Some Old Jay Reatard Vids

It’s been nearly two years since Jay Reatard left this world. Time seems to be flying. When I first heard Jay in 2008, little did I know he’d become one of my favorites. Little did I know that I’d end up seeing him perform three times. I still need to watch Better Than Something. Hopefully, it gets released on DVD, or at least shown on the big screen in Boston.

[LINK] This video is from a Jay Reatard band practice in 2007. It includes a couple Blood Visions classics, an early take on “Always Wanting More” (Selling your coke or telling your joke, they always want something more from you), and an unreleased song, presumably titled “OH OH OH OH”.

Below is the official music video for “My Family”. Just kidding. Well, kind of. It’s a Mike Long video. It was removed from his original YouTube channel (along with every other of his great videos), but before that happened Jay actually saw it and liked it. In fact, he sent it as ‘thee music video’  to some zine.

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