuddy and LOUD. If you like rock ‘n’ roll with a rambunctious ummphhh up your ass then here ya go – yet, it’s still as sweet as a little old lady taking 20 hours to cross the street with her little old cane? So sweet it helps that sludge go down smoother… I see big things for The Monsiuers in Twenty Fourteen. In 2014, let their album Rock the Night become your musical lubricant! TOP SONG: “Kari Ann”

4) King Khan & The Shrines – Idle No More (Merge) – It’s always a great year whenever one of our Honorary KLYAMERS releases an album and King Khan is among our top OG’s. You could say he helped make us who we are today to paraphrase a line in the tune “So Wild,” a song dedicated to the late, great Jay Reatard. RIP Jay forever and ever.  For once your wild spirit may rest in peace… the chaos of the world so foreign, yet so familiar, you feel this tone on King Khan & The Shrines’ Idle No More, their first album since 2007. It’s a very personal album, the most mature to date. Highly spiritual as ever, yet it still maintains that fantastic Khan spirit of ubiquitous joy. Love. And coming back to the KLYAM, that’s one thing I love about rock ‘n’ roll (as we see it),  all the bands we rep, and this record. No matter how torturous the world can be, there’s still a light. Khan and his crew take the misery, the darkness, and they turn it on its ugly head, ultimately receiving a boisterous, fun filled album as ever been conceived by the Shrines.  TOP SONG: “Bite My Tongue”

3) Nobunny – Secret Songs (Goner) –  Nobunny continues the trend on this list of artists releasing albums that preserve their raw, rock ‘n’ roll character and yet augment their craft at the same time.  Secrets Songs is stacked with smash hit after smash hit haha; every tune is a blast, no filler. Love Visions will probably always be my favorite, but I have to send my accolades to Mr. Bunny here. This LP has the most variety ever on a Nobunny record lyrically, musically, and aesthetically. There’s several fast poppers, screeching hardcore punks odes, and a batch of soft gentle numbers for the ladies and in particular for the Birthday Girl. NO NO 4 LYFE! TOP SONG:  This is a toughie, but for now I’m going to go with “Bye Bye Roxie”

2) Peach Kelli Pop – Peach Kelli Pop II (Burger) – I know this came out in 2012, but I heard it in its entirety in 2013 and I loved it so damn much that I just couldn’t leave it off the list! This is one of the greatest pop records I have ever heard. Like I said earlier regarding Colleen Green, pop music  doesn’t have to be mass produced and this certainly applies here. I was in love with PKP’s first album and I didn’t think it could be topped at the time. What was I thinking?! As awesome as her debut is, it doesn’t have anything on its sequel. Holy shit, this thing is incredible. PKP II is like Terminator 2, if it was a movie. A full blast of immediate, catchy pop songs from start to finish is what we have here. Peach Kelli Pop – Allie Hanlon channels bubblegum, garage, and 60’s Girl Groups in all of these short, but ever so sweet songs. It’s like injecting yourself with bubblegum pop music and feeling that instantaneous sugary high! This record always puts me in the best mood. Cheers. TOP SONG: “Red Leather”

