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Blog Recommendation: Bored Out

Lost Sounds – Black Wave (2001)

Bored Out is an incredible little blog, tumblr, err what have you. If you eat up the slime we rep on this site then you’ll faint when you see this shit. BO is run by a dude named Ryan Leach and includes concert photos, reviews, and best of all in depth interviews with the likes of Mark Sultan, Eric Friedl, Greg Cartwright, Jeffrey Novak, and even one with Jay Reatard from 2006. Speaking of Jay, Ryan recently published a Lost Sounds oral history, which I can’t recommend enough for fans and non fans alike. It does a terrific job of illustrating how bands like The Reatards and Lost Sounds were much more than mere stepping stones to Jay’s solo career. Well done Ryan.

Read it all here, it’s addictive: http://boredout305.tumblr.com/

Fat Possum To Release Lost Sounds Comp “Blac Static”

Release: July 19, 2011
As Chosen By: Alicja Trout and Rich Crook

1.  1620 Echles St. – Black Wave
2.  I’m Not a Machine – Black Wave
3.  Black Coats/Whitefear – Rats Brains & Microchips
4.  Its My Dream – Memphis Is Dead
5.  Plastic Skin – Black Wave
6.  Dark Shadows – Black Wave
7.  Rats Brains & Microchips – Rats Brains & Microchips
8.  Energy Drink & the Long Walk Home – Rats Brains & Microchips
9.  You Don’t Know Remote Control – Rats Brains & Microchips
10. Reasons To Kill – Black Wave
11. Satan Bought Me – Memphis Is Dead
12. Radon Flows – Rats Brains & Microchips
13. Soul 4 Sale – Memphis Is Dead
14. I Sit I Watch I Wait (demo)

Band of the Week: Lost Sounds

This week we are breaking the mold of expectation just a smidgen. For the first time we are harking back to an older group as our Band of the Week. In honor of the recent first year anniversery of Jay Reatard’s death, here is the Lost Sounds, one of Jay’s earlier bands- a synth heavy, bizarre Punk outfit that had a nice flavor of Jay to it, but was also completely disparate from his solo work that you could enjoy on both levels. From what I hear, they were fantastic live. Oh, it’s such as shame! Jay Reatard: 1980-2010.

Classic Album Review: Lost Sounds

Artist: Lost Sounds
Full Title: Lost Sounds
Year: 2004
Label In the Red

1) There’s Nothing- 9
2) Destructo Comet- 9
3) I Get Nervous- 9
4) Clones Don’t Love- 9
5) I Sit I Watch I Wait- 8
6) Ophelia- 8
7) Your Looking Glass- 8
8) Let’s Get Sick- 8/9
9) And You Dance?- 8
10) We’re Just Living- 8
11) Mechanical Feelings- 9
12) Bombs Over M.O.M.- 9

Grade: A
Comments: I’m always glad to hear “new”- meaning music I’ve never heard before- material from my favorite artists. Being a massive Jay Retard fan, I had to check out his earlier, Synth Punk band, The Lost Sounds. This was their last record and it is simply a delight. Much of it sounds nothing like Jay’s previous and later works. This is obviously due in part to the excessive (in a good way!) use of keyboards and vocalist/guitarist/synthist lol, Alicja Trout. “There’s Nothing” is a solid opener and sets the mood for the rest of the album. In fact, the songs do not really vary in sound/presentation all that much, but I do not see that as a flaw, it works very well here. The songs nicely flow into one another, creating an entire experience, rather than simply some songs thrown together, which often happens with other records. With that being said, the best tracks are at the beginning and the end, as indicated above. Most of this record, as I mentioned before, to me, does not resemble other Reatarded music, but the track “Mechanical Feelings” really does, especially the lines “don’t count me out, don’t count me out, I’ll scream and shout, don’t count me out.” The “ohh no no no, they won’t get me, they won’t get me” in Jay’s “Waiting for Something,” but faster and more intense. Anyone? Well, for me they sound alike. The LP concludes with the triumphant, “Bombs Over M.O.M.” one cannot help but chant along to the impassioned chorous, “All the Walls are Falling, Falling DOWN!” Trout then continues to sing, “FALLING FALLING FALLING….” for what seems like an eternity. Excellent closer, one of the best I have ever heard. Most closers are weak, in my opinion, parce que, they make overly ambitious attempts to floor the listener with an EPIC! ending. BOM is just right. This record honestly sounds like it could be a follow-up to 2009’s Watch Me Fall , if Jay added synth and a feamle vocalist. In other words, it’s nothing like his earlier Reatards work and in some ways sounds futuristic, if you will. All in All, I recommend this to Jay fans and anyone else. It’s KLYAM RECOMMENDED, but I’m not grabbing that little logo lol.