Review: Cumstain, Free Pizza, Gangbang Gordon (Tape Release), White Pages @ JP Drive In (8/24/14)

Cumstain Boston
Flyer by Christine Moore
Bands: Free Pizza, Cumstain, Gangbang Gordon, White Pages
Date: Sunday, August 24, 2014
Venue: JP Drive In (Jamaica Plain, MA)

FUCK YESSS! Cumstain in Boston! We’ve been huge Cumstain fans for the last four years, so this is truly a triumphant day in KLYAM history. A dear diary moment indeed. I had visions of seeing the band play in a dank, crowded basement and NOW for once my fantasies have cum true!

White Pages – White Pages kick the show in the balls with a BANG. Not my favorite garage rawk band around these parts, but they fit in well with the crew tonight; fast, sloppy, out of tune punk rock. Songs are over before you even knew they began. I wish they were a little bit more distinctive, but I appreciate the ramshackle. I also get a kick out of the band’s self deprecating attitude. “You couldn’t possibly hate us as much as we hate ourselves.” Haha.

Gangbang Gordon – Shit, if you thought White Pages were nutty then you’re in for a shocker. If the name alone didn’t scare you away (which it shouldn’t), brace yourself for America’s greatest cultural train wreck, GANGBANG GORDON! Culturally Irrevelerent that is. That’s GBG’s tape (out now on BUFU Records) and this is his tape release show. Did you get all that?

Gordon and his fellow gangbangers, which includes a rockin’ Sydney Kinchen on tambourine, are all squeegied together in a tight spot in the basement. This is their first haus show and honestly the best I’ve seen from the group. Not just hoppin’ on the Gangbang train, it’s the best I’ve seen. The sound is smoother, it’s a teeny bit more melodic, and the bangers just feel more at home. For one thing, the vocals are clearer than ever, though I also recognize most of the lyrics, since I’ve watched these little puppies (the songs) grow practically since their inception.

I think they open with “Malt Shop,” a pill poppin’ popper. It’s outsider noise, but there’s also some slamming, traditional punk rock to it. Some of the songs have solid, catchy, head bobbin’ inducing riffs to them (“Life At The ABC,” “I Can Testify,” and “Slide Paper”), but then sometimes those riffs get lost in the madness. I know this is a gangbang, but I’d prefer it if they had more rehearsals. Like they all gang up on a teddy bear or two the night before.

It’s okay though, as I said this is my favorite set from the dudes. When GBG/Gordon/Gangbang/Ted Bundy/ G Spin It/Max Hardcore/GG Gordon Allin/ GG Gordon Liddy/Gangbang Gordon Marshall JK plops into the crowd resting his guitar against his JP Drive By vicdumbs he serenades them with each guitar stroke, giving all their GF’s strokes in the process. They eat up each JP Lick he has to offer.

Cheers buddy, let’s see you and your minions do it again in another rusty basement near you and me and other kids like us in a theater near you and perhaps me, but closer to you.

Cumstain – WHA WHA WHATTT??? WHAT’S THEIR NAME?!! Chill out bro, it’s cool, EVERYBODY CUMS. In fact, that should be the name of a children’s book: Everybody Cums. From the creators of Everybody Poops…. We’ll teach them while they’re young so we don’t have to deal with all of their PC whining when they grow old. Wipe away all that self-righteous shame in its infancy.

Seriously though, I’m getting the chills. I’ve waited for this for so long. The band opens with White People Problems (2012) classic “I Ain’t Wrong.” Hot dog, we have a weiner. We also hear some newish cuts such as “Dahmer Blues (Gimme Head),” my Grandmother’s favorite Cumstain song. She used to shotgun six busch lights with Jeffrey Dahmer every morning. She’s a trooper.

For the first half of the set, the crowd is kind of swaying about, nodding along, you know politely rockin’ out or whatever that noise is. Erin and Sean then introduce one of Cumstain’s finest tunes “Bachelor’s Life” (from 2010’s Hurry Up and Kill Yourself You Scumbug, Trust Me Your Mother Won’t Miss You) as a song a certain someone (HINT: Expletive Gore Dan) might enjoy… and that sets the crowd off as it oughta. What a banger!

The crowd’s sauced and rowdy, boppin’ and sloppin’ to and fro. The band climaxes with their eponymous #1 hit “Cumstain” (2010) and I hear some folks giggle as Sean sings “I just want to fuck you.”  But, that’s not enough. The people want more. They demand sloppy seconds and we get an encore with “Broke My Dick” (2010) and the bodies keep slamming some more, culminating in a 40 shattering to pieces. It’s just another malt liquor stain on your floor.

A HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Cumstain for playing this show on their tour. It was amazing to finally meet Sean and Erin. Boston loves you, pretty please cum back soon!!!


Free Pizza – The moshing continues and barely stops for a breather. The crowd goes particularly apeshit during the local rock anthem “Boston, MA.” Surely, it is one of those songs I wish could go on for two hours, if you’re just feeling it. The lyrics center around the happenings of young musicians and music lovers and pretty much anyone else depending on how you take it “living in Boston, Massachusetts.” My favorite line is “chill with the dead in the cemetery.” The dead. Grateful Dead. Haha, I always picture Jesus, Santiago, and Nick chilling with the Grateful Dead in a cemetery when I hear that line. Perhaps their jamming together. Perhaps.