And the weiner is…

1) Hunx and His Punx – Street Punk (Hardly Art) – I know, I know I’m a Hardly Art whore. Haha, that should be a marketing trend. Labels should pick up on this. I can picture it now “I’m a Burger Whore!” or “Be a Burger Whore!” Shirts, pins, posters, let’s do it! I say this all with love. Anywhooo, since the dawn of KLYAM five years ago, Hunx and His Punx is one of the only, if only (possibly?) band that has consistently put out new, exceptional releases each year. With this album, Hunx and his cronies have snarled their way into the bowels of the rock ‘n’ roll/garage/punk landscape. I just adore and admire the way the band mixes up early hardcore punk (Germs, Misfits, Black Flag) with their classic garage rock style. Half of me says it’s an affectionate satire and the other says this is the real deal, this is the music itself. It feels like Circle Jerks or whoever comes to mind. When Hunx says he wants to beat you with a baseball bat, his screams are terrific and serve as a true homage to the aforementioned punk legends, but let’s not forget he’s saying this all because of his BAD SKIN! That’s part of the fun. I’m glad someone finally made (I could be wrong here and I very well may be missing out on loads of great, similarly styled albums) a piece of work that connects the dots in these various styles of pure rock ‘n’ roll music, which is not very pure to begin with. It’s so satisfying. I’ve always felt like that early wave of hardcore punk was like garage rock’s weird, fucked up cousin. It’s all coming from the same place essentially. It’s all about total and agonizing frustration and partying your ass off to cure that frustration. Hunx and His Punx get it. By the way, some of Shannon Shaw’s finest vocals! TOP SONG: “Mud In Your Eyes”

So, that’s it. That’s my list, but before I depart I have to give some mo’ shout outs. Here are some honorable mentions.  Ben Tan – Inside Out, The Memories – Love Is The Law, Kal Marks – Life Is Murder, Saralee –  S/T, The Gabba Ghouls – S/T, Kaviar Special – S/T, and last but certainly not least Lust Cats Of The Gutters – S/T , an album that was released in 2012, but nonetheless one of the best albums I heard all year.

2013 was also the first year of our record label KLYAM Records. We were/are extremely proud that our first release was one of our favorite records from 2012: Fat Creeps S/T EP

I chose not to include it on this list, because A) It was one of our own releases, B) It was originally released in 2012 and that’s when we heard it and loved it, and so forth, and C) It’s an EP and this is a list of my top LPs. Still, I couldn’t go without repping this record in a year end list of top records. Furthermore, if you haven’t picked up this album yet, then do yourself a favor and grab one now before it’s too late You can order it from KLYAM Records here: The record is also available at Weirdo Records and Armageddon Records, both in Cambridge, MA.

We look forward to 2014 as we have more records and shows and reviews then can be imagined! Stay tuned, then turn on, and then drop out, and we’ll meet up and listen to records or something.

Peace 2013!

SHOW ALERT: Colleen Green & Cassie Ramone @ ZuZu Next Monday!

Colleen Cassie
Every time Colleen Green returns to her native Massachusetts we’re always jumping for joy and this time is no exception. Colleen’s hitting up Middle East’s ZuZu next Monday, December 23rd and she’s bringing along her pal Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls, The Babies)! Be there or be somewhere else astronomically less amazing.

If you really can’t make it, then you can redeem yourself by popping into the Worthen in Lowell to see Ms. Green on Friday, January 3rd with Mannequin Pussy and TKC. Do iT! You have no excuses.

More upcoming Colleen Green shows!:
Jan 4 – Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio w/ Cassie Ramone
Jan 5 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Mannequin Pussy
Jan 6 – New Brunswick, NJ @ Circuit City
Jan 18 – El Centro, CA @ Booze Houndz w/ Audacity
Jan 25 – Los Angeles, CA @ Touch Vinyl
Fed 13 – Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour (Animation Block Party) w/ Blackbird Blackbird

Review: Colleen Green, White Fang, The Memories, Ronnie Nordac’s Crying Lessons @ Bathaus (10/8/13)

Colleen JP
Flyer by Freak Flag
Bands: Smarty, White Fang, Colleen Green, The Memories, Ronnie Nordac’s Crying Lessons
Date: Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Venue: Bathaus (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Ronnie Nordac’s Crying Lessons – Damn son, has it been six months already? April 25th was the first time I saw Ronnie Nordac and the original Crying Lessons and the last time I saw Colleen Green. Six months go by fast, but not as fast as the ultra speedy songs that comprise a Crying Lessons’ set. I guess that’s how they make you cry… they want to keep you crying for more. I’ve been seeing them a lot lately, so it’s working. Doo Wop, bubblegum pop, rock, they got you covered. It’s all heavenly. “Like” them on facebook:

The Memories – Going into this show I had never listened to The Memories and only knew of them through their association with White Fang. I’m kicking myself now for not checking them out before, since they are one of the best live bands I have ever seen. The whole band is awesome, but much of this admiration is directed towards frontman Erik Gage.  Erik’s got that natural pizzaz to him, he’s all over the place and in your face, and best of all he and his bandmates got the music to back it up.

