That Barbaras Record Might Be Coming Out This Year

As Stephen Pope tells New Zealand’s The Corner [LINK]:

Are you planning on releasing the Barbara’s album this year?

We’re shooting for that, yeah. Alicia from Lost Sounds and River City Tanlines is handling that. We recorded an LP with Jay Reatard like three years ago and we thought he’d deleted it in a fit of anger, cause that’s what he told us. Then the band kind of dissolved, but Alicia got hold of Jay’s recording machine, and it turned out that the Barbara’s LP was still on there. She’s been mixing it, and it’s been really slow process, but I think Goner’s going to put it out, hopefully this year.

Read: “Jay Reatard Through Atlanta’s Eyes”

Rolling Stone has published an interesting article that talks about Reatard documentary Better Than Something and Reatard’s relationships with the city of Atlanta and its people — Jared Swilley, Bradford Cox, the Carbonas, etc.

Check it out:

Also, check out this hilarious video:

Two Years Ago Today: Jay Reatard

KLYAM fave and legend Jay Reatard passed away. This came as just as much of a shock to us as it did to others. Though I did not know Jay personally (and if you’ve seen my ‘experience with Jay Reatard’ video, you know damn well), I was affected by his death. Just as he was at the peak of his solo career, I was at my peak in being a fan of his music. Since January 12, 2010, I’ve delved much deeper into his deep discography. If you haven’t already, do check out Angry Angles, Destruction Unit, The Reatards, The Lost Sounds, and Final Solutions.

Some Old Jay Reatard Vids

It’s been nearly two years since Jay Reatard left this world. Time seems to be flying. When I first heard Jay in 2008, little did I know he’d become one of my favorites. Little did I know that I’d end up seeing him perform three times. I still need to watch Better Than Something. Hopefully, it gets released on DVD, or at least shown on the big screen in Boston.

[LINK] This video is from a Jay Reatard band practice in 2007. It includes a couple Blood Visions classics, an early take on “Always Wanting More” (Selling your coke or telling your joke, they always want something more from you), and an unreleased song, presumably titled “OH OH OH OH”.

Below is the official music video for “My Family”. Just kidding. Well, kind of. It’s a Mike Long video. It was removed from his original YouTube channel (along with every other of his great videos), but before that happened Jay actually saw it and liked it. In fact, he sent it as ‘thee music video’  to some zine.

Two Years Ago Today…

Chris and I saw the late great Jay Reatard opening for the Pixies at the mighty Wang Theater (now Citi Performing Arts Center). This was the last time we’d ever get to see him. I remember anticipating his next Boston show, which I figured would be very soon (he had played here three times in five months).

Our review of his set from back in the day:
“Jay and His Denmarkian cohorts (Cola Freaks), they robbed the painted nude ceiling women of their respective virginities with their twelve o’clock chunk, even though most of the crowd was settling in through their set. Their sound was great. I only wish that I was standing and bumping into my companions. As soon as they hit the stage, they blasted into the classic “Blood Visions.” Within just a few moments of mayhem, Jay Reatard aficionados, the few of us, could tell he sounded better than ever before. One fan in particular was so excited he stood up and wildly danced and humped the air! The songs were longer (well, by his standards lol) and resembled their studio counterparts a bit more, whilst retaining that noisy assault Jay prides himself on. Highlights were “See/Saw” (as always) and “I Know A Place,” although the entire set was exceptional. Without a doubt Jay Reatard goes down as my favorite opening act. Alas, the performance was underappreciated, since everyone came for the Pixies, but that’s okay because we’re all fucking creeps!”

Songs That Sound Similar PART FOUR

The Adverts: “New Church” – LINK

Jay Reatard: “It’s So Useless” – LINK

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. Jay was influenced by The Adverts (obviously). Listen to the vocal delivery and drum beats in the verse. You’ll know what I’m hearing.

Upcoming LP Re-Issues

Some good news on the vinyl front:

In The Red Records will be re-issuing the currently very hard-to-find Black Lips LPs Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo (2007), Good Bad Not Evil (2007), and 200 Million Thousand (2009) in August.

–  FDH Records will be re-issuing Terror Visions’ World of Shit. Originally released as a picture disc in 2006, this will be getting the proper LP treatment soon. And for those of you still confused, Terror Visions was a side project of Jay Reatard’s, similar in style to Lost Sounds, but harsher, darker and not as melodic.

Fat Possum To Release Lost Sounds Comp “Blac Static”

Release: July 19, 2011
As Chosen By: Alicja Trout and Rich Crook

1.  1620 Echles St. – Black Wave
2.  I’m Not a Machine – Black Wave
3.  Black Coats/Whitefear – Rats Brains & Microchips
4.  Its My Dream – Memphis Is Dead
5.  Plastic Skin – Black Wave
6.  Dark Shadows – Black Wave
7.  Rats Brains & Microchips – Rats Brains & Microchips
8.  Energy Drink & the Long Walk Home – Rats Brains & Microchips
9.  You Don’t Know Remote Control – Rats Brains & Microchips
10. Reasons To Kill – Black Wave
11. Satan Bought Me – Memphis Is Dead
12. Radon Flows – Rats Brains & Microchips
13. Soul 4 Sale – Memphis Is Dead
14. I Sit I Watch I Wait (demo)