Go see these guys live. There’s no excuse not to, one of the best around town and they play all the time.


Don’t leave before checking out this sick vid of Cumstain from the show shot by our dear friend Mr. Melody Matters!

Boston Fuzzstival 2014 Recap

Date: Saturday, August 2, 2014
Venue: Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs (Cambridge, MA)
Bands: Dinoczar, Black Beach, Gymshorts, The TeleVibes, Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, CreaturoS, Atlantic Thrills, Abadabad, Magic Shoppe, 28 Degrees Taurus, The Fagettes, Fat Creeps, Doug Tuttle, Ghost Box Orchestra, The New Highway Hymnal

Once again, here’s another show review in spectacularly late fashion! Ahh at least last year’s review was completed merely hours after leaving the show. Can’t win em’ all, but we live to fight again or something like that. Anywho, here’s some fond recollections of my favorite bands’ performances at this year’s Fuzzstival…. oh and a lengthy introduction as to cap it all off. You didn’t think you would escape one of my lengthy introductions now did you??? Haha.

We love going to shows. You don’t need me to tell you that unless you assumed we were masochists this whole time. It’s all been our great displeasure seeing all of your bands perform live year after year. It’s been ever so painful. Though, if it’s painful for a masochist isn’t it also pleasurable? You got me. We’re actually not masochists, we’re sadists. We spew filth and fury. Hate us on facebook.

Festivals are simply shows on steroids or better yet shows in the midst of a nasty coke binge. One band and then another and then another and then another and then another. Sensory overload. All senses are fuzzed up by the end of this shindig. All senses. The Lysergic Factory Lightshow, Video Joe Turner, and  Wax House A/V scrape the mucus off your brain, Emma’s Pizza deliver mouth watering slices, and fifteen of New England’s feistiest tear through what’s left of your withering eardrums. I think that covers all the senses. Ahh well, you get the gist.

We at KLYAM typically cover the fuzzy variety – garage spunk psychaholics.  So, it’s an absolute pleasure to have an entire festival dedicated to this “style” of music. Big thanks to Jason Trefts/Illegally Blind for doing what must be done. We thoroughly enjoyed last year’s Fuzzstival, but the line up this year is even superior: many of our own local favorites and on top of it all, the party takes place at our favorite venue, Middle East.

———— UPSTAIRS ————-

Gymshorts – We scurry into the Middle East, fretting that we may have missed our Providence dawgs in Gymshorts. As we slime into the Mid East Up, I notice a crowded room and Gymshorts setting up to play and I realize I haven’t missed anything. An awesome relief washes over me.  Per usual they launch into “Scumdog” I WANNA GET HIGHHHH AND I WANNA GET STONEDDDD” ya you know.  They shred the usual No Backsies jams then things come to a halt briefly when one of their strings breaks. Hey, rock ‘n’ roll ain’t perfect. They bounce back with an apropos tune for the moment in “Oh Brother.” Catch these shorts on a giant ass tour all across these here United States:

The TeleVibes – Dude, these vibes get right under your skin and crawl around for a few days/weeks at a time. You’ll be telling all your friends and loved ones about how awesome The TeleVibes were at the Fuzzstival. Fuck, your grandchildren.

The Tellies are fuzztastic, but they got a little more than just grit in their wee bellies. They possess a tenacious affection for mind melting psych noise that’s dripping garage snot rockets all over the place. Guitar riffs coming straight from the bowels of hell. That’s old Charlie Northin’ there and old Scott Lorin’. And old brother Christian Hardy packing heat and smacking away on the skins. Sounds like these young men have spent entirely too much alone time with Mr. Dwyer and Mr. Segall. So, I guess then that’s not alone time, ahh well it’s too late to go back now. The past is the past and we’re living in a modern world, whatever that means.

I’ve seen The Tellies in the past, but prior to this Fuzzstival, it’s been about seven months (HOLY SHIT I know, I was shocked as well) and they sincerely sound better than ever. Actually, my favorite band at the Fuzzstival. Dig it. It’s dug. These Tellies be vibin’ so hard. They slap me in the face like a bag of wet dicks. Each guitar lick is a new slap to the face and I suppose the masochist in me wants more. More More More, no wait, wrong fuzz band. Forgive me or not, whichever works. I’ll be seeing The TeleVibes again and again, in my head and in my bed, now that I got me my very own Washed Up EP on cassette! LISTEN to it HERE:

Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion! – Listen up, you little freaks. Here’s one band you’re not going to FUCK with… ladies and gentlemen, Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost  Scorpion!

I’ve been seeing these fine gents a lot lately. Starlab Fest, Black Lodge, and now here at the Fuzzstival. Beware is the premiere Boston surf rock band, a surf nut’s wet dream. They lean hard towards the nuttier side of the surf realm, fitting in perfectly within this fuzz fest as my friend Dylan likes to call it.

As always Beware puts on a fun, frenzied show, constantly hoppin’ and boppin’ around the stage, leaving the audience on the edge/over the edge. Definitely a band to catch in the flesh sooner than later. Their recordings sound just as demonic though, check them out here:

CreaturoS – Local psych juggernauts, CreaturoS headline the first half of Fuzzstival, being the last band to play at the Middle East Upstairs tonight. The group (as with most of the bands playing this thang) thank Jason Trefts for hosting such an epic event. They rip through an earache inducing set of psych pop that Boston fans have come to know and love.