The Memories play slow, jam/psych fused garage pop.  All of the songs are super short, straight to the point and utterly hilarious. The Memories’ personality genuinely shines through in all of these colorful tunes. There are songs about fornicating with significant others while the rents are away, handing femmes your own prized art work only to  have them hand it back to you (what a bitch!), getting high and not going to work tomorrow (wish I could say the same), and a little something something that all of us need from time to time: “You Need a Big Man.” All of these absurd tunes remind me of Frank Zappa (especially in Erik’s vocals) and Ween  – the songs are goofy and not to be taken too seriously, but at the  same time they are well crafted and truly admirable.

Now, The Memories aren’t just a bunch of jokers. They also write important songs with serious subject matters. Erik introduces one of the set’s final numbers as their “most serious song.” This of course is “Go Down On You.” Listen to it here and giggle like the little school girl you are:
Listen to more here:

Colleen Green – Although I really dig White Fang and now The Memories, tonight I am mainly making the trek out to JP to see Colleen Green. I’ve seen Colleen a few times now and each time has been fairly different from the last. I’ve seen her play in bars, art galleries, and now basements. This seems to be a more natural setting for Colleen and her mellow music. It’s just Colleen, her guitar, and her drum machine. In my previous experiences, Colleen was accompanied with a full band (Plateaus) or her friend Marissa on guitar. So, just seeing her all by her lonesome is a departure, yet it feels closer to her recordings.

Colleen opens with “Only One” from her most recent release Sock It to Me (Hardly Art) and the packed basement’s attendees start to move and shake and twist and turn a little bit. She goes on to perform other CG classics such as “Dance the Night Away,” “I Wanna Be Degraded,” and “Worship You.”

As a whole, I wouldn’t say this is the most memorable Colleen Green show under my belt, but it’s still pretty sick and overall I can’t complain. If you haven’t heard Colleen Green yet, I urge you to check her stuff out RIGHT NOW. If you dig Ramones, Blink 182, Descendants, and all that spazz, then you oughta dig Colleen or I oughta knock yer lights out!

White Fang – I first heard White Fang earlier this June roughly around 11 AM at a bar known as Eugene O’Neil’s in Jamaica Plain. When you’re a KLYAMER no time is too early for a beer; we’re night owls and early risers at the same time. We’re everywhere and we’re growing each day. Beware. But, back to White Fang. A local peep by the name of Jeff Somers was working the bar at the time and he introduced Glen and I to the almighty White Fang. We were vibin’ to their infectious grooves alright, all night. You could say we were late to the White Fang hysteria, given the fact that these dudes have been around for years. Bradford Cox even wrote about them on the Deerhunter blog in 2008; he’s always ahead of the game, gotta love that dude.

So, yeah White Fang rules and most of the band comprises of members of The Memories including singer, Erik Gage. In similar fashion, White Fang is all fuzzed out with their gnar pop and chop. White Fang tends to be heavier though, and they get the crowd all riled up. There’s some quasi moshing during their set and everyone is having a gay olde time. Gay as a fox.

One of White Fang’s most memorable joints is a little ditty known as “Can’t Deal With Being Real” and it’s dedicated to all the (not so) kewl cats that aren’t in attendance tonight.  Here’s to White Fang for keeping it real, hope you last forever.

Unfortunately, we missed Smarty :(

The masterminds we call Freak Flag put on this holy show and they deserve a big shout and lots of love! Check out their blog here: They also host various DJ nights in the Boston area and publish a mind bending newsletter/quarterly that will make your head spin in all its awesomeness.

Colleen Green/White Fang/The Memories Tour!

Y’all know Colleen Green right? Ya y’all know. Ms. Green is heading on tour yet again and she’s bringing along her friends in White Fang and The Memories!

Tour Dates:
Fri 9/20 – Seattle WA @ Neumos w/ The Growlers, Pangea, Gap Dream, Cosmonauts, La Luz

Sat 9/21 – Portland OR @ Wonder Ballroom w/ The Growlers, Pangea, Gap Dream, Cosmonauts, La Luz

Sun 9/22 – Eugene OR @ The Firehouse w/ Cosmonauts, Gap Dream, Pangea

Mon 9/23 – Reno NV @ Holland w/ Cosmonauts, Gap Dream

Tues 9/24 – Salt Lake City,  UT @ The Pickle Factory

Wed 9/25 – Denver CO @ Bluebird Theatre w/ The Growlers, Pangea, Gap Dream, Cosmonauts, Dressy Bessy

Thu 9/26 – Omaha NE @ Slowdown w/ The Growlers, Pangea, Gap Dream, Cosmonauts

Fri 9/27 – St. Paul MN @ Turf Club w/ The Growlers, Pangea, Gap Dream, Cosmonauts, Hot Rash

Sat 9/28 – Chicago IL @ Subterranean w/ The Growlers, Pangea, Gap Dream, Cosmonauts, White Mystery

Sun 9/29 – Detroit MI @ The Magic Stick w/ The Growlers, Pangea, Gap Dream, Cosmonauts, Veloura Caywood, The Pizazz, Outrageous Cherry

Mon 9/30 – Cleveland OH @ Happy Dog w/ Cosmonauts, Gap Dream

Tues 10/1 – Pittsburgh PA @ Mr. Roboto Project

Wed 10/2 – Brooklyn NY @ Death By Audio w/ Hector’s Pets

Thu 10/3 – Boston MA @ Sinclair w/ The Growlers, Pangea, Cosmonauts, Gap Dream

Fri 10/4 – Philadelphia PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ The Growlers, Pangea, Cosmonauts, Gap Dream, Habibi

Sat 10/5 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom w/ The Growlers, Pangea, Cosmonauts, Gap Dream, Habibi

Sun 10/6 – Worcester,  MA @ Hotel Vernon

Mon 10/7 – Burlington VT @ The Monkey House

Tues 10/8 – Jamaica Plain, MA @ 420 Askapunk Ave

Wed 10/9 – Purchase NY @ Manhattanville College

Thu 10/10 – Baltimore MD @ TBA

Fri 10/11 – Durham NC @ The Pinhook

Sat 10/12 – Asheville NC @ TBA

Mon 10/14 – Atlanta GA @ 529

Tues 10/15 – Birmingham AL @ Spring St Firehouse

Wed 10/16 – Oxford MS @ Lamar Lounge w/ Dent May

Thu 10/17 – New Orleans LA @ Circle Bar

Fri 10/18 – Pensacola FL @ Handlebar

Sat 10/19 – Tallahassee FL @ TBA

Sun 10/20 – Jacksonville FL @ Rain Dogs

Mon 10/21 – Gainesville FL @ The Atlantic

Tues 10/22 – Tampa FL @ TBA

Wed 10/23 – Miami FL @ Churchill’s (Colleen’s Birfday!)

Thu 10/24 – Orlando FL @ Uncle Lou’s

Fri 10/25 – St. Augustine FL @ Nobby’s w/ Peach Kelli Pop, Guantanamo Baywatch

Sat 10/26 – Chattanooga TN @ Mise en Scenesters Film Festival

Sun 10/27 – Nashville TN @ The Basement w/ Breast Massage

Mon 10/28 – Memphis TN @ The Hi-Tone

Tues 10/29 – Hot Springs AR @ Low Key Arts

Wed 10/30 – Ft. Worth TX @ The Chat Room

Thu 10/31 – Austin TX @ TBA

Fri 11/1 – McAllen TX @ Thirsty Monkey

Colleen Green 12 Questions Interview

Read this super cool Colleen Green interview from 12 Questions. Colleen offers sincere, thought provoking, and sometimes funny responses. Here’s my favorite: “It’s been years since I looked at the book, but I always think about how Holden Caulfield couldn’t stop himself from telling a girl that he loved her, even though he didn’t REALLY love her, but in that moment, he REALLY did. And I believe in that. It’s what my song “Goldmine” is inspired by.”

