3 Years Ago Today: Pixies/Jay Reatard @ Wang Theatre

This show happened. When it was announced that Jay Reatard would be opening for Pixies this evening, us dudes became beyond excited. Pixies playing Doolittle was enough to go nuts over, but man, it was just two months ago that we witnessed a fine Reatard (and Hunx/Nobunny/Box Elders/Useless Eaters) spectacle at Harpers Ferry. This announcement was insane.

Jay and his new backing band of Cola Freaks delivered in one of the strangest atmospheres he/they probably had ever played in. The modest crowd seemed puzzled by Jay’s performance and even more so the guy by the merchandise section who called him “Johnnie Reatard”. Either way, the KLYAM gang witnessed an amazing thing, something that afterward had us craving for more; we wondered when Reatard and crew would be back. Was this every 2-3 months of playing Boston going to become a habit? We hoped.

There are not many accounts of this show that mention Reatard. There are some, including our review of the show. Check it outhttps://klyam.com/2009/12/04/concert-review-the-pixies/

If you were there for this and want to share any memories or what have you, go for it! It would be awesome to hear other perspectives.

Two Years Ago Today…

Chris and I saw the late great Jay Reatard opening for the Pixies at the mighty Wang Theater (now Citi Performing Arts Center). This was the last time we’d ever get to see him. I remember anticipating his next Boston show, which I figured would be very soon (he had played here three times in five months).

Our review of his set from back in the day:
“Jay and His Denmarkian cohorts (Cola Freaks), they robbed the painted nude ceiling women of their respective virginities with their twelve o’clock chunk, even though most of the crowd was settling in through their set. Their sound was great. I only wish that I was standing and bumping into my companions. As soon as they hit the stage, they blasted into the classic “Blood Visions.” Within just a few moments of mayhem, Jay Reatard aficionados, the few of us, could tell he sounded better than ever before. One fan in particular was so excited he stood up and wildly danced and humped the air! The songs were longer (well, by his standards lol) and resembled their studio counterparts a bit more, whilst retaining that noisy assault Jay prides himself on. Highlights were “See/Saw” (as always) and “I Know A Place,” although the entire set was exceptional. Without a doubt Jay Reatard goes down as my favorite opening act. Alas, the performance was underappreciated, since everyone came for the Pixies, but that’s okay because we’re all fucking creeps!”


That’s right, in exactly one week, Glen, John, Paul, and I will witness the Supreme Genius of The Pixies, not to mention, supporting act, Jay Reatard and his new crew, whom apparently have more chops than his former band mates. Anyway, The Pixies are playing their 1989 magnum opus, Doolittle in its entirety at the Wang Theater!

But wait…. before then, Glen, Paul, and I will experience the Supreme Genius of Sonic Youth in just two days!

WARNING: More Pixies updates will probably come this way.