At one point this dude climbs on stage and awkwardly stands up there with the band for a few seconds.  I even think he’s a friend of the band for a minute. You know how sometimes bands pull up their comrades to sing or play along to a song. Not in this instance. The band smirks and kindly escorts the man off the stage. Perhaps he thought there would be a stage invasion like last year:

So, that’s the end of the first half of the fest. Oh and check out CreaturoS on bandcamp:

———– DOWNSTAIRS ————

Atlantic Thrills – Providence dawgs Atlantic Thrills are kicking things off right for the second half of the Fuzz. Seeing the Thrillz up on stage here brings me back to the first time I saw them live about three years ago at this very same location opening for Those Darlins. Damn, and many more shows followed!

The crowd is still building up, but those of us that are present are devouring all the punk slime and saliva these maniacs have to offer. My favorite tonight is “Day At The Beach,” a great Summer jam or as Dan Tanner puts it “this song is about drugs and the beach.” Reckless abandon. For mo’ Atlantic Thrills:

The Fagettes – Illegally Blind seriously rolls out the upper crust of local fuzz and Fagettes is a prime example of that. The group (featuring Nice Guy Jake Gilbertson on bass) pounds through a rockin’ set of gettes classics such as “On Drugs,” “Gonna Die Out Here,” and a bunch of others my fuzzed out dome is missing.

The crowd moves and shakes a bit more during their set, but are still too motionless for my tastes. That’s one of my few qualms about the Fuzzstival. Lack of significant crowd participation/dancing/moshing. Everything else is tip top A ok.

Ryan Fagette is as feisty as ever, prowling around the stage, fighting off some technical difficulties with his guitar. He gives a fiery performance during “I Wanna Feel Good” as he makes his way to the crowd, standing tall above everyone. He fervently shouts  I WANNA FEEL GOOD  directly into various patron’s eyes. He even messes around with the Lysergic Factory’s light show, making a mess out of all dem pretty colors.

Fat Creeps – FC is fresh off a two week tour with The Lentils. A friend of mine observed that bands always sound tighter when they have just come back from tour and I think that’s true in this instance. It’s like everything else, if you keep persistent, you naturally get better. I’m just happy to finally see the band perform at my favorite above ground venue; I believe this is their first time playing at the Middle East Downstairs. Anyway, definitely one of the better shows I’ve seen from the trio recently. No hesitation, kick out the jams, and raise some hell. Some hell.

I’m at the point now where I don’t really have much more to say about this band, I’ve seen them over 30 times and it’s always been a pleasure. I dig some of the audio assault in the “new” songs from Must Be Nice such as “Party” and “Having So Much Fun,” but I’ll always have a place in my heart for the oldies like “Nancy Drew” and “700 Parts.” It’s all good.

We missed The New Highway Hymnal :( but, if I had seen them, they surely would appear in this article. Check them out regardless:

So, that’s my recollections. One big final shout out again to Jason Trefts/Illegally Blind.  Like, follow, share, support, do whatever you do on the fascist book, just most importantly GO to the fine ass shows he’s constantly putting on around Boston.


Video from TeenageRiotTv

Review: Fat Creeps, The Memories, Street Gnar, Miami Doritos @ Whitehaus (5/31/14)

Bands: Fat Creeps, The Memories, The Lemons, Street Gnar, Miami Doritos
Date: Saturday, May 31, 2014
Venue: Whitehaus (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Miami Doritos – It feels like déjà vu seeing Miami Doritos slaying at thee olde vanillahouse. I saw them two weeks ago on a bill with Fat Creeps, Crosss, and Loose Tooth. This set is pretty much similar to that one and that’s fine by me. There’s a mixture of new songs, newish songs, and some vintage Doreets. I tells ya, for my money it doesn’t get much better than Kurt and Alex slamming into “Bike Cops” when you’re feeling rather toasted. It’s always a highlight of mine, just makes my spidey sense tingle. It’s like discovering you still have twenty more minutes to sleep in before getting up for work. I’ll take a spiritually arousing Miami Doritos set to kick off a show anytime.

Catch the band live before they catch you. It will be fun, it will be educational, it will make you laugh, it may even make you cry. One thing is certain, you will need to bring an extra pair of pants because you will finish before they finish. Get started here:

And why not strap on your Compton hat and grab this smelly 7″ Splifft from the Big KLYAM Cartel:

Street Gnar – I only catch a few moments of this and it sounds like a combination of dream pop and experimental noise. Reminds me of Lowell’s Chill City Icon.

The Lemons – Damn, I missed these guys :(. They are coming back on August 12 at Great Scott!

The Memories – Few bands can make my eyes light up like these Memories. Ahh yes the memories come back to me literally. Memories of the time I saw the band at a haus in JP last October with Colleen Green, White Fang, Ronnie Nordac’s Crying Lessons, and Smarty. This set tonight is like a time machine back to that breezy, beautiful autumn night.