Oh and why not hook you up with a link to the interview: There ya go.

Review: Colleen Green, Fat Creeps, Fedavees, Ronnie Nordac @ Radio (4/25/13)

Fat Creeps Colleen
Bands: Colleen Green, Fat Creeps, Fedavees, Ronnie Nordac
Date: Thursday, April 25, 2013
Venue: Radio (Somerville, MA)

Ronnie Nordac – The infamous Ronnie Nordac. I don’t know much about Ronnie, but I have seen his name appear in Boston Compasses for the last year and a half or so (give or take). He’s the dude that makes those rad drawings.  Ronnie Nordac. His name sure sounds funny and it’s fun to say. Ronnie Nordac. Sounds like a comic book super hero. If a super hero looked and sound like Joey Ramone – tall, long black hair, black shades. Ronnie is hard to miss.

Ronnie Nordac sings and plays guitar and he usually plays solo, but tonight he is accompanied by a bassist, a drummer, and another singer named Kara. From what I hear, this is a recent development and apparently this the first time the band has played together, having only practiced for a week. Despite (or because of) their novice status, I admire practically every song they play. I hear teeny bits of outsider rock, particularly in Ronnie’s clanky, amateurish, but ever so sweet and hooky guitar riffs. It’s eccentric garage surf pop.

Definitely memorable  songs; sadly I cannot find them anywhere! One song I love is called “Rock ‘N’ Roll USA,” I especially love Kara’s vocals and her adorable dancing. Her vocals are my favorite part of the set. When she sings, it reminds me of The Pixies/Kim Deal. I can still hear it in my dreams.

Word around the campfire is that Ronnie is playing a show on August 1 at Club Bohemia (Cambridge) with rampant twat diddler Gangbang Gordon and Lowell superstar, Durt Dog the Band. That’s going to be a fine ass show, but hopefully I’ll see him and all of those dudes before then.

Fedavees – I’ve seen these guys a couple times before and they didn’t blow my mind the way they have blown other people’s minds. They are a decent band, but this droney, laid back style of music just doesn’t do it for me. It’s like getting on a roller coaster that never takes off. I’m more of a Black Lips guy, listen to “MIA” and “Sea of Blasphemy,” and see what I mean. I won’t babble or rant anymore, because what’s the point of a “negative” review? If a positive review is to get people turned on to what’s turning you on, then is a negative review supposed to make people ignore the bands you don’t like. That is ridiculous. Don’t listen to any music blog swine, you heard it here from a music blog, no swine. Think for yourself and question authority.

Fat Creeps – Ohh dear, I have written about this band way more than I ever anticipated writing about any band, except for maybe the Black Lips.  I’ve sucked so much Black Lips and Fat Creeps dick, I’m putting some serious sluts to shame. It must be kind of strange for the Fat Creeps, having some weird music nerd (and by weird I mean incredibly awesome) writing about nearly every one of their shows. As a fan it’s cool because I get to document one of my favorite bands and see how they change overtime. Around this same time last year, they were just starting to hone their craft with the arrival of drummer, Jim Leonard. Now, a year later, it’s hard to imagine the band without him (I never saw the trio pre-Jim anyway). Through writing about many of these shows, I’ve seen the group introduce several Creeps standards such as “Secrets,” “Daydreaming,” and “Going to the Party,” all of which are played tonight. Some of the more recent (though not brand spankin’ new) Creeps numbers include “Blue” and “I’ve Got.” I’m still getting into these new tunes, I can’t say I love them, but I have a feeling my opinion will change if they are fleshed out more. “700 Parts” is my favorite Fat Creeps song; it’s morbid and it doesn’t sound like any other band, which is pretty much what I look for in every artist I hear. Distinct, enticing songs. Watch “700 Parts” and all of the great Avi Paul Weistein videos from this show right here:

Colleen Green – Colleen Green is the coolest to quote one Ronnie Nordac. Damn straight Ronnie. Like Mr. Nordac, Ms. Green rocks the black shades and she also rocks out on her happy birthday Jeff! guitar, but unlike the last time we saw her, she isn’t backed by a full band. This time, the Massachusetts native turned Cali garage punk brings back her beloved drum machine and a friend named Marissa, also rocking shades (and bass).

Tonight, Colleen and Marissa deliver a fun, mellow set featuring both old and new Colleen Green songs. The Ramonesian “I Wanna Be Degraded” and “Nice Boy (I Want A)” are among the older classics that I have come to love in the past couple years.  I swear the latter was written for me ;) haha jk.

Colleen and Marissa also play a steady batch of hits from the latest Colleen Green record, Sock It To Me (Hardly Art). Check out that album, if you haven’t, for it may be the greatest 2013 has to offer. The audience at the Radio has the pleasure of hearing new songs such as “Only One,” “Darkest Eyes,” and “You’re So Cool.” I love hearing all of these new tunes and this performance is even better than the last time I saw Colleen, way back in September.

For some of the songs later in the set, Colleen plays solo and Marissa sits back, watching her friend play like everyone else. Then, for the encore, Marissa joins her pal again in a cover of  The Queers “Number One.”

So, happy to see Colleen Green again, always a blast, one of my favorites! Also, read this sweet article about Colleen:

Review: Colleen Green – “Sock It To Me” (2013)

Artist: Colleen Green
Release: March 2013
Label: Hardly Art

The long awaited Sock It To Me is here and I am a happy camper. I say long awaited because Colleen has mentioned this release being in the works at least since December 2011, when she played two of these tracks on WMBR’s Breakfast of Champions. Those recordings sure were exciting and left me in anticipation for the unnamed release…which we know now is this record! Well well well, Sock It To Me features the likes of Colleen, her trusty drum machine, and some additional support and engineering from Danny Rowland. The guitars are still fuzzy as ever, the melodies go above and beyond previous tracks, and in general, I’d say these are some really fleshed out tunes.

I really really enjoy “Time in the World,” as it is particularly sticky, thanks to a varied drum beat, layers of guitar and sound, and Colleen’s brilliantly stretched out vocals. To continue in the direction of talking about some more interesting tunes, I’ll mention “Close to You,” which is like the ultimate pop song – almost R&B/slow jam style – distinctly CG, but pretty different from a lot of the songs on this record and in her catalog at large. These vibes continue on the title track, which sounds like it is destined to explode into noise, but keeps the pace with a healthy amount of uh-huhs. And that’s fine!

Side B of Sock It To Me is a good degree faster and heavier than the songs I previously mentioned, so if you found yourself previously big into tunes like “Worship You” or “Rabid Love,” Side B might be your side…or if you are into pretty much anything that Colleen composes, it’s all good! In fact, the heavy shit of “Heavy Shit” straight up rocks. The production throughout the record stands out, as I feel that we now get a super sized listening experience, with differentiation between the trebly guitar parts, the bassy guitar parts, and the other instrumentation instead of one chunk of sound. Colleen is such a good songwriter that she can really do a lot with a little (technically speaking) and Sock It To Me is her latest and greatest example of that. The entire record is very catchy. Additionally, I’m not sure that anyone is really doing the kind of stuff that Colleen is. And that’s cool because she does it so well.


Colleen Green is playing with Fat Creeps, Fedavees, and Ronnie Nordac on April 25th at Radio in Somerville, Mass. This will be a show’s show.