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That Barbaras Record Might Be Coming Out This Year

As Stephen Pope tells New Zealand’s The Corner [LINK]:

Are you planning on releasing the Barbara’s album this year?

We’re shooting for that, yeah. Alicia from Lost Sounds and River City Tanlines is handling that. We recorded an LP with Jay Reatard like three years ago and we thought he’d deleted it in a fit of anger, cause that’s what he told us. Then the band kind of dissolved, but Alicia got hold of Jay’s recording machine, and it turned out that the Barbara’s LP was still on there. She’s been mixing it, and it’s been really slow process, but I think Goner’s going to put it out, hopefully this year.

Band Spotlight: The Barbaras

History: Five best friends who’ve been making jamz since 2006, at the latest. Maybe even earlier than that. It’s a band that features members of The Boston Chinks and possibly some other dudes, though we’ll never know for certain.
Years Active: 2006-Present
Label: Goner/In The Red
Genre: Bubblegum/Psychedelic Pop
Line-Up: Will, Billy, Alex, Bennett, Stephen, Ben, Michael, and Ray.
Musical Style: Like others have said, they sound like the Beach Boys with a little bit more of an experimental knack. I’m sure a notable portion of King of the Beach was inspired by these recordings that Billy and Stephen were in on. They also sometimes sound like a happy Jay Reatard. Huh?
Best Album: I don’t think they’ve released a full length yet.
Top Songs: All of the songs on their Myspace page are pretty grand.


Jay Remembered

Stephen Pope (Former Bassist) Eulogy:
When he signed with Matador he called me and said, ‘Stephen, let’s go celebrate.’ So we went to Checkers first and got a few Big Bufords. We got a $4-bottle of champagne. Two or three. Then we went to Men’s Warehouse. He bought a purple and black suit and he forced me to get a purple velvet blazer. Then we went to a spa Downtown, where we decided to get the most expensive couple’s massage. We drank more champagne, got an hour-long massage right next to each other, then we got in a hot tub filled with rose petals and drank more champagne. Then we got a manicure. A gourmet lunch was supposed to be included, but in true Jay Reatard fashion, he said, “Screw that. Go get me a bacon cheeseburger.” So we ate bacon cheeseburgers while getting a pedicure. And I just remember sitting there getting a pedicure with bacon and grease and cheese and champagne all over me, and looking over at him on his cell phone, telling the story of what we were doing right then.