Front dude Rikky is an all star performer. A true entertainer. With just a few words, moves, and mannerisms he can captivate an audience. He’s Dude Love  if Dude Love had a rad band that journeyed across the country and beyond nearly all year long.  For my non pro wrestling enthusiasts Dude Love was Mick Foley’s hippie alter ego. And if you don’t know who Mick Foley is then I just can’t help you. Matt Altieri would be disappointed in you.

Speaking of love, it’s the theme of the evening. It’s the theme of The Memories. It’s everywhere, it’s in their hearts and souls, and it’s in the air. The smell of love in the air… or marijuana smoke. These cats can’t go more than a couple songs without firing up another joint. And their songs aren’t long either!

Love and weed. Those are the themes of The Memories and this show. As I’m writing this though, I just remembered my English teachers telling me that themes are not just one, but an entire statement. Damn and I was an English Major. I’ve failed.  But Hey! it’s all good. I’m with The Memories.

Jumping back to the joints for a second, besides this act complementing the music and vibe itself, it also establishes the point that house shows are always superior in nature to any other show. That goes for pretty much most bands, but with The Memories it is especially true. I really can’t picture seeing these dudes anywhere other than a tight, tiny spot. Haha  that sounded far more licentious (I love this word) than I intended it to be.

As I mentioned earlier Rikky can work a crowd and half of the pleasure of taking in a Memories show is his/the band’s light hearted sense of humor. This comes through in most of their songs on tape/record, but it’s far more animated when you see it live.

Once again, it’s like a trip back to my first Memories experience. All of the songs are performed to a tee. Such playful classics as “Dad’s Not Home,” “Higher,” “You Need A Big Man,” “Go Down On You,” and many others.  Those last two are essential. Big Man Rikky is able to take a typically disgusting sentiment and make it palatable in a pop song, because it’s funny in a coy sort of way. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

If Ice Cube, Steve Albini, or myself said YOU NEED A BIG MAN to a woman then we’d probably get clocked in the head. “You awful, awful man!”  But, it works here. It’s simultaneously mocking and celebrating males’ obsession with their own anatomy. It’s funny, Rikky even flexes his arms as he says “A big man tough and a big man strong, you need a big man thick and a big man long.” ExtenZe needs to get on this. I smell a theme song.

The show closes with Rikky spreading a few words of wisdom. He enlightens us about the meaning of this evening’s final tune. (I’m paraphrasing) Sometimes in life you find something you’re good at and very passionate about, so you want to pursue it full time. Then he pauses…. “nah, I’m fucking with you, this song is about eating pussy,” and with that they kick into what is arguably the finest Memories tune “Go Down On You.” The song is a great example of how the band mashes their sweet, 60s AM pop sound with sexy/stoner themed lyrics.

Definitely one of the best live bands around right now.  Seeing them up front and personal brings a new life to these already exquisite tunes.

Fat Creeps – A running theme tonight is the actual basement setting itself. A lot of music freaks (including myself) attribute their most memorable show experiences to seeing shows in basements/houses. It’s an entirely different environment from your typical aboveground, legitimate establishment – even if it’s a swell venue, the swells aren’t as tasty as a place like the Whitehaus.

Besides seeing the Creeps at BUFU Fest I haven’t seen them in months. New Year’s Eve was the last time actually. So, hey man it’s great to actually see the band with a proper set. It’s been ohh so long. Their music is perfect for a a basement show too. It hits on all the emotions. It can be fun and happy, solemn and murky, upbeat and sexy. You name it. I’ve felt it. Whatever.

If you haven’t felt it you should spend the rest of your worthless life figuring out what went wrong at the following tour dates with The Lentils:

Monday, July 14 in Brattleboro, VT at THE FUTURE
Tuesday, July 15 in Buffalo, NY at SPIRAL SCRATCH RECORDS w/ JOHNS and SPACE WOLVES
Wednesday, July 16 in Columbus, OH at ACE OF CUPS
Thursday, July 17 in Chicago, IL at AUXILIARY ARTS w/ JIMMY WHISPERS and THE SUEVES
Friday, July 18 in Chicago, IL at THE OBSERVATORY w/ THE HECKS and WUME
Saturday, July 19 in Louisville, KY at Astro Black
Sunday, July 20 Nashville, TN at PUSSY PALACE w/ IDLE BLOOM
Tuesday, July 22 in Atlanta, GA at GOAT FARM ARTS CENTER
Wednesday, July 23 in Athens, GA at SECRET SQUIRREL
Thursday, July 24 in Charlotte, NC at RECESS FEST
Friday, July 25 in Boone, NC at BLACK CAT
Saturday, July 26 in Washington D.C. for Fringe Fest w/ CHAIN AND THE GANG
Sunday, July 27 in Philly, PA w/ BUGS AND RATS at HAZZARD HALL
Monday, July 28 in Boston, MA at MIDDLESEX w/ BUGS AND RATS Get their latest LP Must Be Nice  out now!

Review: Fat Creeps – “Must Be Nice” [2014]

Band: Fat Creeps
Label: Sophomore Lounge [LP] / Gnar Tapes [CS]

Sometimes people have a habit of associating music with a particular season or climate, but you see listening to the Fat Creeps is an everyday kind of musical experience. This is hardly anything new! From their early days when they readily donned costumes and frequently changed guitars and instruments up through the more subdued times of late, Fat Creeps’ sound has remained about the same: indefinable, but always rocking – sometimes straight up pop, sometimes far more strange!

The first recordings of the Fat Creeps – their self-titled EP released in 2012 and later issued physically by us KLYAM Records and their two song Feeding Tube split 12” with ZEBU! – are peppered with all waves of punk and surf-pop with guitarist/vocalists Gracie Jackson and Mariam Saleh often singing in harmony or trading lines. Those two songs, “Dad Weed” and “Daydreaming” appear 1-2 on Must Be Nice, the band’s first full-length album released on Sophomore Lounge and GNAR Tapes. Their inclusion here is an excellent way to acknowledge their past and usher in some newer sounds. Third track “He Comes In Loudly” supremely shows off the styling and distinctions of Gracie and Mariam. In fact, this one sounds like a best of everything that the pair has done in their four years together. Gracie’s astounding and mumbly vocals on the verses meet up with Mariam’s haunting backing vocals before they so elegantly collide; Gracie ruptures into a brief solo before finishing the song as it started. After this most intriguing song and with good reason, Fat Creeps diversify their arsenal from here on out.

“In Name Only” is Must Be Nice’s “700 Parts,” a Gracie song for sure! Super chill, super hard to figure out what she’s saying, dreamy, surfy. “Blue” is similarly vibed, although it is markedly faster and here Mariam sings her articulate leads. Same is the case for the first two songs on SIDE B. “I’ve Got” is insanely hooky, the bass fuller than ever it seems and the guitars screeching in the old garage. The girls are up to trouble by the time those sludgy distorted four chords enter into the picture and someone’s won or warn.

Get ready to break out your best late ‘70s dance moves for “Party” and don’t be surprised if you catch your hip or not so hip mom, dad, grandmother, and sis causing their own raucus in the rumpus room. Take DEVO and the B-52’s for a point of reference. Fat Creeps certainly have the sweet ability of uniting the punks, the hippiesters, and the family accountant who will instantly reminisce of his days spinning The Gun Club’s Fire of Love at the college radio station. Must Be Nice has you toe-tappin’, head bobbin’ through and through, perhaps most unevenly on “Bak 2 School” – anxiety is high, but so isn’t the whatever factor. Just give me noisy guitars and a throbbing bass. No words necessary. In pure helmets and wedding dress Fat Creeps fashion, the band goes full circle, ending the album with their first song, their first video, the one that drew the acclaim of the Boston Phoenix and the rest of us. NANCY DREW. We got Gracie in our left ear, Mariam in our right, in this more minimalistic, poppy number with one chorus you ain’t forgetting anytime soon!

Noisy, surfy, garagey, who cares-y, Fat Creeps keep things light always. The spooky and haunting aura that has surrounded them since the beginning is only slightly demystified on Must Be Nice and hey, that sure is nice. I wouldn’t go up to them and start quoting their songs, but if I was you and you were me, I would attend every possible show of theirs that you can.  And lastly, credit to Jim Leonard, who drummed on this record and all of Fat Creeps earlier offerings. His versatile and tight drumming is instantly recognizable, holding down the fort economically and just-in-time like an expert operations manager.



Review: Miami Doritos, Loose Tooth, Crosss @ Whitehaus/Deep Thoughts (5/17/14)

Bands: Fat Creeps, Crosss, Loose Tooth, Miami Doritos
Date: Saturday, May 17, 2014
Venue: Whitehaus/Deep Thoughts (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Miami Doritos – I believe the glam goddesses of rock ‘n’ roll flicked me on this planet to see kick ass bands like Miami Doritos in dank, dusty basements such as the Whitehaus. Well, I’m certain I was put here for other reasons as well, but what’s better than a nice, wholesome Miami Doreets set in JP? Nothing else. It’s 200 million thousand times greater than seeing some shitty, schlock rock band in a big, boring stadium that’s for sure. Ha, actually imagine seeing Kurt and Alex at one of those big ass shows. The Miami Doreets just planted in the middle of the Xfinity Center. I’m picturing it now and giggling like a little school girl. Keep laughing buddy.

But, enough of that tom foolery. Miami Doritos are a KLYAM Records band and they are one of the best around town. Of course, I would say that. I have to say that, but even if I didn’t have to say that I still would, because it’s true. Their brand of fiercely intimate, noisy two piece slacker spunk garage rawk brings me back to the days of fellow Boston two piece greats Fat History Month. The Doreets have that same silly, strangely comical, almost awkward quality to them. It’s a massive middle finger to all yee loser indie rock bands that take yourselves way too seriously. These Doreets are above all that and you can tell their just having fun with the music. And everyone else is having fun hearing it. And order here for the band’s splifft 7″ with Nice Guys:

 Loose Tooth – This band is from Philly and they’re excited to be here. They have this very Pavementy, 90s “indie” rock style to them. It’s fairly relaxed, but still rocking. Most folks are nodding along, 40s and what have you in hand, gently enjoying the music.

At one point, one of the guitarists announces that today is her sister’s 21st  birthday and she feels bad that she is out of town for it. So, she whips out her phone and snapchats (is that the correct term? I’m a luddite and don’t keep up with the times) everyone singing happy birthday to her sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Following their set, the crowd takes a pleasant, mid show jaunt down to Deep Thoughts, also in JP, for the remainder of the show.  I’ve shopped at this record store before and the first two KLYAM Records releases (Fat Creeps 10″ and Nice Guys/Miami Doritos Splifft 7″) are in stock here, but I’ve never seen a show here until tonight. It’s spacious and really has potential as a legitimate venue. It’s a big basement, but no stages or anything like that, which is how it ought to be. Well, stages can work sometimes, but I’m liking them less and less. Point being, there’s plenty of room, but it’s still intimate.

Crosss – This is a first for me and I actually haven’t even heard their music before. Though, I have seen one of these Canadian gents perform before in the band Soupcans from Toronto. I almost forgot how tall those fuckers are!

Cross (from Halifax, Nova Scotia) has a heavy, droning sound to them. It’s a slow menace that builds up and attacks you. Part metal, part psych, a pinch of noise. It’s dark and doomy. I don’t find myself falling in love with the band or finding any desire to move myself to the music, but it seems like most people are into it. They have a decent sound and they are talented musicians, but I feel satisfied after a couple songs and after that I don’t feel like I need to hear more. It just all sounds the same.  To anyone that disagrees with me, remember this is only my opinion and there’s a good chance I LOVE bands that you think suck ass. It’s a big fucking world and there’s plenty of room for all of us.

Alas, we have to leave early and we miss KLYAM Records’ OGs Fat Creeps :(. Catch them on their upcoming tour with The Lentils this Summer!:


Review: Phaze, Shame Thugs, John Flannelly @ Charlie’s (6/30/14)

Bands: Soft Eyes, Phaze, Shame Thugs, John Flannelly
Date: Monday, June 30, 2014
Venue: Charlie’s Kitchen [Cambridge]

This was SHAMEFUL to admit it, my first Charlie’s Kitchen experience. Don’t get me wrong here, I always see the events, the spectacular musical parties thrown by some of the finest Boston bookers, FAST APPLE, on Monday nights. I was able to make things work, unfortunately not for the entire duration of the show. Very bummed I missed seeing Soft Eyes – the home spun psych ventures of Luke Goudreault (formerly of MMOSS, The MIGS!!!, and New Highway Hymnal) whose live band also includes Rachel Neveu (formerly of MMOSS), drummer Travis Hagan (Fat Creeps, NHH), and possibly some other members that I did not see roaming the venue. Do head over to the SE BC and stream Lazy Life in its mono White Fencian/Migsian chromatic splendor.

John Flannelly of Indiana got things started ground level as he worked on his keyboard and pedals set-up, delivering what sounded like an experimental combo of beats and loop effects. John’s take on music is certainly deeper in the sense that I had not a clue what he was going for and perhaps nobody did except for the performer himself. I found the unpredictability and non-conventional nature of his set-up somewhat more fascinating than the actual rhythmic collage.

Next up was the bass/keyboard duo $hame Thug$, also from Indiana and on tour with John Flannelly. I don’t think I will be forgetting their set anytime soon at least not their first song which prominently featured a hip-hop sample of this guy shouting YEAH!. The keyboardist rapped with some voice modulated echo throughout the course of the set. I will say I haven’t really seen any band like SHAME THUGS – the taping of individual keys, the total surreal dreamy r&b mood – though maybe the closest thing to them I’ve heard is Kitty Pryde so take that for whatever, but the Thugs are rawer which I like.

PHAZE get ready KLYAMers, PHAZE is a band you’ll be hearing about a lot more. At least from me and hopefully beyond and beyond. Jesse DeFrancesco is at the helm of this rock ‘n roll band, which, live, we have Nick on drums. PHAZE is riffy rock ‘n roll, bluesy in some spots, anchored in all by Jesse’s prepunk singin and tenacity for going hard and going nuts. On recording PHAZE is chiller (real real neat, just wait and see), but with the drumming, these guys wallop. Being in the audience and hearing PHAZE for the first time was quite like when I first saw The Migs. All excitement, the ‘this is really special, I’m grateful I’m here right now’ feeling. Specially on “Backwards”. Ya know!

Review: Gymshorts, Grenades In The Archives, The Little Richards, Wet Dress @ Opus (6/12/14)

Bands: Gymshorts, Grenades In The Archives, The Little Richards, Wet Dress
Date: Monday, May 12, 2014
Venue: Opus (Salem, MA)
We don’t come out to Salem often for shows, even though it’s just a stone’s throw away from us. Luckily, tonight one of our new favorite bands Gymshorts from Providence, RI is playing at the Opus. When we first arrive at the Opus, it looks like we’ve found the wrong place. It’s a bougey, uppercrust bar, at least that’s how it is upstairs. As we make our way to the basement we discover a different setting. Iggy is on the house PA and there’s a band setting up to play.

Wet Dress – Wet Dress is that band setting up to play. Plan 9 From Outer Space is playing on a big screen behind them. I don’t know which to watch the band or the movie? Anyway, Wet Dress is a two piece featuring a dude (Chris) on vocals and guitar and a dudette (Sam) on vocals and drums.

I have never heard of them until now, but they definitely fit on this bill. All of the songs are very loud and very brief. It’s a mixture of classic punk, garage, and twee. Twee as fuck. They have this K Records element to them. I kind of like it and then it kind of turns me off at the same time, what can I say?  The sound is decent, but none of the songs stick out to me.

“Vs Verse”
“Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl”
“All Right”
“(I’m Not Your) Manic Pixie Dream Girl”
“Summer Break”
“Yr Mai Proct”?

The Little Richards – I saw these guys before at a show at O’Brien’s back in October with Atlantic Thrills. This set is pretty much the same as that one, except there’s a lot more people and they’re all over the Richards.

The Little Richards blitz through a series of speedy Ramones and pop punk inspired tunes. The crowd of fellow Northshorers eat it up, passinoately singing along to all of the songs.

I’m not overly into this style exactly (don’t get me wrong I LOVE the Ramones), but I can admire the band for putting on a good show and writing some decent songs. They always seem to be having fun and that’s all that matters.

 Grenades In The Archives – This is pretty sludgey. It’s deafening, almost unnecessarily so. If I’m losing my hearing I want to know it’s for a good reason. Lightning Bolt kicked the shit out of my eardrums, but it was all worth it. I can’t say the same in this instance.

More importantly, it just all sounds the same. Which could be said for The Little Richards, but at least with the Richards they have the songs to back up the style. I just can’t hear any songs here. I need catchy, distinct, impressionable songs. Listening to their bandcamp now, however, the songs come through a bit more. Still, not exactly up my alley.

Gymshorts – Hail thee almighty Gymshorts. These shorts never stop. They’re everywhere. They’re in Providence (their hometown), they’re in New York, they’re in Lowell, they’re in Boston, they’re standing right behind you ready to get HIGH and STONED 24/7 and 25/7 when it’s Daylight Savings. At least the time we gain an hour. When we lose an hour, aww shucks.

As always, Gymshorts plow through the room with a batch full of insane, fuzzed out gahridge phunk for the kids to rock and/or roll to. I’m not kidding on this one. One of these Salem witches rolls right across the floor during the shorts’ set.

This band always kicks ass and takes names, but sometimes the crowd can be too mellow and square. On this evening the crowd goes apeshit, but in an odd sort of way. There’s quasi moshing, all sorts of offbeat dancing. Is this some sort of ska shit? Haha, who cares as long as people are moving. There’s plenty of time to not move when you’re dead.

Ohh yeah and one gentleman even throws his shoes off, taking one of the band members’ requests quite literally. Whatever floats your boat. Salem always gives me the willies.


Review: Con Tex & Secret Lover @ Midway Cafe (5/6/14)

Bands: Free Pizza, Babes, Gymshorts, Secret Lover, Con Tex
Date: Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Venue: Midway Cafe (Jamaica Plain, MA)

The evening begins with a quick trip to the Whitehaus to say a few hellos and meet some friendly faces, both old and new. We have a grand old meeting of the minds with a member of the band Babes, whom will be playing later tonight. His name escapes me, but he is the gentleman wearing the Buck Biloxi & The Fucks tee shirt. If you’re reading this, how are you fine sir? We shoot the shit over Jay Reatard, King Louie, and various Memphis/NOLA based bands. All goodness.

After our quick visit, it’s off to the Midway Cafe. For whatever reason, we’ve never been here before, so it’s exciting to finally step foot in the place. I always dig experiencing a venue for the first time. The Midway is fairly spacious with a large bar area, plenty of room to dance, and a fairly big stage. Not bad, we’ll have to come here more often.

Kofi Thomas, a local stand up comedian introduces all of the bands and delivers some amusing comedy of his own before the show and in between acts.

Con Tex – Con Tex is a Whitehaus Family Records folk legend. We’ve been interested in his music for a couple years now and have ran into the man at several hootenannies, but we’ve actually never seen Con Tex live. A high crime indeed.

Tonight, Con Tex is backed by a full band. Altogether, they create a ginormous rawk sound. I picture these men practicing their music off somewhere in a cabin in the woods, playing for hours. There’s this woodsy feel to the music.

I can’t quite put my finger on any concrete comparisons here, but I dig it. At its best, it evokes the atmosphere found in a Girls Of The Gravitron song. Who? Yeah, I know you don’t know them, but check em’ out. I know I also just said that I couldn’t think of any comparisons, but then I did, so what? I could also see folks interested in Led Zeppelin and 70s rock moving to this music. Who knows? There is nothing in this world, but possibilities.

Secret Lover – Worcester’s Secret Lover always finds their way onto the finest bills. I’ve never actually gone out of my way to see the band live, but I’ve seen them many times, because like I said they often play on sick bills. Regardless, they are a fun, hip shaking inducing party band. They always get people going, thanks in part to lead singer Sally’s never ending enthusiasm. So yeah, they’re a cool band. You should give them a listen or see them around New England, which shouldn’t be too hard because they’re always playing.

Blasts, that infernal train! Once again it kept us from seeing sick rock ‘n’ roll music. Especially our faves Gymshorts and Free Pizza :( as well as NOLA’s Babes :(.  Babes were on tour, check them out here:


New ACLU Benefit Release: “FINALLY”

They travel far and wide to see him play and when he does, it is a show experience they do not forget. True T-shirts and postcards in his back pocket I can only assume – Noah Britton is back with a new album (which follows, as order has it, his really spectacular release Love and Fame that I wrote about last year) entitled yes I know you know FINALLY! because these songs finally sound great. Those aren’t my words; I’ve had my way with Benefit’s Bandcamp and I recognize some of FINALLY! from his recorded live sets. Check those out if you have not. The souls of sing-a-long staples “Love of my Life,” “Riding” and “Love Your Family” are kept in tact and beaming. The arrangements and production are courtesy of Dane Filipczak. Such dynamics push these songs further into beautiful abyss – pianos, toy instruments, percussion, extra voices. Noah is quite the minimalist, a master funny man, funny by way of bona fide lyrics. “Let’s sing to chickens, They like cock rock!” on new-to-me you say “You give me hope,” I sing these funny lines. Humor is not the case on “We Forgive You” well I mean it could be but I’m going to go with no. Flinty and affectionate. The cowshed burner, the closer,  is that which I mentioned earlier: “Love Your Family”. If I knew anything about ’50s musicality, I would go on about that, but here we have a dreamy oldie with a striking sense of modernity. It is perfect for feeling bad about missing an ACLU Benefit set in the name of leaving early to attend to family functions and longing for the next. Well well this six songer impresses me further. Noah’s been going at it for decades, knows his capabilities, and rolls the dice – in this case working with an arranger who by the end of it seemed to have just as much fun. Cease and resist.



Review: Rock ‘n’ Roll BBQ Part II (5/3/14)

Bands: Gymshorts, The Ar-Kaics, Atlantic Thrills
Date: Saturday, May 3, 2014
Location: Providence, RI

We always love making the trip down to Providence to see our favorite rock ‘n’ roll bands and say hello to some  friends, and who knows maybe make some new ones. Last year’s Rock ‘n’ Roll BBQ was one of my favorite shows ever and certainly the best from last Summer. Ahh the mammaries, I mean the memories. There’s always love and strangeness in the Providence air, isn’t that right Mr. DJ Studs Jerkel? Ahh my main man Studs!

Atlantic Thrills – If you were to make a movie about my youth Atlantic Thrills would have a sure spot on the soundtrack. Hell, they could even have a cameo. Needless to say, we’ve seen these guys a gazillion times and it’s always worth it. It may not be the most original music in the world, but that’s garage rock for you. I’ve come to recognize which bands recreate the sounds of the 60s well and which ones make a mockery of it. The Thrillz are definitely part of the former. Those sweet surf sounds, doo wop slop gang vocals, and catchy guitar licks rest easy on my wounded ears on this breezy  Spring night. Outdoors shows are the best, we need more of these.

It’s an awesome set, but something is missing or I should say someone. Much to my shock, guitarist/vocalist Kelly Riley is no longer in the band. It just isn’t the same without Kelly’s evil glares, hootin’ and hollerin’, and just overall enthusiasm. Definitely a focal part of the music. In his place tonight is Rafay Rashid of fellow Providence rock ‘n’ roll group Ravi Shavi. Rafay does a fine job with the tunes and it feels natural, still you can’t replace Kelly.

The foursome mix Thrillz standards such as “Acid Rain,” “Problems,” “Light Shines,” and more with somewhat newer tunes like “Bed Bugs” and “Almost Anything.” They conclude with an entirely new song (at least to my ears) about waiting for the weekend or something like that. I’ll have to hear it again sometime hopefully sooner than later.

The Ar-Kaics – Keeping the fierce rock ‘n’ roll spirit alive is Richmond, VA’s Ar-Kaics.  I’ve never heard of them until now, but they are more than up our back alley as far as rock ‘n” roll slime goes. They have a similar aesthetic as Atlantic Thrills, but with more of a mellow attitude. With that being said, they have an even greater grip on the 60s sound. I mean this is Back From The Grave shit right down to the bare bone. I also hear Seeds, Sonics, and 13th Floor Elevators. All that good stuff.

Before and after the set we have the pleasure of meeting and chatting with this charming bunch. Johnny gives us a nice little lecture on the history of garage rock and the various garage comps over the years that have helped shaped their style.

Impressed with their music, both Glen and I snag a copy of their “Make It Mine” 7″. It’s a keeper. Hope to see you old souls back in Boston/New England in the near future! CHECK IT OUT:

Gymshorts – Gymshorts, another local band, carry the garage punk torch and finish up this evening’s trilogy of badass music. These shorts have a like minded sense of loose garage noise, but they pack in a few more punches, a solid kick in the nads. It’s more of the punk in garage punk, if you will. After a while, these terms can get annoying and overused, but I’ll continue to employ them as a point of reference. Or maybe I should play with your head and tell you it’s late 90s swing revival. It could be, it’s just as fun.

I’ve seen the Shorts in Boston and Lowell several times now, but it’s sick to see the band again in their home turf. By the time they hit stage, errr I mean ground I’m feeling A OKAY,  all slop bop, and no pop. Their greasy grimy, feverish gunk only makes me want to flop and plunge to the pavement. In the process, I lose the top button to my shorts – they’re not my pair of gymshorts however, thank God. That would have been just too damn ironic. So, essentially I spend the whole set, rocking out whilst keeping  a grip on my shorts to make sure they don’t fall down on me.  What a sticky situation. I’m telling you guys, weird shit always happens to me in Providence. Oh Brother.