Upcoming Releases: Mark Sultan, KK+BBQ, Thee Oh Sees

Mark Sultan might just top Thee Oh Sees in terms of amount of releases in one year. Either way, the good news is that both artists have new records coming out soon.

Sultan has two full-length LPs due out on In The Red — Whenever I Want and Whatever I Want — as well as an EP Livin’ My Life coming via his own label, Sultan Records.

Livin' My Life EP
Whenever I Want LP
Whatever I Want LP

That’s not all for Sultan-related stuff. King Khan & BBQ is releasing its first material in nearly two years: a 7″ that features an original “We Are The Ocean” and a Syd Barrett cover “Terrapin”. Recorded at Moon Studios this past spring. Sultan Records.

King Khan & BBQ Show 7"

And how could a year go by without a Ding-Dongs release? This is Sultan + Bloodshot Bill as you all know. Sultan Records is putting out Lucky Day EP.

Lucky Day EP

Here is the Sultan Records link before I forget.

Now, Thee Oh Sees. Earlier this year, they released Castlemania, which is awesome! Well, In The Red will be soon releasing Thee Oh Sees latest: Carrion Crawler/The Dream LP.

Carrion Crawler/The Dream

Here is the link to In The Red.

New Mark Sultan Records/Other Stuff

You’re better off going straight to Mark’s website to read his recent most post: http://marksultan.com/. For a recap, though:

– The KK&BBQ Show played a show together and plan on recording a 7″.
– Mark has two new albums coming on In The Red: Whatever I Want and Whenever I Want
Mark is doing a split 7″ with Black Lips on HoZac and his own release on Sultan Records.
– Playing in June.

Mark Sultan Record Coming On In The Red, Touring

From Mark Sultan’s Website:

“Mark is headed to Europe for some shows (including a few with Dan Sartain, Ty Segall, as well as Dum Dum Girls). It will be his first time in Europe on tour as the one-man band ‘BBQ’ since maybe 2006 (?), and certainly his first tour there since the release of the now-out-of-print ‘$’ album.

By the end of 2011, expect to hear roughly 30 new songs. They will be released on two staggered albums by In The Red Records (Los Angeles), as well as on a few 7” records.

Among the many, many new hit originals are cover versions of songs by Ultravox, Lee Maye, Gene Vincent, The Stains and some others.

Special guest musicians include Jared Swilley and Cole Alexander of The Black Lips, King Khan, Erin from The Spits, Danny from the Gories, and some other folks.

Western Canadian and US tour dates for June to come soon.”


Quote of the Day

Mark Sultan on playing to unfamiliar audiences:

“In places like Cambodia, you go in there and they have no idea what you’re doing. There may be five people there or 50, but they have no idea what that sound is. By the time you’re done, maybe you’ve got one hooked. That’s how this works. One person at a time, just like a disease.”

New Info. About Homegrown Fest II

OCT 15th-17th
@ the Temple
670 Centre St.
$15 per day

Best day: OCT 17!!!

BBQ(Mark Sultan, of King Khan and BBQ, montreal)
Ty Segall(san fran)
Needy Visions
Lord Jeff
Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores(providence)
Hands and Knees
Many Mansions
The Men(nyc)
Turbo Fruits(TN)
Duck That
Double Awake


Sultan, Segall, and Pujol?! Word!!!