ACLU Benefit ‘Love and Fame’ Out Now On BUFU

ACLU Benefit – Noah Britton – has a new album called Love and Fame out now on beloved BUFU Records. That sentence might sound generic, but the tape is anything but – I assure you. For those unfamiliar with ACLU Benefit (I’m included with you), you may be like hmm. But after listening to this anti-folk charmer, I think I have a better idea about the man behind the music. It’s heart-felt and even if there are some “beautiful lies,” you’d hardly know. The stripped down acoustics paired with Benefit’s deep voice is Adam Green-like, but I’d say ACLU is easier to follow, more straightforward. He touches you. Opener “It’s a Lonely, Lonely World” affects even the most pitiless. I’d hope. The songs that stand out the most to me…hit home the most, if you will: “There’s No Wrong Way To Beat A Drum” which offers inspiration in shunning ‘conventional’ music playing and instruction and from a similar ethos is “Why Aren’t I Famous?” with these two choice lines (among many): ‘Or ‘cuz I don’t believe in marketing I think it’s evil/mental rape forcing you to ruin whats beautiful?’ ACLU Benefit is just doing what he’s doing and, to my ears, carrying along a realistic, necessary message open to whateva you fancy.

Side note: Noah will be playing in a soul band called HOT as part of the BUFU Holiday Quasi-Semi-Formal happening at that ill spot in JP! Y’all know where I mean. FRIDAY DECEMBER 6. Check it out!

BUFU Store

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