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Blog Recommendation: Bored Out

Lost Sounds – Black Wave (2001)

Bored Out is an incredible little blog, tumblr, err what have you. If you eat up the slime we rep on this site then you’ll faint when you see this shit. BO is run by a dude named Ryan Leach and includes concert photos, reviews, and best of all in depth interviews with the likes of Mark Sultan, Eric Friedl, Greg Cartwright, Jeffrey Novak, and even one with Jay Reatard from 2006. Speaking of Jay, Ryan recently published a Lost Sounds oral history, which I can’t recommend enough for fans and non fans alike. It does a terrific job of illustrating how bands like The Reatards and Lost Sounds were much more than mere stepping stones to Jay’s solo career. Well done Ryan.

Read it all here, it’s addictive:

Cheap Time Embarking On Massive Tour Starting Thursday

For the next two months Cheap Time will be playing nearly every night. Though they aren’t playing Boston, they ARE playing practically everywhere else in America!

Click “More” for a listing of all the dates; here’s a video from last year for “Another Time”:

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Album Review: Ty Segall Band – “Slaughterhouse”

Ty Segall Band
In The Red Records

Comments: It would be reasonable for a KLYAM reader at this moment to think to themselves, “damn, they’re all about Ty Segall lately!” We aren’t secretly working for Ty, by the way. It’s just been that what the guy has been doing lately is nothing short of incredible. Slaughterhouse, as many of you may know, is the work of Ty’s live band, which in addition to he, includes Emily Rose Epstein (drums), Mikal Cronin (bass), and Charlie Mootheart (guitar). Technically speaking, this is the band’s first studio release. (There is a 2011 complete band live album called Live In Aisle 5.)

It’s hard to tell exactly how this record was produced. In many ways, it sounds like a ‘everyone ready? 1-2-3-4!!!’ click and record effort. The depth and clarity of each instrument is something else. Getting back to the record itself, I find it fascinating to look at this from a loose concept record whose name tells all angle. You think Slaughterhouse and you don’t think of a sunny afternoon walk in the town common. It’s more like the guitars and all associated effects are no longer producers of music, but are more like intelligently crafted guns. Even Ty’s vocals aren’t at all like the Ty that we’ve heard from the beginning. He’s vicious, carefree, and destructive. He screams and he says ‘fuck yeah’ and ‘fuck this fucking song’! The songs themselves don’t fall far from the creators’ tree. The band is on the same page as Ty and the three of them, well they don’t give a flying fuck either. Some might say well “Fuzz War” is just a loada shit noises and random chords. I would’ve said that two years ago. If you look at this from a macro perspective, it’s almost a perfect ending. We start with “Death” and work backwards to when the mayhem began. (Don’t go back and listen to every song in the reverse order — though that might actually be interesting to some… including myself.) At this point you might be thinking, so what’s the best song on this thing? Well it’s “Wave Goodbye”. I believe [after much deliberation] that “Wave” is the best thing that Segall has done to date. It’s a perfectly crafted song. From start to finish, it’s a monster. You know Ty’s up to no good when he starts off “I went to churches and I went to school, I played by all of your mother’s rules”. That solo never gets old, either. The pounding of Emily Rose Epstein. Mikal and Charlie. Man. “Wave Goodbye” is so supreme that it sort of leaves you wanting to compare the other songs to past Ty efforts. But you will find that you can not simply do that. Even the 1 minute 30 second “Muscle Man” most effortlessly can compete with the fuzziest and loudest there is on Melted. Speaking of loud and fuzzy.

Where to go from here with that. Friggin “That’s The Bag I’m In” slaps “Muscle Man” around with its dick. You can’t help but smile when Ty instructs “extra fast” on the “Diddy Wah Diddy” cover. Ty and Charlie get extra giddy at times on that song and Ty. Funny dude. “I got a car with wheels. Who fuckin’ cares? Fuck this fuckin’ song. DIDDY WAH DIDDY…Wait, rewind it, let’s go again!” This is a tight band.  If we care to backtrack a bit, we can talk about some of the other tracks. “I Bought My Eyes” is insane. Some people who prefer damaging aural attacks might say this is the front-runner of them all. It sort of is. The other contender is “Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart.” First. Any coincidence that they’ve been playing “Eyes,” “Wave Goodbye,” and Tell Me” live? They must love them long time too, right? If songs were people (as I often make the comparison), who would win in a 5k running race, “Eyes” or “Tell Me”? If you are a Melted purist, you might be more of “The Tongue” type (though that means you could be an “Imaginary Person” or “Caesar” purist…cover your ears, kids…and this isn’t an insult, those are my favorite songs, too). Or maybe you like yourself some “Oh Mary,” which indeed is a Ty Segall cover. And by Ty Segall cover, I mean one guitar/two drums one-man band 2009 style. This time around, Ty’s vocals sound nearly identical, but the instrumentation is more bopping, controlled, and clearer. Controlled chaos. I’ve seen it listed sometimes as “Mary Ann,” which either is a mistake of journalists or a purposeful re-branding made for an onslaught of first-time amateur Ty listeners. Let’s go to the bottom of Slaughterhouse.

I was about to say this is Ty’s best release. I’m not sure if it is entirely appropriate to say that though. I can’t imagine too many record reviewers have asked what the roles were of John Hassall and Gary Powell in the making of Libertine records. I don’t have any liner notes in front of me (still waiting for the record to arrive in physical form) so I feel bad coming to any conclusions and giving misinformed credits. I know the band has switched up instruments live and they are all capable of doing that kind of thing. Did it happen on Slaughterhouse? Either way, this really is a special record. This is only the beginning of my experience with it. I can’t wait to drop the needle for the first time and hear the first screeches of “Death” and the final barrage of noise on “Fuzz War”. And everything in between. Right now, I’m going to place it ahead of Hair, which I raved about. Like most great rock and roll, I can see this being under-appreciated. Maybe people aren’t on the same wavelength as I am about the capabilities of these four, but it’s really something that ought to be examined. Excellent!

“Slaughterhouse” Streaming/ On Sale @ In The Red

Ty Segall Band’s Slaughterhouse has been released! The long awaited debut from Ty and his touring band was originally set for a mid-July release, but the powers to be (In The Red Records) have made it available now! It is streaming on Spin (hear) and on sale at In The Red and probably at a local record store near you soon.

New Thee Oh Sees LP “Putrifiers II” + Tour With Ty Segall

Sounds like a ‘Best Of KLYAM’ kind of news update. Thee Oh Sees have Putrifiers II coming out on In The Red on September 11. They will be touring with Ty Segall as well. No Boston dates (sad face), but here’s for hoping that this line-up swings by these parts at some point.

Tour Dates
09-13 – Denver, CO – Gothic Theater
09-14 – Oklahoma City, OK – ACM @UCO
09-15 – Austin, TX – La Zona Rosa
09-18 – Atlanta, GA – Goat Farm
09-19 – Birmingham, AL – The Bottletree Cafe
09-20 – Nashville, TN – Zombie Shop
09-21 – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter
09-22 – Brooklyn, NY – The Well
09-23 – Asbury Park, NJ – ATP
09-25 – Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom
09-26 – Toronto, Ontario – The Hoxton
09-29 – Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon
09-30 – St. Paul, MN – Turf Club

1. Wax Face
2. Hang a Picture
3. So Nice
4. Cloud #1
5. Floods New Light
6. Putrifiers II
7. Will We Be Scared?
8. Lupine Dominus
9. Goodnight Baby
10. Wicked Park

— And watch an interview with Brigid Dawson, keyboardist/tambourine/vocalist: