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Boston Fuzzstival 2014 Recap

Date: Saturday, August 2, 2014
Venue: Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs (Cambridge, MA)
Bands: Dinoczar, Black Beach, Gymshorts, The TeleVibes, Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, CreaturoS, Atlantic Thrills, Abadabad, Magic Shoppe, 28 Degrees Taurus, The Fagettes, Fat Creeps, Doug Tuttle, Ghost Box Orchestra, The New Highway Hymnal

Once again, here’s another show review in spectacularly late fashion! Ahh at least last year’s review was completed merely hours after leaving the show. Can’t win em’ all, but we live to fight again or something like that. Anywho, here’s some fond recollections of my favorite bands’ performances at this year’s Fuzzstival…. oh and a lengthy introduction as to cap it all off. You didn’t think you would escape one of my lengthy introductions now did you??? Haha.

We love going to shows. You don’t need me to tell you that unless you assumed we were masochists this whole time. It’s all been our great displeasure seeing all of your bands perform live year after year. It’s been ever so painful. Though, if it’s painful for a masochist isn’t it also pleasurable? You got me. We’re actually not masochists, we’re sadists. We spew filth and fury. Hate us on facebook.

Festivals are simply shows on steroids or better yet shows in the midst of a nasty coke binge. One band and then another and then another and then another and then another. Sensory overload. All senses are fuzzed up by the end of this shindig. All senses. The Lysergic Factory Lightshow, Video Joe Turner, and  Wax House A/V scrape the mucus off your brain, Emma’s Pizza deliver mouth watering slices, and fifteen of New England’s feistiest tear through what’s left of your withering eardrums. I think that covers all the senses. Ahh well, you get the gist.

We at KLYAM typically cover the fuzzy variety – garage spunk psychaholics.  So, it’s an absolute pleasure to have an entire festival dedicated to this “style” of music. Big thanks to Jason Trefts/Illegally Blind for doing what must be done. We thoroughly enjoyed last year’s Fuzzstival, but the line up this year is even superior: many of our own local favorites and on top of it all, the party takes place at our favorite venue, Middle East.

———— UPSTAIRS ————-

Gymshorts – We scurry into the Middle East, fretting that we may have missed our Providence dawgs in Gymshorts. As we slime into the Mid East Up, I notice a crowded room and Gymshorts setting up to play and I realize I haven’t missed anything. An awesome relief washes over me.  Per usual they launch into “Scumdog” I WANNA GET HIGHHHH AND I WANNA GET STONEDDDD” ya you know.  They shred the usual No Backsies jams then things come to a halt briefly when one of their strings breaks. Hey, rock ‘n’ roll ain’t perfect. They bounce back with an apropos tune for the moment in “Oh Brother.” Catch these shorts on a giant ass tour all across these here United States: https://www.facebook.com/events/250069071850157/
Bandcamp: http://gymshorts.bandcamp.com/

The TeleVibes – Dude, these vibes get right under your skin and crawl around for a few days/weeks at a time. You’ll be telling all your friends and loved ones about how awesome The TeleVibes were at the Fuzzstival. Fuck, your grandchildren.

The Tellies are fuzztastic, but they got a little more than just grit in their wee bellies. They possess a tenacious affection for mind melting psych noise that’s dripping garage snot rockets all over the place. Guitar riffs coming straight from the bowels of hell. That’s old Charlie Northin’ there and old Scott Lorin’. And old brother Christian Hardy packing heat and smacking away on the skins. Sounds like these young men have spent entirely too much alone time with Mr. Dwyer and Mr. Segall. So, I guess then that’s not alone time, ahh well it’s too late to go back now. The past is the past and we’re living in a modern world, whatever that means.

I’ve seen The Tellies in the past, but prior to this Fuzzstival, it’s been about seven months (HOLY SHIT I know, I was shocked as well) and they sincerely sound better than ever. Actually, my favorite band at the Fuzzstival. Dig it. It’s dug. These Tellies be vibin’ so hard. They slap me in the face like a bag of wet dicks. Each guitar lick is a new slap to the face and I suppose the masochist in me wants more. More More More, no wait, wrong fuzz band. Forgive me or not, whichever works. I’ll be seeing The TeleVibes again and again, in my head and in my bed, now that I got me my very own Washed Up EP on cassette! LISTEN to it HERE: http://thetelevibesofficial.bandcamp.com/

Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion! – Listen up, you little freaks. Here’s one band you’re not going to FUCK with… ladies and gentlemen, Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost  Scorpion!

I’ve been seeing these fine gents a lot lately. Starlab Fest, Black Lodge, and now here at the Fuzzstival. Beware is the premiere Boston surf rock band, a surf nut’s wet dream. They lean hard towards the nuttier side of the surf realm, fitting in perfectly within this fuzz fest as my friend Dylan likes to call it.

As always Beware puts on a fun, frenzied show, constantly hoppin’ and boppin’ around the stage, leaving the audience on the edge/over the edge. Definitely a band to catch in the flesh sooner than later. Their recordings sound just as demonic though, check them out here: http://ghostscorpion.bandcamp.com/

CreaturoS – Local psych juggernauts, CreaturoS headline the first half of Fuzzstival, being the last band to play at the Middle East Upstairs tonight. The group (as with most of the bands playing this thang) thank Jason Trefts for hosting such an epic event. They rip through an earache inducing set of psych pop that Boston fans have come to know and love.

At one point this dude climbs on stage and awkwardly stands up there with the band for a few seconds.  I even think he’s a friend of the band for a minute. You know how sometimes bands pull up their comrades to sing or play along to a song. Not in this instance. The band smirks and kindly escorts the man off the stage. Perhaps he thought there would be a stage invasion like last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTFptrZH5Mc.

So, that’s the end of the first half of the fest. Oh and check out CreaturoS on bandcamp: http://creaturos.bandcamp.com/

———– DOWNSTAIRS ————

Atlantic Thrills – Providence dawgs Atlantic Thrills are kicking things off right for the second half of the Fuzz. Seeing the Thrillz up on stage here brings me back to the first time I saw them live about three years ago at this very same location opening for Those Darlins. Damn, and many more shows followed!

The crowd is still building up, but those of us that are present are devouring all the punk slime and saliva these maniacs have to offer. My favorite tonight is “Day At The Beach,” a great Summer jam or as Dan Tanner puts it “this song is about drugs and the beach.” Reckless abandon. For mo’ Atlantic Thrills:  http://atlanticthrills.com/

The Fagettes – Illegally Blind seriously rolls out the upper crust of local fuzz and Fagettes is a prime example of that. The group (featuring Nice Guy Jake Gilbertson on bass) pounds through a rockin’ set of gettes classics such as “On Drugs,” “Gonna Die Out Here,” and a bunch of others my fuzzed out dome is missing.

The crowd moves and shakes a bit more during their set, but are still too motionless for my tastes. That’s one of my few qualms about the Fuzzstival. Lack of significant crowd participation/dancing/moshing. Everything else is tip top A ok.

Ryan Fagette is as feisty as ever, prowling around the stage, fighting off some technical difficulties with his guitar. He gives a fiery performance during “I Wanna Feel Good” as he makes his way to the crowd, standing tall above everyone. He fervently shouts  I WANNA FEEL GOOD  directly into various patron’s eyes. He even messes around with the Lysergic Factory’s light show, making a mess out of all dem pretty colors. http://thefagettes.bandcamp.com/

Fat Creeps – FC is fresh off a two week tour with The Lentils. A friend of mine observed that bands always sound tighter when they have just come back from tour and I think that’s true in this instance. It’s like everything else, if you keep persistent, you naturally get better. I’m just happy to finally see the band perform at my favorite above ground venue; I believe this is their first time playing at the Middle East Downstairs. Anyway, definitely one of the better shows I’ve seen from the trio recently. No hesitation, kick out the jams, and raise some hell. Some hell.

I’m at the point now where I don’t really have much more to say about this band, I’ve seen them over 30 times and it’s always been a pleasure. I dig some of the audio assault in the “new” songs from Must Be Nice such as “Party” and “Having So Much Fun,” but I’ll always have a place in my heart for the oldies like “Nancy Drew” and “700 Parts.” It’s all good.  http://fatcreeps.bandcamp.com/

We missed The New Highway Hymnal :( but, if I had seen them, they surely would appear in this article. Check them out regardless: http://thenewhighwayhymnal.bandcamp.com/

So, that’s my recollections. One big final shout out again to Jason Trefts/Illegally Blind.  Like, follow, share, support, do whatever you do on the fascist book, just most importantly GO to the fine ass shows he’s constantly putting on around Boston. https://www.facebook.com/IllegallyBlindPresents


Video from TeenageRiotTv

A KLYAMer’s Preview of Boston FUZZSTIVAL 2014

Boston Fuzzstival 2014 organized by Illegally Blind’s Jason Trefts is going down tomorrow (Saturday August 2nd) afternoon and evening at The Middle East Upstairs (starting at 1 PM) and Downstairs (starting at 6 PM) and features exactly 15 bands of the garage/psych/surf/pop variety — exactly the styles of music that we appreciate most around here on KLYAM! Of course this is an event we’ve been looking forward to for months and if you remember back to last year Chris cranked out a review of the event as soon as he got home from it. It is a wonderful thing to see underground rock ‘n roll of this kind making the rounds around local blogs; just head over to the Fuzzstival FB event page to read a bunch of posts about Fuzzstival and the bands playing it.

KLYAM’s pretty energetic about the bands we care about. We’re also eager to see any bands we have not had the pleasure to see yet. I’m just going to say some words about some bands I have seen and really really dig:

GYMSHORTS – Playing at 2:25 UPSTAIRS – Providence scum surf roquers blasted into existence about one year ago, but it just might seem like they’ve been around longer with the amount of shows they’ve been playing around New England and New York. Sarah leads the pack in their mosh friendly jams on vocals/guitar while Devin complements her with fuzzy lead twang. I think this will be about my tenth time seeing them and it’s always a real fun time! [LISTEN]

TELEVIBESPlaying at 3:00 UPSTAIRS – North Shore ass jigglers / ball ticklers – course these words are courtesy of Chris, but I agree completely – playing that slimy Migsian stuff that’s had us in a tizzy since hearing their Washed Up EP and damn that release show is still one for the record books. It’s been seven months since – far too long a wait for us so the anticipation runs highhhhh. [LISTEN]

BEWARE THE DANGERS OF A GHOST SCORPIONPlaying at 3:45 UPSTAIRS – Everybody ought to pace themselves at this point – I mean on any other day these guys would probably be playing at 12 AM and closing out festivities. Two weeks ago they put an end to STARLAB FEST and wow I fondly recall bopping up, down, and around, perhaps at one point falling as they pounded out southern evil Dicky Dale instrumental after southern evil Dicky Dale instrumental. Guess I just suck at describing surf and should stick to bumping into people with a shit eating grin. Must see group! [LISTEN]

CREATUROS – Playing at 4:30 UPSTAIRS – Have seen these new era Boston garage/psych legends (a term I’ll use loosely to let the crowd response to their 2013 Fuzzstival set do the talking) rather intermittently over the past couple of years. I was really won over when they opened for FUZZ at Great Scott last fall. That was a killer set… then just a bit ago they dropped ‘SHORT SHORTS‘ a pure garage pop goldie. Forgive me for not really knowing any of their other songs by heart, I will know that one! [LISTEN]

ATLANTIC THRILLS – Playing at 6:00 DOWNSTAIRS – Alrighty garage bro so you know the Atlantic Thrills, you read about ’em online somewhere. OK yes it was probably here. We’ve championed their rock ‘n roll since the year 2011, about three years before they dropped their first LP (KLYAM recommended obviously). Tripped to Providence a bunch of times to catch them in their abode and have had some really memorable experiences both on stage and off stage in their presence. Very happy to hear that they are kicking things off DOWNSTAIRS (where they once opened for Those Darlins), here’s to another round of sloppy debauchery. [LISTEN]

THE FAGETTES  – Playing at 9:00 DOWNSTAIRS – Without feeling like a local rock n roll snob, I am confident calling The Fagettes the Boston kings and queens of the garage, flower punk style. They have a history of playing with some of the world’s finest rock n roll bands (NOBUNNY, Shannon and the Clams, Hunx and His Punx) and that is surely no coincidence. The energy, vocal trade-offs of Ryan and Melanie, dueling drums, sax here and there, the noisy POP racket, I could go on and on. You wanna feel good. Catch THE FAGETTES. [LISTEN]

FAT CREEPS – Playing at 9:45 DOWNSTAIRS – We’ve seen the Creeps the most out of all the bands at Fuzzstival about three times over, which should not come as a shocker to anyone as we’re intense supporters from way back. They just released their first LP Must Be Nice [pick one up if you haven’t, along with their klyammy debut 10″ of course] and IT’s great! For those who like both the sun and the shade, the fast and the slow, Fat Creeps pack ’em all and their live show is a stellar reflection of what’s got the Americans, Europeans, and Japanese going nuts!! [LISTEN/BUY 10″]

NEW HIGHWAY HYMNAL  – Playing at 12:15 DOWNSTAIRS – What better way to cap off this night than with New Highway Hymnal, emblematic diplomats of the meaning of FUZZSTIVAL. K, didn’t mean to get that deep all of a sudden, except I’m telling the truth here. Psych/garage/surf/noise The New Highway Hymnal can dismantle a Lowell basement and a 575 capacity venue just the same. Don’t think I’ve seen them since Charlie joined on guitar, should be sweeeeet! Heads up crowd you might get bumped in the head by Hadden’s guitar, but you’ll love it all the same. [LISTEN]

Review: Gymshorts, Durt Dog the Band, Couches, Sneeze @ Wilder Zangcraft (4/16/14)

Bands: Couches, Sneeze, Gymshorts, Durt Dog the Band
Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Venue: Wilder Zangcraft (Lowell, MA)

Durt Dog the Band – Ahh back in Lowell, my old stomping grounds. It’s nice to be back here and with Durt Dog the Band, a Lowell based trio (at least tonight) fronted by Brian Donovan. Brian’s got his durt dog on, he’s durt doggin’ it like it’s nobody else’s business. He’s a folk hero.

I’ve been a Durt Dog fan for a year now, but I’ve never actually had the pleasure until tonight. The set’s sloppy and garagey and that’s alright with me. Guitar feedback, mumbly vocals, and Brian’s ubiquitous grin. I feel it.

“Ashes” and “Things I Do Care About” are just a couple of personal favorites and they play them on this holy evening. The songs come to life more in a live setting and the band sounds thicker, muddier, like a garage punk version of Pavement. Either that or I’ve lost my mind.

Before the final song, Brian quips “We still have to kill your dog,” blasting into a rocker that buries us all. Keep Durt Doggin it until the day you die. http://durtdogtheband.bandcamp.com/

Gymshorts – I promised you in my last post that there would be a butt fuck load of Gymshorts coverage on here and I am a man of my word. For Durt Dog , the crowd is still building up, though let’s face it if you have even five people it feels crowded at the Wilder Zangcraft. Toss a gazillion bodies in the place and it’s stuffed. That’s part of the fun! And for the Gymshorts  the bodies are a plenty. More importantly, people are washing down their first forties, cracking open their second, starting to possess a one eyed sailor squint. Hey, Gymshorts are the perfect soundtrack to twisted, drunken youth debauchery. College kids start moshing and hurling each other to and fro.

The shorts shred through a series of gut busting numbers that we KLYAMERS have grown to love in the past few months. I too want to get high and get stoned! I wish every day could be daylight savings, and you bet your fucking ass my favorite republic is banana! Let me tell you about it. That’s how my parents talk. Not the banana thing, but they begin every sentence with “And let me tell you about…” instead of just telling me about whatever topic. “And let me tell you about pre-ejaculatory fluids leading to pregnancy.”  I imagine I’ve lost everyone at this point. I lost myself around banana. I am not a journalist, I don’t trust journalists. Music journalism sucks.

LISTEN: http://gymshorts.bandcamp.com/

Sneeze – First and last time I saw these dudes was here at the Wilder Zangcraft nearly two years ago. They aren’t exactly what I’m into, but I don’t hate them either. Of all the bands, they are definitely the heaviest and during the set the crowd is rowdier than ever. It’s hard to stay in one spot. One girl even plummets straight to the floor. SHE’S OKAY, THOUGH! I especially dig the Deftones White Pony tattoo on the drummer’s leg. Nice undies by the way.  http://sneezeus.bandcamp.com/

Couches – This band is on tour from California. They are a long, long way from home. Let’s make it feel like home for them. Still some moshing, but it’s a bit more mellow man. Couches definitely have that laid back, West Coast vibe to them. I spoke to one of the Couches after the show and he said I talk really fast. Couches always tell me I talk too fast. http://couchessf.bandcamp.com/

Heavens to Betsy!  The boys in blue had nothing else better to do and this little festivity had to come to a close. No New Highway Hymnal :( .





Music Vid: GYMSHORTS “Owed To The Bank”

GYMSHORTS got a new video as you can see and they got tapes courtesy of Wiener Records for their splendid slimy album No Backsies that we been digging on hard!!

A really really fun live band that’s been playing shows galore all around New England and New York. Here’s some up and comers:


Review: Gymshorts, Roz & The Rice Cakes, Hex Map @ Fabrik (4/12/14)

Bands: Hex Map, Gymshorts, Roz & The Rice Cakes, Battle House
Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014
Venue: Fabrik (Boston, MA)

Where is this place? Lord only knows. After racing through the streets of Boston for a solid twenty minutes we finally find our destination, only to discover we have to scurry up what appears to be an eternal flight of stairs. At least we don’t have to lug up a bunch of gear hehehe poor souls. Upon reaching the final floor, there’s a series of enticing portraits and various art projects of some sort – you’re looking at the wrong guy when it comes to art art, if you got me. We scurry some more, see some heads, make our contribution/donation and open sesame, we’re here! This is not what I expected at all. I was picturing a shady looking, little art space. In my eyes, this place is gigantic and filled with people Glen and I have never met before. Brings me back to our early show attending daze.

Shortly thereafter, however, we are greeted by Justin and Roz Rice Cake of Roz & The Rice Cakes – a Providence based rock band we saw a little over a year ago with Atlantic Thrills and Ravi Shavi at the Firehouse 13, also in Providence. Speaking of Providence, a second later I bump into Sarah from Gymshorts and they fucking rock. Sarah clued me in to this place and you know as some scumbuckets say the rest is history. Both bands are playing this evening and I could just wet myself I’m that excited. Let’s go.

 Hex Map  – I am not a fan of this band. No beating around the bush. Sometimes people say that all we write here is praise and/or ass kissing. That’s not the case. I never hesitate to speak my mind, but the thing is it gets boring to rant and rave and be a know it all, especially when you don’t know it all, cause  no one does. So, I’d rather not waste any more space on bands that are not to my liking. I prefer to write about bands I love, because it’s way more fun.

Hex Map is the opposite of what I look for in bands. I want music to roll right through me, jostle me. Hex Map just drones and drags on for way too long.  Not sure if you call this prog or psych or whatever, but I can’t stand it. I’m not going to shit on them, for all I know they are fine people. For all I know you may like this music. Here it is: http://hexmap.bandcamp.com/

Gymshorts – These shorts are getting a butt load of love on KLYAM these days or at least they will be. I’ve seen the band four times in three weeks. I think that’s a record for me, then again I bet Fat Creeps could rival that number.

Gymshorts are heavily invested in fuzzy, surfy garage spunk. On stage, they are a lively bunch, hopping around and all about, wailin’, shreddin’, screamin’, and poundin’ – giving the old Gymshorts pound. For all of their feisty delivery and menace, the Bostonian crowd is tame in their appreciation. The audience is split up – I don’t know if anyone knows each other, it’s kind of odd. This is an odd place. It’s up so damn high, the elevation is giving me the creeps.

A zick part of  the set is when Sarah Gymshorts darts into the crowd, nearly tackling me to the floor. She could probably kick my ass. http://gymshorts.bandcamp.com/

Roz & The Rice Cakes – We first saw these cakes at the Firehouse 13 for the Ravi Shavi album release show a little over a year ago. This was a special time in my life when I was in college and perpetually exhausted, in another world entirely. I remember them covering The Pixies’ “Gigantic.”

Tonight is their record release show. Need to Feed is 12 inches of wax and the band is very excited to be putting out their first ever piece of vinyl. Congrats! This performance sends me right back to my initial Rice Cakes experience. Hazy, ethereal, very dream like. Dream pop I suppose. Check it out here: http://thericecakes.bandcamp.com/


Review: Atlantic Thrills Album Release Show w/ Ravi Shavi, Gymshorts, Littlefoot @ Dusk (2/1/14)

Bands: Atlantic Thrills, Ravi Shavi, Gymshorts, Littlefoot
Date: Saturday, February 1, 2014
Venue: Dusk (Providence, RI)

“Hey, you’re the titties sucking guy!” Ahh, it’s that warmth I’ve come to know and love in Providence. Everyone seems to be so kind and friendly here. Glen, Paul, and I drove up from Wakefield, MA to come and celebrate an event we’ve been greatly looking forward to for years: Atlantic Thrills debut album release. Not to mention, another visit to Caserta Pizza to devour a full course of their mouthwatering cheese pizza. We don’t venture out to Providence very often, but when we do it’s always a blast and usually consists of  a wild, debauched party featuring the music of Atlantic Thrills and fellow Providence, revolutionary rockers Ravi Shavi. Additionally, two more excellent Providence rock bands fill out the bill with Gymshorts  – a group we’ve been seriously digging as of late and Littlefoot, whom make their KLYAM debut tonight.

Yes sir, Mr. DJ Studs Jerkel, thank you for reminding me of a fond memory from the canon of KLYAM attended punk slime shows. Last time we stepped foot in this city was indeed a wild, debauched, titties sucking hootenanny accompanied by the rampant music of the Thrillz and Ravi on a lovely, lush, and unforgettable Summer night. Summer ends. Work sucks. School sucks. Most vividly, New England weather sucks. I’m freezing my nips off in the cold, so I look to Dusk to seek out that warmth I’ve come to know and love here in Providence.

This is our first time here at Dusk, although I have heard the name pop up  on a number of occasions in local listings and just general conversation over the years. I know it’s one of the hot spots  for local music in Providence and one of the times KLYAM Records’ own Fat Creeps played in Providence they played here. Needless to say, I’m curious. It’s a cool spot with a big bar area and a fair amount of space for the audience to stand and see the bands, and hopefully much more rambunctious activity.

Littlefoot –  The evening begins with Littlefoot and of all the bands they are the most serene and surreal. The music is very mellow and gentle. It places me in a ethereal state of mind. The music warms everyone up for the rest of the bands, which are all more of the heavy, garage variety. That isn’t to say that Littlefoot doesn’t have any rock to them. They are very dream pop  and there’s  elements of early rock ‘n’ roll. They remind me of Dum Dum Girls, Polaroids, and The Smashing Pumpkins at their softest. My favorite tune is set closer “Worry Doll,” which makes me think of headliner Atlantic Thrills’ “Foreign Lands.” It just has that classic 50s, early 60s slow chord progression to it. Makes me want to  lay back on the grass and stare off into the stars. http://littlefootlittlefoot.bandcamp.com/

“Backwards Lullaby”
“Night of the Living Dread”?
“Fever Dream”
“Head in the Clouds”
“Maps and Hands”
“Worry Doll”

Gymshorts – Here’s a band we’ve been getting into a lot recently. I wish they were from Boston, so we could see them on the reg, but you do what you can. We saw them on a sick bill in December with Nice Guys and The TeleVibes at the  Middle East ZuZu. This set is similar to that one and the band is pretty dirty and heavy. It’s the muddier, less attractive version of garage rock. It’s not cheery bubblegum, that’s for sure.

About half way through the set one of the guitarists condemns the crowd of stiffs, “Did you guys all come out here just to stand around.” Well, that set the fireworks off, and the stiffs start to loosen up and slamdance like they oughta. I’m pretty much out of it by this point, if you want to know the truth. In a split second, I’m flung from one side of the room to the next, barely able to stand. And I do the same to other patrons, you know how these things go.

“Hey Mom, Hey Dad” is my favorite from the night. Lead vocalist/guitarist Sarah’s vocals are delivered in ferocious, devilish yalps that bring to mind Kim Gordon, except Gymshorts are much more fun.

Another highlight includes “Bed (Stuy).” It’s hilarious when everyone is moshing and the band is going like 90 mph then SLAMS on the breaks and stops playing for a moment and everyone stops moshing. Then they start playing again and the moshing starts up again, and it’s just start, stop, start, stop. It’s really hilarious. Like they are dictators and we are all robots. I could live under a Gymshorts dictatorship. http://gymshorts.bandcamp.com/

Ravi Shavi – The mighty Ravi Shavi, my second favorite Providence band (Thrillz are number one). I haven’t seen these fellas as much as the Thrillz, but I have seen them several times in Providence and I’m more than excited to add another exhilarating Ravi Shavi show to the books.

As the band prepares to launch into their set, I overhear two gentlemen behind me discussing the American Revolution. The roar of inebriation washes over me and I clutch both their hands, proclaiming “let’s start the next revolution tonight!” With that I jump back and forth, bashing into them among other peers, the music kicks off and from then on it’s a non-stop frenzy.

Ravi Shavi is quite different from the first two bands on the bill; not as delicate as Littlefoot, but not as ravenous as Gymshorts. Their brand of soulful, vibrant power pop allows you to dance to them in both conventional and unconventional manners, I prefer the lather. Either way, it’s going to be sweaty.

The best part of Ravi is the build up to the final song “Accidental.” The crowd knows their Ravi Shavi well and all together there is a slow hum – “OHHHHHHHH” it’s like a fucked up, primal, tribal orgasm. At first, I’m like huh? But,  I notice the band reacting to this and I realize it is in fact the beginning of my favorite Ravi Shavi song, so I join in the lunacy. It’s the band’s strongest/highest point, the pinnacle, the best way to close a stellar set. Listen to Ravi Shavi here and better yet go seem them live! http://ravishavi.bandcamp.com/

Atlantic Thrills – “This is three years in the making.” Glen says this to me as the foursome are setting up to play. Atlantic Thrills have been kicking it for 3+ years and the first KLYAM attended show was nearly three years ago, so this show and specifically this album has been a long anticipation for us, and one that’s been worth the ride. The songs on the band’s self-titled debut, with a couple of exceptions, have not been available anywhere else. If you wanted to hear “Light Shines” or “Drugs In It” then you had to get off your lazy ass and go out and see the band in the flesh. This is what separates them from most other contemporary groups and definitely makes the release of this album that much more substantial. Speaking of which, tonight the band plays the new record in its entirety.

Before we even hear the first few chords of “Problems,” drunken pandemonium shifts into first gear. Silly string and beer cans fly across the room as a hurricane of eager bodies and a poor, stuffed unicorn mascot swing to and fro. Eric, Dan (wearing a mighty fine sombrero may I add), Kelly, and Josh do what they do best, blasting through a set filled with hit after hit. Glen and I hop on and off the little stage from time to time to sing along to the various garage fueled, doo wop drenched anthems we know by heart. Whether it’s the “ohhhhhhhh oh oh oh ohhhhhhh” in “Boozin’ All Night” or the ” Lie lie lie lie lie lie won’t you lie lie to me” in “Lie to Me,” we never miss a beat.

This set also marks the debut performance of “Blind Lead the Blind,” a politically tinged sermon of sorts. Still, most of my joy stems from hearing and singing along, and hysterically dancing my white ass off to all the classics. I am certainly not alone in this fanaticism, as I look around and see naked fans, crowd surfing, and a demolished brontosaurus unicorn.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but originally this show was set to be an underground party, but some pesky porkers stepped in and nearly ruined everything for everyone. Fortunately, the party was moved to Dusk. Initially, I was still pumped for the show, but thinking damn, that underground party would have been really sick. Honestly, by the end of this show I could care less. This is not only the best/most chaotic Atlantic Thrills show I have seen, but one of the gnarliest shows EVER!  At least as far as we’re concerned.

I walk outside the Dusk to a cool breeze, still just wearing my Fat Creeps shirt, almost forgetting my jacket and the fact that it is probably 20/30 degrees or less outside. With my clothes soaked in beer, my body jostled and mangled up, I  stare at my newly purchased Atlantic Thrills record (yeah, get that shit from Almost Ready Records!) looking down at each song and thinking about how rare a show like this comes through, and how awesome it is to hear all of these nuggets in one setting. I can’t wait to listen to this animal when I get home. Of course, if I can I still stand up straight.
ATLANTIC THRILLS: http://atlanticthrills.com/

So, you made it through this long winded and, if I say so myself, amusing review. Good for you. Thanks. More importantly, do in fact check out all the bands up to and including Atlantic Thrills. If you are a Boston peep go see them Saturday, February 15th @ Tasty Burger (Cambridge). https://www.facebook.com/events/254030581431595/
And for the rest of you, the Thrillz are heading out on a 33 day tour in support of their debut album. GO!: https://www.facebook.com/events/480886382022874/